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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. kubig123
    Then I'm a moron twice, not only I store my music on a Raid, but I also make backups...

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  2. commtrd
    I would also be one of those simpletons. All my FLAC stuff resides on multiple hard drives and plays straight to the i4 with no EQ. Kind of an embarrassment to the forum sorry 'bout that. I reserve the right to be a cranky old curmudgeon set in my ways... =)
  3. Light - Man
    Yes agreed, the day I start using an EQ is the day that I will hang up my wife's ballet shoes - for the last time!

    P.S. as I have nearly broken my neck so many times, so dainty but so hard to see! :darthsmile:
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  4. UELong
    Love it!
  5. UELong
    Well, I do have a really nice sounding EQ provided by a gentleman in the truest sence. But, other than that, my music is right where I can physically grab it as well. My head tain't in the clouds.
  6. rcoleman1
    Guess I'm a moron too...Lol.
  7. AndrewH13
    Looks like we could start a club.

    But being serious, what happens when the next streaming service decides to leave the scene? Are people's offline tracks still playable when subscription stops or is it no rent, no play?
  8. Deftone
    A serious question for the online music renters, doesnt it feel frustrating not being able to choose your favourite masters?

    Quite a few of my CDs were cherry picked before purchasing and i like that i got the best sounding version out of the many released remasters.
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  9. jarnopp
    It’s quite an interesting question. I have a mix of very old collection and lots of newer CDs. Mostly, the older, pre-remastered versions have greater dynamics, but don’t always sound better. There are a few occasions I’ve gone out of my way to find a certain master, but mostly, it’s a crap shoots, because there isn’t a great source for knowing the differences.

    I’m a recent comer to “renting” as a Tidal HiFi subscriber since June. I was probably buying a couple CDs per week over the last year or two, so awesome is Mojo, but literally have not bought one since. I do really enjoy being able to play almost anything on demand, and still go back to my collection frequently. But the joy of each coloring new music really outweighs the need to find the perfect master, at least for now. Perhaps on some special finds that may change.
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  10. Hooster
    Are you kidding? Tidal does sometimes let you choose masters. Furthermore, the price of Tidal is trivial compared to the cost of actually buying music and choosing masters. You can do both. No one is really stopping you form having your cake and eating it too.

    If I had too chose between having Tidal or buying music to keep I would consider Tidal an absolute no brainer. What would you rather have, a friend with the world's largest music collection who will lend you anything you like, for as long as you like, or buy your own music collection?
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  11. UELong
    Too each one's own, but I'll take my beautiful collection over Tidal, any day. I don't begrudge anyone's choice, but, I'm contented with mine.
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  12. aldavey
    My take on this is that with my Stax 009s I have Tidal and a NAS which combine together in Roon. This is as good an experience as Vinyl because of the brilliant metadata Roon employ in their software. Then for speaker listening I revert mainly to my ancient 50 year plus vinyl collection so I can have my cake and eat it.
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  13. ChisChas
    HAPPY DAY! This morning I went to Audio Sanctuary/Unilet (the organisers of The Indulgence Hi-Fi Show) and collected my Chord Hugo 2. Currently on charge on my desk. Very pleased with the presentation and included accessories, there are all the cable I would want in the box. I am looking forward to a long listening session after I've run it in, in the meantime the only hi-fi bargain (AQ DF Red) can continue. The Hugo 2 really is a neat box of tricks and ticks the particular boxes I required (great sound, enough power, small, well made & designed & flexible). Ordered four weeks ago, glad that I had to wait (if that makes any sense), increased the anticipation and I've been enjoying my new Questyle QP2R dap in the meantime.
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  14. Barra
    My Hugo2 Love Rant..... I have to say that I am falling more in love with my Hugo2 every day. Was originally interested in the device more as a DAP upgrade for nighttime listening, but quickly found that it is a high-end DAC front and center. Yes, it is outstanding for TOTL SQ nighttime listening, but this is a convenience. It is more of a TOTL DAC with options. Was planning on a DAC upgrade to the Ygg or Spring DAC for my desktop, but now with the Hugo2 - why bother. As a bonus, the Hugo2 sounds great cold so I don't have to keep it on all the time like the Ygg. The Hugo2 going to my Eddie Current Zana Deux is a match made in Heaven. Even better, my current tube configuration is stellar with my LCD2.2 but not so much with the HD800 - no problem, hook the LCD into the EC ZD and the HD800 directly into the Hugo2 which is a dreamy pairing directly with the 800 as is. Now I can be optimized for both HPs at the same time and share my listening with my wife simultaneously. Because the Hugo2 and the ZD both have volume controls, we can dial in volumes to our own preferences - no more too loud and too soft or perfect and unbearable at the same time due to different HP impedances. I have not done a direct comparison of the Ygg/Spring DAC vs. Hugo2 DAC SQ yet, but my gut tells me that they are all performing at the same level. I may even like the Hugo2 more myself. Has anyone done the comparison?

  15. apmusson
    Something is burning in.... Some of you say it's my brain. Some say it's the Hugo 2.

    Bass is back, dynamics in the music more prevalent. Haven't noticed a change this strong from other equipment. Anyway Ultrarendu, Sbooster PSU and Hugo 2 are delightful on my HD800.

    I won't go into the differences between my USB cables. :wink:

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