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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. Hooster
    But why? Sounds like bad business. Better to charge a reasonable price and sell 10000 than over charging and only selling 100. If it does the same thing as the Poly it should cost the same as the Poly. And why does the Poly cost so much anyway? The price seems insane for what it is.
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  2. paulgc
  3. musicday
    Yes something nice is coming, one or more products :)
  4. ThomasHK
    Just had a very strange issue with H2. Turned on, headphones plugged in, when I connected my source via usb (AK sr15) i could hear very loud crackling sounds through the headphones. It subdued briefly, but the occasional crackle would still happen on the left side. Tried a different source and the same happened. Just turned it off, left it for few minutes and am now monitoring if it returns. When I plugged in the usb the first time I could swear there was some electrical charge jumping between the Male and female usb. @Rob Watts any suggestions?
  5. Rob Watts
    Sometimes on start-up the source doesn't pair properly with Hugo 2, so resetting via changing tracks (that issues a reset followed by new start command) flushes out the source interface. Perhaps this is the problem, in which case it's nothing to worry about.
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  6. ThomasHK
    It continued making loud crackling noises through the headphones after I had disconnected the source. It seems to have resided now after I let it sit for awhile but was quite disconcerting.
  7. GreenBow
    Will try that. I get an issue sometimes with TT2. I usually restart source medial player, and it cures it.
  8. vourt
    Just got the Hugo 2 and was sure it was default due to low volume until i understood there is a rolling volume button there :).

    Connecting to windows 10 and usually listening to Tidal (rock & electronics) - is there any recommendation for the filters and crossfeed setup?

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  9. miketlse
    First guess is that you are using the volume control on both your laptop and Hugo2, and one of them is at low volume.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  10. rkt31
    Use chord asio output in foobar or j river after installing the chord driver. Then in foobar or j river set the volume to max.
  11. GreenBow
    In JRiver, with WASAPI I have no control over volume, unless I make a setting for control. Always thought ASIO was the same.

    Bitperfect sets volume to max. Then volume is controlled by DAC.
  12. rkt31
    Both foobar and j river have in built digital volume control which apply volume control before sending it to dac through asio. J river i think does not have it on the display by default and it has to be activated in settings.
  13. vourt
    Thanks!, i mostly use Tidal so trying now Audirvana and actually it is working great.
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  14. vourt
    So, what is the most used and recommended filter and crossfeed setup?
  15. quodjo105
    Green filter with crossfeed turned off
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