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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. Widell
    Also, Chord company, Rob Watts and CO....... what's up with some feedback on the highly anticipated 2GO...will Santa fill our stockings or do we have to wait for Brexit in Jan and additional taxes EU side and March end of accounting year closing b4 we see the day of light of the streaming piggy backpack of CH2?
  2. Progisus
    Mine does not turn off while in desktop mode when not playing. It is on the coax input if that means anything.
  3. mightyKyn
    can you please give some more detail on this setup?

    you have a pocketable Roon Core?

    Is it powerful enough to do DSP?

    I stream only... tidal/qobuz... suggested mods?

    please detail more.

    i have sotm sms 200neo so intrigued by a portable version that also acts as roon core.

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  4. Hooster
    Sorry if I am re hashing something that has been gone over before in this thread, but I came across these words: " I’d give this product two ratings. I would give Rob Watts – the designer of the DAC – ‘9’ for a brilliant sound output and I would award the rest of the company ‘6’ for letting Rob Watts down by wrapping his DAC with a confused and irritating chassis/interface." which mirrors my own thoughts exactly.

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  5. rkt31
    Use of little orbs causes gap which in turn creates the possibility of dust and other particles getting into the innards. So imho tt2 is much better than Hugo 2 and HMS in that respect as it has only one such opening. Tt2 has also very simple and intuitive interface as against commented otherwise by what hi fi. Tt2 imho is one of the best design of chord yet.
  6. Ike1985
    What is going on with all these modifications you're making? Could you explain in simple terms what you did and why you did it, I'm not referring to being able to use it with a bodybelt or whatever but instead all the circuit boards and stuff I see.
  7. dontfeedphils
    I'm not OP, but all he has there is a Raspberry Pi based digital source using an add-on "HAT" to output bit-perfect data to the Hugo2.

    I've recently just upgraded to a RPi based digital streamer as well and realized just how important a good, clean, low-power digital source is to the overall chain and SQ. I'm guessing OP has realized this and has been trying to make this sort of setup as portable as possible (which isn't easy).
  8. Ike1985
  9. Ike1985
    My UAPP app on my phone does bitperfect transmission, no other device needed. What is a HAT? To me the biggest and most important aspect affecting sound quality of these chord DACs is EMI/RF interference, if that can be totally eliminated it makes a huge difference toward the blackness of the background and detail.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
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  10. dontfeedphils
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  11. Hooster
    I believe Raspberry Pi is some kind of flavor of the month thing that will be forgotten soon.
  12. Progisus
    Wrong! Check inside a few streamers - pi's.
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  13. dontfeedphils
    Lol, you "believe" wrong friend.
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  14. Hooster
    Ok, what does it do that my phone, laptop and PC don't do?
  15. Clemmaster
    It sounds better, once equipped with good audio HATs.

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