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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. Audiofiend1
    Okay i get that, but isn't 740MW @32 a little on the low side? for instance i doubt an HE-6 would get enough juice to be amped to high volume levels?
  2. Whazzzup
    I drew my own preferences I preferred other vehicles as my desktop to even power Hd800S, but hugo could.
  3. GreenBow
    Highly recommended amongst Hugo 2 users, not to use any hard solid block adapters. Either support the adapter underneath with packing so there is no pressure on the Hugo 2 port. Or buy a cabled adapter.
  4. teknorob23
    i had built diy support around the adapter, but ive been relocated by my wife, so i thought i'd look for a better option going forward. Have you seen a good USB B to Micro cable adapter that you can recommend?
  5. GreenBow
    If you mean female printer port, to micro-C adapter then no, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.. However I would not be looking for ultra quality. (I know shielding etc is important.) For a mini length cable, it's not going to matter - well much anyway. In fact you could do something completely different. You could run a £1 cable from your source, to an Audioquest Jitterbug. Then from Jitter bug to a tiny length micro-USB cable. The Jitterbug does in my opinion cut noise, from either the PC source, or RFI. You are only open to RFI on the short length of cable after the Jitterbug.

    (Initially I used to put Jitterbug on my PC port. It worked fine. However now I do what I suggested. Run a cable to Jitterbug. Then a short cable from Jitterbug to DAC. I have searched and I can buy 15cm cables for running from Jitterbug to DAC.)

    You will however hear many opinions that Jitterbug does nothing or nothing substantial. However I bought one and was immediately shocked by how much RFI it blocked going in to my Mojo. (This was a long time ago.) The input to the Hugo 2 is said by Rob Watts to be filtered for RFI and noise, anyway. I personally can't hear any difference between USB in and optical in.

    To validate option about the Jitterbug. I was so impressed I never even bothered to remove the Jitterbug to do any A-B testing. It took glare and brightness straight off the sound. (Noise from my PC would have been travelling the USB cable. Then getting into the DAC via USB power lines. Noise gets into the analogue parts of the DAC and causes brightness.) Also noted was that the Mojo sounded smaller in sound stage. … I almost thought, no I don't want this, but it was only a second's thought. I knew that the Jitterbug was right though, and decided just leave it and get used to it. (I also knew the Jitterbug was right because it technically can't damage the sound.) Never looked back.

    To reinforce my opinion, and justify me not even bothering to A-B test the Jitterbug. I saw Rob Watts post about what he thought about the Jitterbug. (I am sure xX Relic Xx quoted Rob's post for me.) Rob said exactly as I did. Jitterbug removed glare, brightness. He made more points, but the general idea, is it makes the DAC warmer, fuller, and less fatiguing.

    Another suggestion of course is buy another new cable. That's not what you want to hear probably; but folk were recently singing praises for the USB Supra 2.0
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
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  6. GreenBow

    There we go. Rob's post about the Jitterbug, quote by X Relic X for me. (As said above. I found it by searching 'Rob Watts Jitterbug.)

    Post #15579 of 17240
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  7. Rob Watts
    Yes HE6 is low on sensitivity, but you would get 110dB SPL from a Hugo 2 driving them. That's way above safe limits...
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  8. Hooster
    No, it is not low. Do you have an HE-6? It is a special case and just because an amplifier is not perfect for it does not mean it is not good enough in 99% of users and headphones.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  9. Audiofiend1
    Yes i do, which is why i was curious if the Hugo 2 could drive them adequately.
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  10. vourt
    This is why i would prefer desktop amp & dac. Hugo 2 is missing the option to connect with high end usb cables without adapters
  11. jarnopp
    TT2 is what you want for the HE-6: driven from the XLR in balanced mode. However, the more I listen, I feel like 1) speakers are the way to go from TT2 and 2) ther are better headphones. For example, Focal Elex will give more detail and HD6xx will give as good a non-fatiguing listening session. My HE-6 are heavily modified (grill, bass lens, Dekoni hybrid pads), but I find myself listen to headphones less in general, and the HE-6 less specifically. Also, not schilling for Drop, but those two phones offe incredible value. YMMV.
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  12. Vyyy
    Sorry for stupid question, but i dont understand, if it is possible to connect Mscaler with Hugo2? THank you.
  13. musickid
    yes with 2 bnc cables and an audioquest adaptor. and 2 bnc to rca adaptors. search thread. or buy ready made cable from moon audio.
  14. Vyyy
    THanks. Has anybody tried or uses msacler with Hugo2? Impressions?
  15. musickid
    i have and many others and the results are excellent. better than a solo TT2 imho i.e. TT2 no mscaler.

    IMG_20180924_205423007.jpeg IMG_20180924_211426389.jpeg

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