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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. miksu8
    I think the hiss on tapes also soften the dynamics and edges of music which makes it easier for long term listening. Im going to try to add some artificial noise to Hugo2 playback, just for the experiment.

    About USB vs optical, was surprised how big the difference is, atleast with my laptop. I recommend testing optical for every Hugo2 owner using USB/laptop.

  2. GreenBow
    Sadly for me, I think the 2Go isn't going to be viable. I would only use the SD-card implementation. Given I think Poly is expensive for me to buy for that, 2Go would probably be impossible to justify.
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  3. tekkster

    I cared a lot about having Ethernet on a future 2Go, and even though it’s all just speculation until the final product comes out, I discovered a cute and cheap little Ethernet streamer that connects to any Dac via USB, so I care less about the 2Go having Ethernet now.

    I found the little device when doing research on extending my roon setup to different parts of the house. In trying to use fewer wireless devices, allo,com sells a $130 tiny computer. Fits in the palm of your hand and comes ready to handle a number of different streaming solutions as a streaming endpoint.

    I just connect the H2 to the little box via USB, connect the little box via Ethernet to my home network, and voila!


    I do still want the 2Go, desperately! The mojopoly, for all its headaches, is growing on me, and i’d Like to use the h2 with an attached streaming client, the same way.
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  4. Wildcatsare1
    My Bluesound 2 is a wonderful streamer, paired with my Hugo2. If the 2go comes in at £999, it will have to add quite a bit to make it worthy of “upgrade.”
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  5. Hooster
    What are you on about? Are you accusing me of being on twitter? I am not on it and I never will be.
  6. Hooster
    I believe that it, if it ever materializes, is meant to add convenience. Whether or not that convenience is worth the asking price is up to you to decide. I don't think it is expected to have any effect on sound quality. In the meantime you can enjoy these big boys that Chord has been devoting it's resources to produce:

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  7. 514077
    Sorry. When I saw the # sign, I thought it was a twitter hashtag or something. I don't tweet, either. In fact, I just started dipping into FB last night.
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  8. flyte3333
    Ya, of all those protocols I mentioned, the only thing the newer Node 2i is missing is Chromecast Built-in. So for those that don't know, the Bluesound Node 2i is a box with ethernet input and optical output (among other things) and supports Airplay 2, Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, MQA 1st unfold (if someone is into that - don't have to use it if not). And there's a boat load more features.

    Bluesound have told me it MAY be possible for Chromecast (Google Cast) support to come via a software update to the Node 2i but it's dependant on some things they can't talk about. But they've been interested in it for a long time they said.

    So you can add Bluesound as another company that 'get it' in 2019, in terms of supporting all the key network audio protocols...

    I really hope 2Go is current with it's RJ45 input, and not missing the really key network audio protocols.

    I'd even be happy if it got delayed for another year so they could pack an M-Scaler in there... let a man dream lol.
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
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  9. Mitch_maio
    as for hugo 2, is there any way to switch to Desktop mode manually?
    while at the office, i am plugged to microusb listening to sony as digital transport but every evening i have to put hugo inside the desk so there is no possibility to leave it on and charging for 24hrs to enter the Desktop mode
  10. 514077
    Fraid not. Too bad, especially if the 2go comes.
  11. flyte3333
    Rob has posted this in the thread (if you just search for 'battery cycles' by Rob Watts...):

    "You have 500 to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles. Turning off Hugo 2 will count as a one fifth of a full charge and discharge cycle, as you will go from 80% to 100% ready for mobile use. If you left Hugo 2 off, and connected to a charger, the charger will ensure it is at 100% indefinitely. Once the battery discharges to a set point, the charger will give it a top-up."


    "In terms of longevity, Li batteries do not care if you run to 80% and then charge; you will get the same life if you discharge to 0%; so a 20% discharge will allow 5 times more charge/discharge cycles. In desktop mode, the battery is no longer being charged or discharged, so effectively battery life is not dependent upon charging and discharging."

    I think for the way you are using it, keeping it on charger all the time (but not desktop mode) I think you are good for well over 2500 charge/discharge cycles.. that should be many years, if that's the only way you use it (charger all the time), so nothing to worry about at all.

    But maybe @Rob Watts can clarify if I have this wrong.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
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  12. GreenBow
    Even though I bought the TT2 a while ago, I still love my Hugo 2 impossibly much.

    When I bought my TT2 I thought, how I wished my second DAC was a TT2 too. However just putting my IEMs into my Hugo 2 and listening, is one of my favourite things I do.

    Hugo 2 surprised me nearly every day, I think because it's possible to forget how good it is. Hugo 2 is still doing that now, even with a TT2. Can't wait to decide on, and buy some better headphones and or IEMs.
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  13. flyte3333
    I sold Dave to fund some active speakers (or M-Scaler !!! - haven't decided yet)... but I really love my Hugo2 driving my MrSpeakers Aeon Closed cans (I copied Rob there and have loved it)...

    I know it's blasphemous but I don't miss Dave...

    Important note: "I don't miss Dave" doesn't mean Dave isn't better... it is... "I don't miss Dave" means only that and nothing more...
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  14. ZappaMan
    A lost soul !
  15. GreenBow
    Interesting post. I think Rob mentioned he liked the Mr Speakers Voce too.

    The Aoen that you mentioned have reviewed really well, in the few reviews I saw. Am trying to decide which headphones to buy. I think I might do better getting my speaker cable first, and get that off my mind. Then choosing headphones might be easier.

    What I was saying about the Hugo 2 being a second DAC now, for about the home. The AKG N40 I am using are full bodied IEMs and sound excellent on any source that I have. (I think they follow the Harman curve fairly well but perfectly.) They make the Hugo 2 sound just brilliant. It's one reason why I never believed the argument that some said about the Hugo 2 being bright or thin. The Hugo 2 is anything but bright or thin. The Hugo 2 is right on the money. Right on the mark. Neither is it's treble quality in question, as some have said. I can listen tot the Hugo 2 for hours on end and fatigue free.

    As I am looking for headphones, this has made my decision that I will not compromise. I will not buy light sounding or bright headphones. I mean, what's the point? I will only ever spend money in future, on full bodied equipment. By this I don't mean warm or bass heavy equipment. I just mean full bodied or fully resolving.

    With my N40 (originally £350), the Hugo 2 sounds rich and right in timbre, with good clear recordings. (AKG N40 now available in the UK for £159; a genuine bargain.) … Just got to make up my mind for some other good headphones soon.

    (I am however unfamiliar with planar magnetics, and electrostatics and if the amp changes the sound, etc. Making choosing headphones, really hard work.)
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
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