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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. miketlse
    So do I. Munich probably represents the first opportunity since releasing the Poly v2 firmware, to announce 2Go.
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  2. miketlse
    It turns out that it was a post by you, and not JF (apologies JF)
    "Next week, at Munich High End 2019 we'll be making some huge announcements...
    We'll also have on display, an array of our DACs and power amplifiers so if you're at the show please feel free to pay us a visit in Atrium 3.1, Room C122."
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  3. Triode User
    I am just quoting what Chord have posted on Facebook. The hint from the last FB post is that the announcements are from the JF stable of goodies rather than RW's toy shop.
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  4. 514077
    I was wondering just that. My impression from your post was more likely to be analogue stuff over digital; i.e. amps, not 2gos.
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  5. musickid
    "Analogue stuff".....a new phrase may have been born there....:L3000::L3000:
  6. Peter Hyatt
    thursday ??
  7. betula
    @ChordElectronics hasn't been online since 8th April. Any other channels I could contact Chord without bothering John or Rob directly?
  8. miketlse
    @ChordElectronics is often the pseudonym for Colin Pratt, the sales director, and I think he is more likely to be found answering posts on the Chord Facebook page.
    If you don't want to speak to John or Rob, then you have the other options of @Matt Bartlett or the support desk info@chordelectronics.com
    There is also the chord support webpage https://chordelectronics.co.uk/get-support/
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
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  9. Chester Rockwell
    Hasn’t Rob said in the past though that the Poly/2Go type projects aren’t his. They are pure Chord if you like. So who knows. Interesting either way.
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    Will it be possible to use 2go Hugo2 with HMS?
  11. TKpurple
    Thats something what is also interesting for me. As far as I followed this thread there were some doubts raised if it would be possible as it requires digital out possibility from 2go to Mscaler than input of upscalled signal back to Hugo 2, what should be in principle possible as double coax imput is on the other side than 2go attachment. Hopefully we will learn it tommorow:)
  12. Peter Hyatt
    I agree w others—if 2Go is rolled out & successful, Hugo2Go would be the ultimate portable hi res system.

    Streaming Qobuz would be marvelous.

    Yesterday, I listened to Mahler’s 5th in 192 KHz from Chicago Symphony w H2 and Beyerdynamic T1.

    It was other worldly in its detail and overall musicality.
  13. GreenBow
    Was thinking the same yesterday. Hugo 2 and 2Go, in a leather case (like MojoPoly case). In a jacket pocket with headphones (IEMs), and a phone to drive it.
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
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  14. miketlse
    H2 can already work with MScaler, so the data flow is bidirectional along the cables. Poly will connect to the usb inputs on the other end of the H2 case.
    So in principle Poly feeds H2 by usb, then H2 feeds MScaler.
    I can't understand why anyone believes that the Poly needs a direct digital connection to MScaler.
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
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  15. flyte3333
    If you wanted Poly to get M-Scaled, that wouldn't work... In the setup you describe, Poly would be a USB source and M-Scaler would be digital coax source... that's just having two separate sources, that you'd select via Hugo2 remote (for example). Poly wouldn't be M-Scaled.

    You'd need to connect Poly to the M-Scaler USB input, in order to have Poly M-Scaled.

    Remember Mojo only sees Poly as a USB source. It has no idea if you're using Poly with Roon/SD Card/UPnP inputs etc...
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
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