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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. GreenBow
    Briefly, the TT2 is more explicit than the Hugo 2, without ever leaving the centre of the Goldilocks zone. It's not bright in any way, or ever even hints at unnecessarily being too analytical. (Balance between detail and body of sound is perfect.) Getting used to its presentation, from its higher detail level takes some time too. It's not just that, as the pro-reviews say, sounds are solidly etched in the soundstage. Sounds are more vivid too. (Please don't see this as a look down on the Hugo 2, as for me the Hugo 2 is perfectly balanced.)

    Rather like when I had a Mojo, I imagined the Hugo 2 would be more detailed. (I imagined the same of the TT2 over the Hugo 2.) … However I couldn't exactly conceive how more detail would sound on the Hugo 2, compared to the Mojo. I had ideas, but was not very close to the mark of how good the Hugo 2 would be. (RE: TT2, I have even thought that the extra detail and tonality, has made some tones sound slightly different pitched. Don't quote me on that though.)

    With the 96K taps of the TT2, you think just how will those taps make performance above the Hugo 2. Plus will the better power delivery, result in better music/sound be like. The TT2, like you imagine, is better and better in ways not foreseen. The TT2 is a surprise, as well as being somewhat calmly anticipated. The TT2 is also down to earth in its signature, and in no way flashy or fatiguing. The TT2 doesn't fatigue at all, meanwhile you're entranced by what is happening.

    One other thing that the TT2 does to me, is make it very hard to move. If I am at my desk as like now I can be doing things, and listening. It is incredible even at that. However if I listen only to music, I am transfixed. I can't move. I don't want to move, or open my eyes, or think. Even against my will sometimes, I will be unable to move when I want to do something. ….. This is with only moderate (but class leading) amp, speakers, and cabling.

    With the Hugo 2, for the first month all I did was listen to music. However the TT2 is almost more tactile of how it puts you in your place.

    I still need to use the Hugo 2 again for some time, to further compare Hugo 2 vs TT2. I have already made some ideas and drafted them, but that's mostly from Hugo 2 memory. More Hugo 2 / TT 2 impressions to come then maybe.
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  2. flyte3333
    Looking forward to it.
  3. AC-12
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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  4. Focux
    Thanks for the advice and suggestion fellas

    So far Atom seems to power the X fine but the X is rather dark in comparison to 650

    I really like the imaging and stage on the X versus 650

    Hope a H2 might be able to somewhat reduce the darkness via filters (best if no filters whatsoever; stock)

    Will continue to burn it in and share, Mojo as dac atm
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  5. Deftone
    LCDX darker than the 650 i did not expect that. I really think you would have loved the 660S its faster, tighter bass, better clarity, more defined treble and improved imaging. Its only slightly brighter while retaining the richness, musicality, smoothness and excellent timbre of 650.
  6. Focux
    As of last night (roughly 6hrs of total listening time since unboxing) yes it does come across darker than 650 to my ears

    If I had to give a number for empirical certainty, prob reckon 10-15% “darker”
  7. Wildcatsare1
    Excellent recommendation, I’m on the road, so my Zircote ZMF Aeolus, iPad and Hugo 2, jamming Fischer’s Mahler 3rd in 24/192 (thought I read in this Thread that neither the iPad or iPhone do 24/192, that is incorrect, the iPad can). I have both Tidal and Qobuz, but find myself clicking on Qobuz much more frequently.

  8. 514077
    Have you tried direct to DAC, removing the Atom with the X?
  9. Focux
    i want to but i need to go pick up a 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter tmr..
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  10. musickid
    Hello Greenbow,

    Any impressions on full size cans (and which ones) with tt2 or have you just been using it as a dac for amp/speakers?
  11. Pepito
    My dream setup, Chord Hugo 2 with an Uptone ISO Regen/LPS 1.2 and Sonore DC-4 cable + Curious USB cable. Listening to the chain on a set of Empire Ears Legend X and PW Audio 1950's. Extra, super special, custom hand-built Lego stand and a Crane stand for my laptop. Running DSD512 through BitPerfect on iTunes.

    It is the best sounding setup that I have owned. Resolving, transparent, and musical, it is everything I ever wanted out of a transportable rig. I don't really have that many words to say as I have been lost in the music since I've assembled everything a few days ago. I have been trying to recreate the feeling of being at (((Stereo))) in Montreal, an after-hours club that has North America's best sound system (as touted by many international artists that have played there), while at the comfort of my own desk. The club itself is the best in Canada by far as it caters to the underground techno and house that the Europeans are known for. It's really an experience that cannot be described with words and one that needs to be experienced for themselves. Anyways, enjoy the pics and music! I threw in a mix by Pan-Pot @ Stereo from 2013, it's a 6 hour mix and I was there for 4 of it, this rig brings me right back to that dance floor and disco ball.

    PS. Also biggest disco ball in NA :)

  12. GreenBow
    Definitely had a Hugo 2 moment last night. Listening with AKG N40 IEMs and ZX300 as file source. Was exhausted, but anyway, I got to the end of the album and could not move. By the time I moved again, the Hugo 2 had powered off after fifteen minutes. (Got to love that, Mr Watts.) Not sure if I actually fell asleep but I was far gone; (no stimulants).


    On another note, I re-checked out the issue I thought I had with Hugo 2 cutting first half second of music. I knew that using ZX300 as file source to Mojo, it would clip start of playing music. However last night Hugo 2 did not, with ZX300. (Will check it again though to be sure.) If I recall correct the Hugo 2 never clipped any music with ZX300 before. That's actually one reason why I wanted to move to Hugo 2 for portable around the home. (Mojo is OK, if you use a phone as source, and can insert half-second of silence for hardware sync.)

    I was surprised to hear Hugo 2 clipping start of play in JRiver. However I think it might have been something I did. I used JRiver and Hugo 2 with Windows 7 before, and never had the problem. I recently moved to Win 10 (maybe two months ago). This is where I think I made a mistake. I downloaded the latest version of JRiver which would be MC24. I used it on trial for a month/two weeks, thinking add my JR MC23 key to it. When I tried that, I forgot I was trialling a different version. JR argued about my JR23 code on JRiver 24 Trial, but it was eventually accepted. Normally you install on PC, and it is in trial form until you activate using your code. I think at some juncture I must have thought adding 23 code would set 24 trial, to 23 activated.

    Anyway I was getting a fault with Hugo 2 clipping first half-second start of music sessions. Not clipping anything after that. though in music sessions. Anyway, messing about in JRiver one day, I recalled/realised what I had done. Un-installed JRiver, found version 23, installed, activated using 23 code. Now Hugo 2 does not clip first half of tracks. How unusual is that!
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  13. Wildcatsare1
    Help, please! Tried to fire up my system, no sound!!! Thought my new amp was the issue, plugged the Hugo2 into my Woo, still nothing, turned it off of the fixed source, changed to usb, and plugged straight into the H2, nada, nothing.

    My H2 has been in desktop mode for several weeks without an issue, can they overheat, is there a protection circuit? Any advice is appreciated, also a shout out to @ChordElectronics .
  14. betula
    ChordElectronics hasn't been online since 8th April. I have also sent a PM to them a week ago. I am not sure what's going on there.
  15. Rob Watts
    No it can't overheat, unless it's wrapped in a heated blanket....

    Turn it off, disconnect the charger, leave for 10 seconds. Turn it on and check the battery status. If it fails to turn on, turn it off and re-charge overnight. If it fails to re-charge overnight, then you need to send it back for service.

    If battery status is OK, then try playing using different sources.
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