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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. 514077
    With all due respect, I suggested to him that Chord DACs direct is the best way to go. But, I also said to make up his own mind. I don't know or care how much his amp is. We give him suggestions, and he does what he thinks is right. You're beginning to sound 'politically correct'. Quit giving him orders!
  2. JM1979
    So I have been looking into buying a Qutest to replace my Hugo 2, mainly to have a dedicated desktop setup and then use the Hugo 2 in a more mobile fashion.

    I was reading about the Qutest and how it doesn’t have MQA support. In fact, it appears non of Rob’s DACs have MQA support. (I understand why, so no need to go down that rabbit hole).

    What confused me is that when I’m listening to a MQA file via my Hugo 2, I get the green or yellow sampling light (88-96).

    If I’m understanding things correctly, Hugo 2 (and presumably Qutest) do the first first unfold that upsamples from 48 to 88-96 but not the second unfold as Rob’s WTA filters are much more natural than a second MQA unfold.

    Am I understanding this correctly? Would Qutest treat a MQA tile the same way Hugo 2 treats it?
  3. dontfeedphils
    If you're listening via Tidal, it'll do the first unfold for you then send that data to your DAC.
  4. 514077
    Is it possible your source, whichever that is, may be doing the first unfold?
  5. x RELIC x Contributor
    It’s the Tidal software that does the first unfold, not the DAC. The Hugo2 is just reporting the sampling rate of the decoded PCM data it receives.
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  6. JM1979
    Gotcha. So using an iPhone XS as source, the native tidal app does the first unfold which passes a higher sample rate to Hugo 2 then Rob’s filters do their magic.

    This is fascinating and now makes me want to give quobuz a trial.
  7. robotncc
    Hi guys, I am looking for a good coaxial cable that can connect Ibasso DX220 to my Hugo 2. Could you please give me some suggestion? Thanks
  8. x RELIC x Contributor
    Yes. I would think Quobuz would be a good match with Rob’s DACs as you don’t get the aliasing and other well documented drawbacks from MQA (a big reason Rob doesn’t support MQA).

    It’s not just about upsampling a file, but how it’s upsampled. Quobuz, hopefully, is actually using a native sampling rate from the master and then Rob’s filters do their upsampling with as good a source as possible. However, as with everything in this hobby, if one likes MQA then by all means continue to listen to it.
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  9. musickid
    Did not mean to irritate you UE. I'm just trying to help Focux get the best sound.
  10. dbturbo2
    Tidal with a Chord or other non MQA dac will max out at 24/96 on 24/192 files, while Qobuz passes thru the full 24/192 file. As mentioned above there is more here at work than just resolution. I switched from Tidal to Qobuz and haven’t looked back, and while YMMV it’s worth the free trial to see if those differences are meaningful to you.
  11. x RELIC x Contributor
    Sorry, did you quote me as a reference in a general reply to someone, or are you explaining the differences to me?

    I am very well aware of the differences between high resolution from MQA and Qobuz. If Qobuz decides to release in Canada you could be sure that’s what I’ll choose for a high resolution streaming service. I hope Qobuz uses good pedigree from high resolution masters and not just upsampling from low resolution files like HD Tracks did some time ago.

    Personally I wouldn’t touch MQA with a 10 foot pole for my music listening due to the irrevocable damage the folding process creates (not to mention the closed system it creates), but I also won’t judge others who enjoy it.
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  12. flyte3333
    Lol, you know Qobuz streams MQA (2L) also right?

    Big thread about it:

  13. Deftone
    Another reason to continue buying CDs then
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  14. Deftone
    Are you using Mscaler with your Dave @x RELIC x ?
  15. x RELIC x Contributor
    Wow, did not know this! After reading that thread it strengthens my resolve against MQA even more. Looks like Qobuz doesn’t like the the label sneaking MQA in to their catalogue but politically states they have nothing against it. Shame on them (MQA+2L).

    Anyway, this is going waaaaay off topic. Back to the original topic the long-and-short of the story is, Chord doesn’t unfold anything...
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