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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. Scrum92
    If updating to Windows 10 is not an option, why not just try the Windows 10 drivers?
  2. Collusion[FIN]
    Just download the Win 10 driver, it works also on Win 7. I just checked that is the exact package (Windows-10-768KHz-driver) I am using on Win 7.
  3. teknorob23
    Our recent discussion left me feeling the need to sense check what i'd heard, as your rationale made total sense. So i spent my weekend listening time having another play around with a handful of Jitterbugs/ sms 200 ultra neo / Tellurium Q Black Diamond USB /H2 combo. I used the jitterbug connected to the SotM audio USB output into the TQ cable and H2, I also tried various combinations of 1 or 2 in the empty USB ports, with one in and out of the cable port, etc. This time i could hear very little effect in any combination, only slightly less air in the upper frequencies, ever so slightly more rolled off and the bass had ever so slightly less attack noticeable on kick drums, but these differences were pretty minor. Interestingly the same differences were slightly more apparent when i switched out the TQ cable for the supra, but to be honest the differences in performance between the cables are so drastic its hard to say to pick out the tiny differences which may or may not have been contributed by the JB. As i mentioned before my tech knowledge runs dry pretty quickly, so i wouldnt want to speculate on the why, but from a listening perspective the JB is having little or no effect in this set up, other than the slight detriments to the SQ i mentioned, whereas when used with my Mac, mac mini or iphone with the H2, Mojo, RME IDAC2 or DF Red they have a much more noticeable/ positive effect... not every scientific, but thats what i could hear :)

    And sorry to bang on about the TQ usb cable, but having been using it solidly for a good few days and then having gone back to the Supra while messing about the Jitterbugs, i'm even more in awe of the effect it has on my set up and it feels worth every penny of it exorbitant price tag. I love the supra but it just sounds congested and ill defined when i switch back... I just cant give up the house with the swimming pool even if the mortgage is going to kill me :wink: its got me re-listening to all the music i've downloaded in the last year. I listened to Jon Hopkin's Singularity 96/24 file to death last year, but with the TQ in place it sounds brand new and has gone completely 3D and i'm sure someones snuck in and added some new instruments

    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  4. Andyb90
    I’ve had my H2 on for about 3 hours. It was fully charged and powered into desktop mode. I’ve now powered it down and the charging light is on. It’s been on for around 1 hour, but I thought in desktop mode the battery would only have residual discharge when the H2 is on. Is it expected that the charge light should be on this long?
  5. Hyde8767
    Yeah my library is also similar to yours but I also do have some dsds but those are very sparse as I don't find them to sound any better for the extra space they occupy so I don't bu them anymore but I still listen to the ones I already have
  6. Leviathant
    Wondering if someone can help with an issue I’m having with the H2...

    Had it a few months now and everything has been working fine, going into desktop mode when plugged in for 24 hours etc.

    Now (past couple of days), however, I turn on the unit and it won’t go into desktop mode despite the power cable being connected for 24hours plus. Instead it doesn’t appear to notice its plugged in at all at first (showing the full charge blue light as if it’s running off battery). I unplug the charger and plug back in and sure enough the light changes to represent its charging once again.

    Is my unit faulty? One of the main benefits of the device is the desktop mode and if that’s gone now it’s a bit of a dealbreaker. Will I need to return to dealer?
  7. miketlse
    Best to email Chord customer support, and see what they suggest/advise.
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  8. JaZZ Contributor
    Is it possible that your mains supply has had some short interrupts lately? Half a second would possibly suffice to make the Hugo₂ exit desktop mode.
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  9. musickid
    Listened to some lcd 4z £3600 headphones at Selfridges London the other day out of a A and K sp1000 which sells for £3000 and was surprised how thin they sounded being an easy to drive can. Really makes one realise how powerful H2 is for sure. Compared to the 3K sp1000 H2 is a tank.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
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  10. dcp10
    A question for Rob, if he is here please…

    …Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I have a query about using both Coaxial inputs to connect two different digital inputs - in my case from a CD player and from a streamer.

    As I'm sure you all know, Hugo 2 has a mini stereo jack port with two inputs (corresponding to the red or yellow lights of the Source button). These can of course be used simultaneously in "dual data mode". What I need to do is to switch between the "red" (coax 1) and "yellow" (coax 2) inputs. In fact, I've been doing this successfully - or so I thought - since I bought my unit. I simply use a mini stereo-jack to phono adaptor, then have two BNC cables hooked up to the adaptor, one going to my CD player and the other to my streamer. I've successfully done A/B testing between the two units.

    Now, my cable setup isn't very pretty, so I enquired about getting a dedicated cable from Moon Audio (they have a rather nice "Black Dragon" cable, comprising two BNC cables wired into a stereo mini jack. Ostensibly this is for use with the M-Scalar, but I wondered if it could be used to connect my two digital sources. Their response (confirmed by Chord Electronics) was surprising (to me):-

    "You can not connect 2 devices at once as this will cause many issues. As the 2 devices will cross talk. Do not use in this manner."

    Well, I've successfully managed it - but now I'm wondering if perhaps I'm compromising the sound in any way. Do others have any feedback. Rob?
  11. musickid
    Dual coax mscaler. Stand corrected....see below.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
  12. Rob Watts
    There have been situations where both coax being used at once can confuse auto DDATA mode - if the sample rate on both is very close together. But so long as it's not falsely going into DDATA mode you are good to go. If it does do that, then simply turn off the inactive channel.
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  13. dcp10
    Many thanks, Rob - that's great news (and excellent service - as usual!).
    Best wishes,
    (Now enjoying the combination of Hugo 2 + Focal Utopia)
  14. JM1979
    Curious if any Hugo 2 users have comments or recommendations when it comes to adding the M Scaler into their chain.

    Previously, I thought I’d need to step up to the TT2 to get the most out of the M Scaler. However, it sounds like a lot of Hugo 2 users love the M Scaler pairing. I’ve also added a Liquid Platinum to the Hugo 2 which is life than enough output power for me.
  15. dmance
    Use the AudioQuest 3.5M22F adapter to combine DX into the mini stereo plug ...this is the only aftermarket adapter that works. I think Rob created a separate, low RF noise, FPGA path within H2 when full M sampled DX is input from HMS because gosh, its simply stunning. I have the added advantage of optically isolated DX and HMS on battery and, IMO, this combo beats anything i,ve heard for sheer transparency.
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