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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. silvahr
    I had the same problem when using CA Andromeda with CH2. The IFI Groundhog solved the problem.
  2. musickid
    alxw by considering a hugo 2 sale (even though it is "more advanced" than TT1 and more resolving/detailed) ask yourself are you looking for a better sound or a different sound? How long until you want a different sound to the TT1 should you buy one? If hugo 2 does not satisfy your audiophile cravings what will? Look for more resolving headphones to use with your hugo 2 for real fireworks and not heading backwards in time...unless...? Maybe TT1 which is mighty fine.

    I have a hugo2/mscaler and it has taken me 2 years to reach the first bus stop. It was uphill a lot of the time but boy oh boy does it sound good now.

    Listening to Ana Moura Coliseu Roon
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  3. Bart Goyens
    I had the same issue a year ago, get a demo TT or Hugo2.
    They are both different but really enjoyable. The TT has more body to it because of the super capacitors, the Hugo2 is more advanced and significantly more detailed.
    It also depends on what you want, is portability important to you?
    I went for the Hugo2. However, let your ears decide. You can’t go wrong with either of them.
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  4. alxw0w
    Portability is not important for me, I need good dac with headphone output and also something that is working as a preamplifier.
    More body sounds good for me, but if resolution is highly lowered - that's something I have to take in my considerations.
  5. 514077
    The TT has 26,000 taps, the H2 49,000. The TT uses the original 4-element pulse array, the H2, 10. Is it possible you could aim for the TT2?
  6. Bart Goyens
    Another important detail might be the fact that Hugo2 has the double BNC input. Yes, it’s a bit of a mess to connect but it works.
    If at a later stage you want to add an HMS or blu2 like I did. It might be worth considering the H2.
    HMS/blu2 is where the real magic happens!
    I started connecting my blu2 to H2 but eventually bought DAVE.
    They both work as preamp. The TT has balanced and unbalanced outputs, H2 only unbalanced and there is not much space to connect the RCA’s so watch out there.
  7. Wildcatsare1
    I have used the Hugo 2 with the Woo WA5 to great effect with the OG Abyss 1266, the former 2 have a wonderful synergy.
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  8. iPaintCode
    I've been really enjoying the Chord Hugo 2 paired up with the Violectric V280 running balanced. Speaking of Woo, I would love to add a WA22 as a companion of the SS V280. My only issue is O.C.D. and obsessing on getting the best pairing of tubes.
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  9. Wildcatsare1
    The Violectric is a wonderful amp, I had one and loved it with all my headphones. Though I didn’t have the big Woo/Hugo 2 and the V200 (never had the 280) at the same time. The hunt is part of the fun with tubes :wink:.
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  10. muski
    Has anyone tried the Sonore Optical Rendu with a Hugo2? (It’s optical networking—connection to H2 is USB). I have an Ultrarendu/LPS1.2 with my H2 which I really like. But I’ve always been curious about the impact of optical networking.
  11. betula
    I was told by some other members that it is blasphemy to pair Hugo2 with any amps and the only Chord DAC you are 'allowed' to use an amp with is the Qutest as there you don't have a choice.
    IMO there is truth on both sides of these arguments. (I use a CMA600i with my Qutest.)
    Out of curiosity, what does the V280 add to the picture vs H2 alone? I am quite interested in that amp. Thanks.
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  12. Triode User
    I have just looked at their website and it says shipping April 2019 for the Sonore Optical Rendu.
  13. alxw0w
    Unfortunately not. Tt2 is out of my budget right now. Maybe it if I find some offer for ~3,5k$ I'll get one. But for that price it's not gonna happen.
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  14. staticdynamo
    I have only one music source which was recorded at 32Bit 768kHz. Beagle Kick's Summer Vibe. HUGO2 can play it easily.
    Cayin N8 can't play 768kHz, but it recognizes HUGO2 as 768kHz playable device. So through USB, I can listen to music
    recorded at 768kHz. Also Chord Mojo can play, but sometimes noise interrupts.
    On the contrary, iFI audio's DAC, microiDSDBL, is recognized as not 768kHz playable device by DAP (Astell&Kern's KANN).
    So it can't play music recorded at 768kHz.

    I also tried A&ultima SP1000SS. It can play the music itself, but it is not native. The sound was converted to 384kHz.
    The sound lost the strong energy of trumpet, not the original.
    The sound I was satisfied was HUGO2's sound connecting to SP1000 or Cayin N8 through USB.



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  15. Scrum92
    Where did you get this file? Is it freely available?
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