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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Triode User
    When I got my Blu2 I thought that it made Dave into ’double Dave’. In other words more of the same. It was a huge change at least to my ears and it still is. My Blu2 had a slight issue recently with the CD player and so I took it out of the system and DVe really sounded flat in comparison which silly but I really really missed the Blu2. The MScaler does just the same for Dave.

    Interesting that you mention the Bricasti. I sold mine to get Dave.
  2. hehaw77
    If you have a large cd collection go with the Blu2. It also has more ports to do things with than the Mscaler... if you have a music player that rips or don't have a lot of CD's go with the Mscaler...
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  3. hehaw77
    I need to make sure I say this emphatically....... its not just about adding the Mscaler to the Dave ... if you don't have the right supporting equipment..... One huge thing is the interconnects you are using between them... that makes a huge difference as well as the power cords and power supplies you are using... if your not hearing an improvement in everything one of these items is lacking in your setup.
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  4. tunes
    Does anyone know if when turning off DAVE using the IR remote if it is just put into standby mode and remains on until the power switch is turned off? Or does powering down with the remote really shut down the components.


  5. woodcans
    Just added a Torus Power conditioner in front of HMS & Dave. There is a noticeable increase in clarity & an even blacker background. Thanks for the tip.

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  6. jscmd2000
    I couldn't agree more. Both the Dave and HMS have huge potential to scale up, so any improvement becomes obviously audible that more easily. Price isn't everything, but more often than not in this hobby, you do get what you pay for. I think using interconnects mainly used for running cctv costing $20 for 60 ft would be similar to feeding mp3 files to your system.

    Recently, I purchased a pair of what I would consider crazy expensive interconnects that I wouldn't dream of purchasing just a few years ago. They were suppose to be new, but the seller sent an open box with seals broken, didn't even bother to package the original box, and just stuck the postage on the box. So I complained and asked for a refund. But the improvement I heard was no joke so I kept them.
  7. Clive101
    Yes could not agree more with the Torus Power supply fantastic product totally transformed my HiFI……….

    The other thing to recommend is a change of FUSE yes I thought I was mad even to consider the fuses....

    I have purchased 6 of the Blue Fuses made by Synergistic https://www.synergisticresearch.com/fuses/blue/

    The difference, this for me is the cheapest and best uplift in SQ I have experienced, I replaced the fuse in Melco Z and Headamp GSX Mk2 on my headphone system talk about more detail astonishing results smack you in the face detail...… and without any burn-in.

    Yet to try the HiFi system as those fuses burning in on some servers I have running 24/7.
  8. hehaw77

    Torus is a great product but remember it does not regenerate power it does clean up noise however emi rfi etc... and depending on the model also regulates the voltage..

    If you want even better results use the Torus in front of a PS audio direct stream product and that will provide even better results...

    Fuse that's interesting... I'll have to check that out..... I just want to make sure I don't go beyond the recommended amps...
  9. Triode User
    I used a PS Audio P10 mainly to regulate voltage to a tube amp but when that was sold I got rid of the P10 because it seemed to dump switching noise back into the mains and also into the 'clean' supply. I also tried a different power regenerator which did exactly the same.
  10. hehaw77
    not there old products.. new products direct stream products which have replaced the old ones which are much better. You also need to set them up according to your specs... In my setup ... which goes like this .. audio sensibility distribution box to Torus power conditioner to direct stream ; I also tried various having the Torus in front of the direct stream ... but the sound is better the other way...
  11. hehaw77
    I also have to say I own the WA33 amp and really like its tube sound signature and its immense power... However I must admit that when I want to hear micro details I go back to the Dave dac on its own... plus it uses a lot less power... there are differences... the amp makes you feel like your right there beside the artists... the Dave is very articulate.. so much so you can hear people breathing before they use there instruments or nails going across guitar strings..the air swirling before the sounds transform it into sound.... and sometimes I miss that ... so it depends on the mood... ...

    This is on high efficiency headphones... planars are best suited to the WA33...
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  12. x RELIC x Contributor
    And yet I listen to planar headphones direct from the DAVE and enjoy it immensely. The generalization that planar headphones pair ‘better’ with the WA33 would be, in my opinion, a matter of preference. I agree with the ‘matter of mood’ because I feel the same way regarding the Liquid Gold amp in the chain.
  13. astrostar59
    How did you come to the conclusion the P10 dumped noise back into the line? I have found only positive aspects to using one in my system. Though I would recommend keeping it's load down to 45% or less. Over that I would say use the amp soaking up that load direct into the mains. My front end sounds smoother and consistently better out of the P10, the 2am sound 24/7 or better. My apartment can regularly have 3-2.5% mains distortion according top the readout. So if you are in a cleaner location you may not get so much of a bounce effect.
  14. Triode User
    I measured it.
  15. hehaw77
    No they sound better period on a amp with power... blows away the DAVE....
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