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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. jscmd2000
    Thanks, I will definitely look into it!
  2. aldavey
    Bloody right there should be. I actually think I’m being kind when I say 90%. This is why the HMS is revolutionly because you can here CD quality at it’s level best without signing up to the ‘High Res/MQA self serving industry hype, oh and I should qualify IMHO, right.
  3. miketlse
    I am listening now to a internet radio show that plays quite a few tracks from Bandcamp. I second that the site is worth exploring, because there is plenty of good well recorded music there.
  4. GLM101
    I should have added that some of the albums on Bandcamp cost as little as $1.00!! Plus you can buy cassettes, vinyl and artist merchandise.
    I believe a good proportion of the proceeds go straight to the artist/band. You can see how much has been given to the artist/band on the home page.

    And some artists/bands give you the opportunity to buy their entire back catalogue, so for example I bought 235 albums (yes really!!) from Blank Embrace for $35!!! Now I just need to find the time to listen to them all!!
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  5. NoGameNoLife
    Can anyone help me? I managed to get the funds for either the TT2 or a Dave for about £5k. The dream is to save up for the Abyss Phi CC next but would I be better served with the TT2 or the Dave. Don’t think I’ll get the opportunity again so what I get I’m stuck with in a way. Thanks for any help for a newbie .
  6. xxx1313
    Had the chance for an audition of DAVE vs TT2 today, both "MScaled", with Focal Utopia and the Meze Empyrean.

    TT2 is really good, and with the Focal Utopia it was not clear to me which setup I liked more. HMS + DAVE is technically better, with better resolution and imaging, but tonally brighter. HMS + TT2 had a better base and also good synergy with the Utopia. This setup is high end too, without any doubt. I would not miss DAVE much with this setup, yes, it is so good. With the Empyrean it was different. HMS + DAVE simply outclasses HMS + TT2 with this headphone. Empyrean on DAVE clearly offers better resolution and imaging and also better dynamics. This is clearly and end-game setup as well, however tonally considerably different to the Utopia setup.

    If interested, find more impressions on Meze Empyrean here:
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
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  7. koven Contributor
    5K for DAVE seems like a bargain.
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  8. jscmd2000
    +1 No brainer
  9. xxx1313
    It simply crazy to SELL a DAVE for that price. Strong buy!
  10. Mikey99
    Great bargain for the Dave! The only downside is that it may not quite bring out the most in the Abyss without additional amplification. If it were me I would still go for the Dave.
  11. Tom Blake
    Get the DAVE and give up on the Abyss and get an Empyrean. It is an astonishingly good headphone direct from DAVE! It is very easy to drive and there is no need for additional amplification. Fantastic synergy with BluDAVE. My Utopia may be kicked to the curb very soon.
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  12. koven Contributor
    What do you like about the Meze over Utopia?
  13. musickid
    I found the meze pads far too thick and claustrophobic when trying them for comfort. No idea what they actually sound like.
  14. Mikey99

    I have posted my impressions of the Empyrean compared to the Abyss from the Dave (through an amp) in the Empyrean thread.
  15. Tom Blake
    I have been very happy with Utopia direct from DAVE. At times they can be a bit much though with the hyperdetail and I take a break with my ZMFs. I was intrigued by the Empyrean and wanted to give them a try. The potential of a top tier planar that can be easily driven direct by DAVE is very appealing. They have the nicest build quality of any headphone I have encountered and they are extremely comfortable. I wore them for 6 hours yesterday and had no issues at all. I am not done in my comparisons with Utopia yet but so far I am very impressed. They have a warm signature with very impactful and rich bass. They clearly best the Utopia here. The midrange is very enjoyable with great presence to vocals and guitar without being too forward. The treble is highly resolving and detailed. It is not as impressive as the Utopia but Empyrean are more laid back and not as bright. Overall a very enjoyable and fun headphone to listen to that may well suit my listening preferences better than Utopia. Meze has a real winner here and it's a relative bargain to its competitors like Utopia, LCD-4, Abyss, etc. They seem to synergize really well with DAVE also as does Utopia, of course. I am at a similar volume level on DAVE with the Empyreans as I am with Utopia so they seem just as easy to drive. Absolutely no need for an external amp. Highly recommend DAVE owners check them out!
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