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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Elecroestatico
    actually the default bitrate for any sound card connected to a PC is different depending on the product you have. In other words when you install a new sound device some will set 44 others 48 etc... And like i said i set mine at 48 because thats what youtube mnovies and games are generally set at

    any more questions?
  2. GLM101
    Well I have been using Foobar2000 today.
    I downloaded some components and ended up freezing the programme!
    Uninstalled and re-installed Foobar2000 and now the DAVE is showing 96KHz all the time!
    However the music is sounding very good!
    Forecast is for a storm tomorrow, so I will have plenty of time to try and use the components thing again.

    I hope Chord put more detail in their instructions in the future!!!


  3. rayl
    I didn't have a question with which to begin, but now that you ask...

    If you search this thread a bit further back to maybe Dec 2017, I reported what appeared to be a known issue (as noted by Jawed) with the Chord drivers and Windows mixer. Namely once a while, I get soft clicks. (And I even know how to reproduce it by playing the standard Windows boing at a pace such that the next boing starts about half way into the previous one -- with that, you can reproduce it in < 20 clicks.)

    Can you maybe work on a patch? I've given up and go through a 3rd party SPDIF converter for use with Windows mixer.
  4. GLM101


    Done it!

    I selected WASAPI (push) : digital output (Chord Async USB 44.1-768Khz) and everytime I change album, the bit rate now changes.

    What a great site this is!!!

    And I have proved to myself that you can teach an old dog new tricks!
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  5. Drewligarchy
    Hi All -

    I have a Chord Dave on demo yesterday and today (have to return tomorrow), and trying to make a decision on whether to purchase it or not. I am running it through a KGSSHV Carbon to Stax 009 and a Violectric V281 and LCD 4. This is the first DACe thats synergized well with both setups but.

    I was using Roon and an Auarlic Aries USB as the source. This sounded great if a hair bright on the 009, but its how I want them to sound. All the technicalities of the DAC are amazing.

    Unfortunately, I am getting dropouts on DSD. Based on my reading this has not been fixed on Linux or OSX sources. Big bummer here.

    As a result, I took my Mac Mini (with Win 7 loaded on it), and used that as a source. No problems with DSD. Initial impressions are that sound has lost some bite and is a little softer and soundstage seems smaller.

    I am tired and have been trying to get as many hours in as possible so I could make an informed purchase.

    Has anyone else noted similar differences in sound between streamers and PCs? I never trust my initial listening as it could be placebo, but don't have a ton of time and trying to help make sense of what I am hearing from more experienced listeners.

    Secondly, Is there a fix for the Dave with any Streamers? I don't know of any that aren't linux based. I'd prefer to use roon.

    Thanks for your advice. Going to have another listening session tonight and make a decision. As FYI, previously coming from Yggy for the Staxen and Vega for the LCD 4. Would love one DAC to rule them both.
  6. ray-dude
    FWIW (and at the risk of starting a PCM/DSD debate), what you describe is consistent with what I hear with all my DSD recordings, whether driving the DAVE through a Mac connected directly or through a MicroRendu. To my ear, PCM just sounds better or DAVE, but DSD still sounds damn good. For me, DSD (and DSD sourced content) just has a bit more "slosh" and inertia to it

    Alas, very hard to be definitive, unless you have access to a recording simultaneously made to PCM and DSD
  7. Triode User
    The words you use there imply that the Mac mini might have been putting out less RF noise and could be the better source. ‘Bite’ implies RF noise, ‘softer’ implies less RF noise. My experience is to pursue the sifter, darker sound and let your ears adapt so that eventually when you get used to it there’s more real detail there.
  8. Cobold
    Yes, there are very huge source dependent differences.
    Dave can sound from good to exceptional great.
    Sorry I can not help with PC or Mac setup.
    I use dedicated melco as source. Average PC with Dave is inferior to 2qute with melco.
    Usb cable is of importance too.
  9. Antiquarian
    I concur with @Cobold that USB cable, especially on DSD is important. I had problems driving DAVE from Melco Mk1 on DSD, no problems Melco Mk2 to DAVE or with Mac/Audirvana to DAVE. I prefer the Melco solution on SQ to Mac/Audirvana.
  10. rgs9200m
    I have a large collection of DSD (dsf files) that use in my Windows 10 / DAVE system and I hear no dropouts at all. I listen to DSD a lot on DAVE in DSD+ mode. I use bit-perfect playback in JRiver.
    My dsf files are just stored on external USB solid state hard drives directly attached to my computer.

    I also use Audionirvana for DSD and there are no playback issues there either.

    (I will say though, EMM CDPs/DACS are truly excellent on DSD. I have one.)
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
  11. simorag
    I am using the Linux-based Innuos ZENith MkII SE with the DAVE (Phasure Lush^2 USB cable), playback through Roon. When I play DSD files with DAVE in DSD+ mode I experience dropouts quite rarely (say one dropout over 10 tracks).
  12. musickid
    Can someone confirm the latest ios/ipad is working with dave. I'm thinking of connecting roon with an ipad pro to my mscaler. thanks.
  13. Mikey99
    I am testing an M-Scaler with my Chord Dave and am getting a lot of drop outs - at times several a minute. I am running 44.1 kHz ALAC files from my iMac using Roon. The same issue occurs with iTunes. It only occurs in dual BNC mode at 705.6 kHz, it goes away in all other modes. Have others experienced this? Any ideas on why this is occurring?
  14. Triode User
    Obvious but double check everything is plugged into the correct bnc sockets. I had them plugged into the wrong ones on the MScaler after moving it and got similar. Also, check that the dual bnc cables don’t have a flakey connection (wiggle them). The standard supplied ones are just cheap o escand are not very robust.
  15. Mikey99
    Thanks! I have triple checked, they are connected to the right sockets. I do wonder if the cables are flakey, I can induce drop-outs by wiggling them. I have tried re-connecting them several times, no luck so far.
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