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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. GLM101
    Thank you for the reply, I will have a go and see what happens.


  2. Elecroestatico
    1- left click on the speaker icon located next to the windows clock and select "playback devices"
    2- Here you see a list of all your sound cards, double click on your chord dac and make sure you disable all enhancements and check both squares for the exclusive mode options. Sometimes there are other tabs like "spacial sound" make sure you disable these or set them to "none". Apply all changes and press OK
    3- Download\install foobar, then download ks component and asio component, both for foobar. Install the components on foobar (this is a bit tricky so google how to install components for foobar.
    4- Go to preferences in foobar and select "playback". here you can set replay gain options to none. Now playback has a submenu, open it with double click and go to the "Output" and from the Device list select either ks chord or asio chord and basically experiment what sounds better for you. Click apply for changes to take effect.

    I think thats it. I dont have dave but im lucky to have mojo, so the instruccions are very similar if not the same

    hope it helps. if its working you will see automatic bitrate changes according to the file song you are playing on Dave and other programs wont have sound as long as foobar is playing.
  3. rayl
    If you use foobar or something else with bit perfect output via wsapi, that is best -- and the particular windows mixer settings don't matter (apart from allow exclusive control)....

    If one must go through windows mixer (some internet radio stations that play through browser, for example), then setting windows mixer to match 44.1khz with no effects is the best one can do....
  4. JaZZ Contributor
    Hi Gideon

    The Chord driver only affects the USB output, not S/PDIF (including Toslink). So a dedicated media player as mentioned by Andrew is mandatory to be on the safe side and get bit-perfect data through Asio or Wasapi drivers. Like in my case with foobar2000: «WASAPI (event) : Digitalaudio (S/PDIF)».
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  5. Imusicman
    Hi Gideon, I highly recommend Jriver. That's what Ive been using with the Dave
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  6. AndrewOld
    Great, if you get stuck or want a bit of help please ask. You are only a few clicks away from a really robust solution with J River, I believe Mr Watts himself uses it,
  7. GLM101
    Thank you all so much for your wonderful responses.

    I forgot that I had foobar on my laptop.
    So, I tried it and the bit rate showed as 48khz which was an improvement on 44.1!
    Then played Steve Wilson (hand cannot erase) which is 96khz however foobar was still showing 48Khz!
    Tomorrow I will check out foobar plugins for ASIO and WASAPI and see if I can install them correctly.

    Once again thank you all for your responses, nice to be in a community who take the time to help others.

    Kind regards,

  8. rayl
    My opinion is that if on Win 10, WASAPI is muuuuuch more stable.... and I have not heard a quality difference (though I also know that some will swear by ASIO -- my bottom line suggestion is, get wasapi, preferably using event model, working first and use that as baseline. That is the most stable bit perfect mode on Win 10.)

    One more detail-- foobar does have a DSP manager -- make sure that doesn't have anything activated.
  9. Elecroestatico
    OMG people he is not asking about spidf driver or stability issues or a simple recomendation for a software or a dedicated music player, he wants to do it from the PC got it? JESUS! Looks like many just want to accomulate posts to appear helpful. Just follow my instrucctions and you are good to go. jriver anf foobar do sound different even in bit perfect mode and to me foobar is better and is not 50 bucks like jriver if i remember like 2 years ago that was the price. Also foobar doesnt install any DSP preinstalled, so again another post pointing this out that it doesnt matter. Guys if you cant answer a question dont fill the forum with unnecessary info. Enough rant. But to answer your question, yes the reason you cant go to 96khz is because you have not installed asio or ks components to foobar, dont skip my steps, follow them as they are and you should be good to go. And for the person suggesting 44.1 khz for radio listening, thats also the default sample rate windows puts mojo to work with, so again no need to mention these unnecessary info that confuses more, but if you must know mine is set to 48khz because most movies, games and youtube have streaming at this bitrate and thats what i do more. And for music i use tidal but that takes excvlusive control of DAC as well so again here the sample rate to set in windows doesnt matter.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  10. Crgreen
    I’m confused by all that information.
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  11. rayl
    Actually the default sample rate for Windows is 48 kHz, which is why I brought up 44.1 kHz.... <shrug>
  12. Jawed
    My Foobar install does not have KS Audio nor ASIO. I use WASAPI (which is a component that has to be installed into Foobar).

    I set it to "WASAPI (event)" and I get full support for all the sample rates that Chord's driver allows for. WASAPI is much easier to get working from scratch in Foobar than ASIO.

    Thanks to this discussion I discovered there's a software update for the WASAPI component for Foobar :)

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  13. spotforscott
  14. Elecroestatico
    ASIO and KS streaming components are not installed by default on foobar, you have to download them from the official foobar website. Read my steps a few posts back and don't skip any step and you should be good to go. Wasapi (event or push) i believe is the windows version of asio or ks and that also do sound different, and in my opinion not as clear as asio or ks.
  15. Elecroestatico
    see what you guys have done for posting answers to questions that are not being asked? now people is more confused, so just follow my step guide and dont skip any instructions and you are good to go. Do I need to say it one more time guys?

    also like my helpful posts please...im hungry for attencion :)
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