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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. seaice
    I have always thought that it is the same. I am not sure if my optical terminations are wobbling but my basic Bandridge cables are working fine, no problems.
  2. Crgreen
    I’ve no idea if they’re the same, but the Toslink inputs on the Dave are definitely not standard. Normally, a Toslink connection will snap into place but with the Dave they fit, and work, but are easily disconnected when fiddling round the back or moving other equipment, but not with the supplied optical cable. I’m sure Chord had a good reason for this, but I’ve never come across an explanation.

    I suppose a different way of putting matters is: where can one get the same optical cable that Chord supplies, but in longer lengths?
  3. seaice
  4. Triode User
    I always thought that the basic plug part is the same on all these but that some manufacturers have oversize cosmetic outer pieces some of which are too large to fit in the recess on the Dave. If they are plastic I just take a knife to them or if they are metal I just unscrew the cap a few turns to allow the actual plug to properly and fully click into place.

    Or are there different inserts with different plug designs? - if so I have not seen any, just the different cosmetic covers.
  5. Triode User
  6. Crgreen
    That’s not the optical cable supplied with the Dave, and is made by Chord Cables, a quite seperate and distict company.

    I suspect that the supplied cable has a slightly different fitting, or longer centre pin, as it fits into the more usual, non-Dave sockets without any problem. No doubt, someone from Chord Electronics can assist.
  7. seaice
    Oh sorry, my bad. As I mentioned above, try some Bandridge cables. I am not sure which I bought (some basic types) but no problems with the termination.
  8. Crgreen
    Personally, I’d prefer to track down the make of the supplied cable than take a knife to other ones.

    The fact is, the ordinary “cosmetic” terminations seem to adhere to a common standard and fit perfectly into Toslink inputs, other than on the Dave. In the light of that, the more likely explanation is that Chord are doing doing something non-standard.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
  9. Triode User
    Many other items of equipment have thin panel casings and so the optical socket is flush with the face of the casing. In those cases it doesn't really matter how larger they make the outer part of the plug covering.

    I have just measured the rectangular cut out / recess in the back of the Dave where the optical connection is located. The height is the limiting dimension (it is wider than it is high) and is about 11.6mm. I have also just measured one of my 'oversize' covers on an optical cable and it is 13mm dia.

    If there is a standard it will probably apply to the actual toslink plug / socket and not the cosmetic covers. Manufacturers seem to like to make the outer covers somewhat larger than necessary possibly to imply improved performance just the same as power cables and connections are often ridiculously oversized.

    I am not sure Chord can be accused of doing something non standard but they do seem to have a history of making their cut outs too small. Remember the Hugo 1 RCA recesses.
  10. Crgreen
    Making cut outs the wrong size to accept the usual Toslink termination without the aid of a knife sounds like non-standard to me. The fact that the supplied cable fits perfectly suggests that perhaps some slightly different standard of fitting is employed.

    As I’ve said, I don’t know the explanation. There does appear to have been some prior discussion on this point, though I’m not sure the make of the supplied cable was ever identified:


    Rob provides some input, but makes no mention of the termination issue with the Dave, which apparently doesn’t apply to other Chord DACs.
  11. musickid
    If chord's optical "port" is identical on H2 and Dave then the kabeldirekt optical cable which i run optical out of an imac into H2 fits 90% of the way with no signal loss. Funnily enough the same cable snapped into place firmly with the mojo. Could it be that portable chord dacs have a more standard optical fitting due to the fact that they were designed to be transported vs a desktop dac like Dave which is stationary and therefore has a slighter tighter fitting to save on space and that it is stationary which negates the need for a 100% perfect fit? A theory out of thin air?
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
  12. Crgreen
    That’s one theory, though it’s difficult to see how in this respect saving on space can have been an issue with a unit the size of the Dave and is more likely to have been an issue (if issue it was) with the smaller, portable units.

    Another theory is that Chord took on board the slight fitting incomptabality with the Dave and decided to adopt the more usual fitting on subssuquent DACs. We’ll probabably never know as Chord seems to have no interest in providing an explalanation. For me, it doesn’t really matter but I would like to have a nice snug fit for my second optical connection and therefore have emailed Chord asking for the make of the supplied optical cable. I’ll post the response if I get a reply.

    I cannot say if the “fit” affects the ability of the cable to handle 192 data. According to Rob, optical is the best connection to the Dave, but he doesn’t rate the ability of current Toslink cables to handle > 96. Digital technology - don’t you just love it.
  13. musickid
    Could someone explain to me under what circumstances 2 optical inputs would be used on the mscaler? i will be using an mscaler with my hugo2 and can't figure that out.

    listening to Traveller by Anoushka Shankar roon.
  14. Crgreen
    Two digital sources, such as a CD transport/player and a streamer for Internet streaming sources and didgital radio, with, say, a laptop on USB. Of course, you might prefer a streamer on USB to provide full format compatibility.
  15. musickid
    Yes but how does the mscaler know which optical input to process if two are connected? Or do you just send one optical source at a time so with two optical inputs you don't have to keep on unplugging and reconnecting two different sources?
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