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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Arpiben
    Since I can be also a dreamer sometimes , please Rob do you have any plans to integrate inside Dave a digital player in future?
    Going further adding NAS access not only with electrical RJ45 access but  also with multimode 850nm fiber one (tackling. the 0.001 RF issue)...
    I fully admit that it is quite soon for writting letters to Santa Claus.
  2. miketlse
    Given the number of products already in the Chord pipeline, that need to be tested and rolled out, I suspect that you don't need to write your letter until 2018 Q4 at the earliest - so plenty of time to put your dreams down on paper.
    Given the number of albums being remixed into a 5.1 format, I think it would be nice to have a digital player that could take a 5.1 input (hdmi or dsd or whatever), split it into the individual channel streams, and then internally feed them through an array of Chord PFGAs, and output the analogue signals, ready to be externally routed to power amps. So very similar to a small AV receiver, but using chord technology.
    Maybe it is already possible to DIY generate the individual channel streams, and then feed them to an array of 3 Mojos (as a proof of concept) - but an all-in-one chord box would be interesting. - I suspect that i don't need to write my santa note until 2020 at the earliest. [​IMG] 
  3. pbui44

    By the Chord Dave's price tag, adding a few AV receiver chips wouldn't hurt, either....like DTS/AC3/etc. decoders with the already-robust DACs.
  4. Arpiben
    Since my purpose was neither to afraid Santa Claus nor make competitors afraid of him, like a nice kid I will patiently wait and every year have a look under Chrstmas' tree.[​IMG]
  5. TheAttorney
    Once you had the MC-6 installed, did adding extra MC-0.5 waveguides still further improve the sound?
    If so, that would be a shame IMO, as the MC-6 should really have all that and more already built in.
  6. halloweenman
    Rob Watts, it's interesting to read your advice on optimising sound quality for Dave by running laptop on batteries. What are your thoughts about a wired ethernet connection vs wireless connection. Which do you think would give best sound quality and introduce the least noise to the laptop? Would it be best to use an ethernet cable from laptop to router or have nothing physically connected and just use laptop wireless connection? Thanks.
  7. Mython Contributor
    Been away from this thread for a couple of weeks.
    Returning to it, today, I see it is still as uber-geeky in its degree of 'audiophile-ness' [​IMG]
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  8. Jawed

    Mojo, I would guess, sells to a lot of people who won't contemplate Hugo as it's too expensive? Perhaps mostly these are people who haven't spent time with high-end audio? It appears to have no meaningful competition at its price.

    Hugo and TT are in the most competitive region. People who think they know what hi-fi is supposed to do have an opinion. People who either do or don't get the sound.

    DAVE sells to people who don't care how much it costs. DAVE sounds like it was built for an unlimited budget (I think we can safely say that Rob's decades of craft correspond with an unlimited budget :p ). I think there's only one person who has posted to this thread that they contemplated DAVE and bought something else or just didn't buy. I'm excluding people who won't spend that much (I'm excluding myself for the time being). It appears to have no meaningful competition at any price.

    Anyone keeping track of the DAVE refuseniks?
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  9. iDesign
    Great observations. I havent read anything from Chord or Rob Watts that clearly explains if there were deliberate design goals/objectives for the sound signatures of Hugo, Hugo TT, Mojo, and DAVE. I would be curious to know what those goals were and to understand how Rob Watts feels each of those products are or are not differentiated in sound signatures. 
  10. Mython Contributor
    @ Mr Watts:
    Can you tell me what position DAVE would be, on the following chart, please?
    A bloke down the pub told me DAVE will help me enjoy my MP3s even better than my midi system, but all the other experts down the pub told me that a proper DAC should cost around a hundred thousand dollars, so I am guessing that because DAVE is too cheap, it is probably in the middle of this chart:
    (I know what you're thinking - that chart is an incredibly-accurate representation of how digital audio actually works, isn't it?)
  11. pkcpga
    Just switched out my older naim DAC for the Dave, after picking up the mojo as a portable little DAC for when I fly I was so impressed for a little reasonably priced DAC I auditioned the Dave and bought it instantly to match with my naim pre amp, amp and nautilus speakers.
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  12. Mython Contributor
    Lucky man! [​IMG]
  13. pkcpga
    Thanks great speakers, I love them mine are over a decade old now and still kicking perfectly.

    I want the one in the middle, because I imagine she'll come more into focus when I'm completely hammered.

    Is this a real question?
  15. rkt31
    seems windows with asio using foobar with no replay gain is the only thing you need as transport. :) adding good usb cable is bonus. http://archimago.blogspot.in/2015/08/measurements-audiophile-sound-and.html?m=1 :)
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