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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. romaz
    I would love to hear their new electrostatic amp also but I can't imagine any headphone amp being worth $50,000.
  2. bigfatpaulie
    When I ordered my DAVE here my dealer was told that in order for them to stock the DAVE they had to order TWO from BlueBird.  This may be a Canada only thing.
    Anyway, he brought two in and gave me one (well, BB only had one to give him at the time) offering that if I didn't like it I could return it for a full refund and he would use it as a store demo.  It's been with me ever since. 
  3. miketlse
    A dealer who knows how to treat potential customers properly.
    I always remember some words said on 'The Apprentice' several years ago - "if you don't want to treat your potential customers properly, there will always be plenty of competitors happy to take them off your hands". Simple but true.
  4. Silvertone4

    Actually, Glenn Carol audio in San Antonio, TX has the Dave on demo:

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  5. paulchiu
    Galen Carol is fantastic and very patient.  

    Oh snap! Thank you! I'll see if I can take a drive up there tomorrow!

    Edit: No, scratch that. I'll have to wait until I get back from Italy. Damnnit!
  7. analogmusic
    Today was a good day for me in San Francisco. I visited Audio Vision in San Francisco California, and had the good luck to hear Chord Dave and Chord Hugo TT.

    For those who say the Hugo TT is close to the Dave, sorry, but it just isn't so to my ears.

    I first heard the Dave though a Naim 172/250.2/Dynaudio C2 speaker, and soon enough I was enjoying the music but something was different and immediately apparent.

    1) There was a clarity to the instruments that I have never heard before, and certain instruments and notes I was hearing for the first time, on tracks I have listened to hundreds of times.

    2) It soon become apparent that the instruments literally came alive out of the speakers, Rob Watts has referred to this as the depth of the soundstage coming out of Dave, very impressive, and not for hi-fi reasons

    3) It is impressive, because each instrument had a clarity in the soundstage, and much more low level detail.

    4) most importantly each song played, gave much huge musical enjoyment and musical goosebumps. There was a fluidity and ease to the  music that I only really hear on live performances.

    The most interesting thing happened when the dealer at my request switched to the Hugo TT.

    I am very familiar with the Mojo and Hugo, and the Hugo TT is better than both. I can say these are very good sources (all of them)

    So on the track breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick - which gave me huge goosebumps on the Dave (and sounded very live to my ears), when we switch to the Hugo TT, I almost chocked at the drop on sound quality.

    It was over in 5 seconds. The soundstage become much smaller, the clarity went down a lot, the enjoyment that was there went away. the TT sounded constrained, crude, and simply not as musical or enjoyable, by comparison with the DAVE. No musical goosebumps...

    I put the DAVE back on, and all the enjoyment, musicality and 3D soundstage was back.

    The Hugo TT sounds like a recording of that song, and the DAVE sounds like a live performance.

    After that audition, I would simply save up for a DAVE, and forget the TT.

  8. lovethatsound
    @ analogmuisc
    I'm glad that you finally got to hear the Dave and enjoy so much.I think all of the chord dacs offer great sound quality at their price point in the market.I remember you on the naim threads,when alot naim owner's where changing there naim dacs too the chord Hugo and you couldn't believe what was happening,and in fact you didn't believe us,after alot of time you got the chord Hugo and admitted that we were right,and fair play to you.Now you have heard the Dave and you want one,and i really hope you manage to get one.
  9. iDesign
    Can someone shed light on what specifically is different in the design of the Hugo and Hugo TT that make them so much more polarizing than the Mojo and DAVE? 
  10. Articnoise

    Okay thanks Roy!


    I guess my audio gear (and how it can be effected by the mains power) is more like what you had before with the TotalDac than now with Dave. 

  11. AndrewOld

    Thanks Rob.
    I have to say I am a bit disappointed to find that it is necessary to disconnect my laptop in order to get the best SQ from my DAVE. You said in an earlier post http://www.head-fi.org/t/766517/chord-electronics-dave/1215#post_12220009 that "RF noise from the source can't get into DAVE". Now it turns out that it can. It is fiddly and irritating to have to disconnect my laptop, (the power cable is at the back) and easy to forget to reconnect it so it is dead the next morning. And although buying a Jitterbug is a partial solution it's not really very satisfactory to have to spend more money on a third-party product, which doesn't even totally sort the issue, not to mention that Audioquest recommend using two of them, so that's £80.  After spending £8k on a DAC I was kinda hoping it would be unimprovable! 
    Do you think there are other possibly better solutions? For example, Intona have a full speed USB galvanic isolator, ifiAudio offer some USB cleaning products, or one could use a USB to s/pdif convertor and optical. I haven't got the money to try all possible solutions out, or the technical knowledge to make good judgements, but it would certainly be great to be able to play my hifi without having to fiddle with wires and always get the best possible sound quality.
    'Scuse me moaning, but listening to music with a DAVE is such a wonderful, totally involving experience that I want to always get the most from it.
  12. Arpiben
    Let's put your's or everyone's Audio grail quest differently, there are still few technical things you may not avoid totally.
    Even seated in the best concert room, you can't avoid somebody coughing.
    That's life. Rgds.
  13. Rob Watts
    Using another galvanic isolator won't help and will probably make things worse. No doubt other companies will offer "no compromise" USB solutions, but don't believe it. 
    Frankly I think you are worrying too much; 99% of the RF noise problem is removed currently by Dave; it is just the last 1% where one would want to remove the power to the source. And a single jitter-bug gets you too 99.75%. If you go with optical, you for sure will eliminate all RF; but its not quite as good as the USB, as this has zero jitter/timing issues as the clock comes from Dave. Before galvanic isolation, optical was so much better than USB. Detail resolution and flow is slightly better than optical.
    I am listening to Dave now, and its a powered lap-top (and I have just realised I have not even put the jitter bug in), and I have been enjoying music like I have never before. I was listening to Jacqueline Du Pre Elgar this morning, and heard things I have never heard before and thought that 1965 recording just sounds stunning.
    So don't worry, just keep enjoying the music!
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
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  14. rkt31
    @Arpiben, many users have already said that dave is least affected by the source. that power thing with laptop may be an extremely minor issue which with other DACs can be much more. like all if you want last bit of quality from dave removing laptop power cord is a total non issue imho
  15. Arpiben

    I have no doubt at all about it and fully respect everyone's quest.
    IMHO, some have better notion of what they can achieve some worry to much.[​IMG]
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