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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. miketlse
    Thanks, I don't have your in-depth awareness/understanding of the Chord amplifier design line-up. 
  2. romaz
    Can you show us a picture of this sandwich?  I'm having a hard time picturing it.  To be honest, the 30 mm thick billet of aluminum used for the DAVE seems so robust I didn't expect resonance to be an issue so your findings are of interest.
  3. miketlse
    DAVE may be machined from a 30mm thick billet, but most (probably 90%) of the interior will have been machined away.
    Everything resonates at certain frequencies, but I too am surprised that resonance affects a solid state DAC.
  4. esimms86

    Thanks Roy. And another PM right back atcha.
  5. TheAttorney
    My photos usually come out so poorly, as they do here, but here you go...
  6. paulchiu
    Are you blocking some of the vent-holes?
  7. LouisArmstrong
    I have a PC with Intel 5930K CPU and GTX Titan X two-way SLI graphics cards - would that introduce a lot of interference if I connect it to the Dave? Or should I just stick with my Macbook Pro?
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  8. TheAttorney
    Yes, about one third of them. Rob W had earlier posted that blocking up the holes isn't necessarily a problem, but that covering the surface in general may increase temperature. I haven't found that to be an issue at all in this particular case, but anyway I switch it to standby when I'm away from home.
  9. romaz
    Thanks for the photo.  Did you double up on the pads?  On their website, it appears they come in 2 thicknesses - 3/8 inch or 3/4 inch.  Which are these?
    I tend to buy into isolation devices that utilize dissimilar substrates.  For example, I am not fond of the isolation abilities of granite by itself or MDF board by itself but when you combine the two, I have found this to be more effective and this product seems to follow this principle by sandwiching a piece of inert plastic? between two layers of neoprene.
    These pads are designed for heavy washing machines weighing >50kg and based on their lab measurements, it would appear that the damping coefficient improves as the loading weight of the component increases.  Could this be why you're noticing improvement as you place the weight of the damping plate on top of the DAVE?  This would seem to make more sense to me.
    Nevertheless, given their low cost, I have ordered a few samples for my DAVE and other components including my subwoofer and my washing machine.  Instead of ordering 4 pads, for aesthetic reasons, I have ordered a single pad custom cut to the size of the DAVE that is 3/8 inch in thickness and I will compare against my Acoustic Revive TB-38H.  If it works well, I could even combine the two.  I don't have the HRS damping plates to try but I do have a fairly heavy glass tennis trophy that I can place on top of my DAVE to see if increasing the loading weight of the DAVE results in improvement of the damping characteristics of these pads.
  10. paulchiu
    What is that on top blocking a third of the vent-holes?  A Shakti stone?
  11. smial1966
    It appears to be a Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) DP II Series Damping Plate. Probably the squarish shaped one below. Priced around $150 I recollect. 
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  12. Articnoise

    Roy can you maybe describe the SQ difference/impact between the MC-6 Hemisphere and the Audience power conditioner you had before?


  13. TheAttorney
    @smail1966, yes those are indeed the ones - the smallest in that photo.
    Mine are probably mk1 as a few years old. There's a thicker more expensive DPX model that I haven't tried, but aim to one day.
    On the other thread I did describe trying 2 plates together- with mixed results. 
    @romaz, I doubt if this is as simple as extra weight. 
    However, as per my earlier posts on that thread, I first tried the KE pads directly under DAVE's surface (bypassing the feet) and this gave no obvious improvement, which only came when I added the pads under the feet - over time, this caused a slight indent to the pads i.e. local compression - which may or may not be significant.
    PS. I 'm a bit surprised you went for so many in one go - I was only suggesting someone try one set to start with :xf_eek:)   
    KE do a number of variants. The ones I used were the "plus" versions as per the links in that thread. I can't comment on how any of the other variants. 
  14. LouisArmstrong
    Very nice stuff there. I am in another thread and people swear that there is no change in the sound of a DAP when they take the leather case off. They don't even bother trying. If we believe in stuff like the HRS, and the merits of buying expensive Hifi racks, I can't see why taking off a leather case on a DAP would not change the sound. Simple as that. 
    Louis Armstrong
  15. Torq

    Why would taking the case off (or putting one on) a DAP change it's sound?
    Short of the case having some interesting galvanic properties, and the designer of the DAP being utterly clueless and/or completely incompetent, I can't think of any reason, no matter how far-fetched, as to why there'd be any effect at all (you know, unless the case was actually either a faraday cage with a big-arsed ground connection or was channeling Maria Callas).
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