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Chord Electronics - Blu Mk. 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. HiResGeorge
    Hi, I am fortunate to have a Blu Mk II on trial just now. It is partnered with my Dave via dual BNC @ 705.6 kHz. Imagine my shock and disappointment when I found that it will not play a cd or cdr more than 78 mins long.( my Hi end Marantz dealt with up to 80 min discs without problem). Upon reaching the 78 minute length, the sound firsts starts to distort (like crackling bacon getting louder and louder), then the unit freezes up. Maybe mine is faulty, but even though the sonic results are mind blowingly superb, this is a major drawback in me actually confirming a purchase. Please give me any feedback on this.
    Thank you.
  2. awesomeaw
    I actually share the same problem as you. Now I did not need to wait for the Blu MK2 transport to play till the 78 mins. It become a permanent distortion whenever I play a CD.

    They still sound awesome even with the back ground distortion.

    Using the USB or other input connection through the Blu Mk2 as a upscale they still sound awesome with DAVE.

    I thought I am the only one here with this problem. Cheers.
    Thank you for the help. I do not think to turn off the blu2 because my Dave is for ever on.
    I Just turn on the blue this morning and all is working.

    The limitations of the driver from Qobuz gives me a littlle problem that is not present with foobar2k.I need to change the output format in Windows.
    If 96khz was selected and that i play à 44kHz file than Windows upscales the format to 96kHz.
    With the Dave, no problem, the format is displayed but not with the Blu2.
    The purpose of this Comment: I am dreaming about à M scaler in the same box that à Poly with à Ball changing colour with the input format.
    IF not, I hope that the Davina will show the output and the input format.

    From that i have listen the same files in différent format because it is easy to change the output format in the Qobuz Web player.
    The difference between 96 and 192 is not small with the blu.

    Each times that i listen to Dcs DAC, I understand that some People like these equipments because the sound has à very pleasant kind of softness. Since I bought à Chord CPM 2650 for my wife because we find the amplifiers Chord have the same Signature so interesting.
    My first impression with the Blu2 goes in the same way, the softness. So i am very glad that Chord has remove that gap. My dealer think the same. the sound is more relaxed.
    In second, each track with echoes or réverbération are fantastic.
    With some songs my wife feels that the space is so open that the singer is à little lost in the image. But now she listen all the subtil détails added in the voices and she likes more the blu2.
    With some voices like the Joe Cooker one, this softness kill the rock style given by the Dave. So i hesitate: to reduce the scaler or not.
    My brain needs to accept.
    So i will have a scaler in a Davina or in a streamer. When? As soon as Chord can produce its.


    Edit: With the Dave, I listened to the beauty of the details of the restitution.
    So mainly I was listening to notes.
    With the BluDAVE, my attention goes spontaneously on the nuances.
    Instead of hearing percussions, now I also hear the contact between the musician and the instrument. So what I hear now seems more logical to me because the image is more complete.
    Modulations and inflection potential on singers' voices are much more noticeable. The intention which the interpreter chooses to express is better discernible.
    In some works, some passages were not of interest. But with the M-scaler, spontaneously a search for understanding manifests itself. As if now I had access to the decoding keys.
    So my desire to discover is reactivated and moreover my listening pleasure is such the number of hours of listening before saturation becomes almost unreasonable.
    Fortunately my wife is a great music lover.
    I hope that over time Chord will find a solution to make this technology accessible to the less fortunate.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017
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  4. DaveRedRef-III
    Like most people intending to acquire the Blu II M Scaler I am avidly reading any comment i can find from people who have heard it. So thank you to everyone who has taken the time to provide their personal take.
  5. Crgreen
    I wasn't aware until a few years ago that there were CDs > 78 mins, but I noticed that an album of Schubert Piano Sonatas by Maria-João Pires was 80 mins plus. It played fine on my Meridian 500 CD Transport, however - even the CD player in my car.

    This won't be a problem for me as I rip most of my CDs, but I can see that it would be a problem for others, though I've no idea how many of such CDs are out there. Currently, it's not entirely clear if this is a "limitation" which affects the Blu 2 generally or just the two units mentioned in the above posts. It would be interesting to hear what Chord has to say.
  6. esimms86
    @Crgreen , like you, l also use CDs to rip files so this issue doesn't affect me either. At the same time, Chord does need to address this for the benefit of buyers and potential buyers (and dealers, I might add).

    My initial question, however, regards whether or not this CD length limitation exists for the original Blu.
  7. awesomeaw
    No problem with the original Blu in play time. Currently I am also listening to my rip CD through Blu MK2.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
  8. esimms86
    Thanks @awesomeaw. Important information for people to know. I wonder why the difference then.
  9. lovethatsound
    I can also confirm that there is no such problem for the original blu. I'm sure someone from chord will answer this question,but also surprised that nobody from chord has replied to it yet.
  10. GryphonGuy
    When CDs were invented, it was in the heady days of Vinyl LPs that were generally restricted to about 22 mins per side or 44 minutes for an album. In those days CD's could comfortably hold about 74 mins or so of music up to a maximum of about 78 mins at a pinch. So just over 56% of the capacity was being used.

    The 80 mins capacity came from the CD-R days, I think. The outside of the CD has the end of the album on it (reads from inside to outside) and required more lower speed manipulations to read it on the relatively faster moving outer edge of the disc than even just a few millimetres in from the edge.

    Also no pressed CD is perfectly centred (or if it is then it is luck). Fractions of a millimetre eccentricity exists but the laser mechanism is built to handle that. But at the outer edges of the disk the eccentricities would be much larger in variance and the mechanism may have trouble tracking those larger eccentricities on the outer edge.

  11. GreenLeo
    RBCD should be 65 mins or 650MB capacity originally and produced by glass stamp. CDR has 800MB capacity and 150MB of them were designed as buffer for "bad sector" relocations. Use at your own risk ☺
  12. DaveRedRef-III
    Have any of you new Blu II M Scaler owners found that it has influenced the type of music you are listening to? For instance have you found yourself playing a specific genre more than is normally the case?
  13. oscarnr
    Not in my case. Same music, a lot of genres (jazz, 60-00s rock (a lot of bad and good recorded indie music ), electronic music, reggae, nigerian music, brazilian music, XXs classical composers, some Bach, funk, soul, etc) but more intensively. I should say 90% of it sounds clearly better. The other 10% only slightly better.
    Now listening to Gilberto Gil and The Triffids (Born Sandy Devotional)
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  14. ecwl
    Since I'll be away for a week, Blu 2 is at the dealer and I'm shocked how I'm missing it. Because sonically, DAVE is really amazing. But it's hard to un-hear the additional improvements from Blu 2. And I'm listening to new tracks mostly I haven't heard before on Tidal or finishing albums I haven't finished listening to and yet, I'm hearing the music off DAVE and imagining how with Blu 2 the music would be improved.

    And to think I'll be travelling with Chord Mojo with some cheap IEM... How will I survive the week?
  15. Crgreen
    At least you've heard it. The delivery date on mine has been delayed so you'll probabaly get yours back before I hear mine.
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