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Chord Electronics - Blu Mk. 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. HeeBroG
    I am aware of this but occasionally play CD's. I wonder if OptoDX will level the playing field.
  2. nomad777
    I get you I have some cd's to but I just burn them now and viola no cd use anymore...
  3. jonstatt
    With the right BNC cable treatment, ferrites etc, that difference can pretty much be nullified. I borrowed an Mscaler connected to my Aries G2 which is also USB galvanically isolated, and Wave Storm cables, I honestly couldn't tell the Blu2 from the Mscaler.
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  4. nomad777
    its not just adding ferrites its also the filters inside the unit.... I have an elaborate setup and high quality bnc's... and I could tell the difference right away.... so much so bye to the blu2 .. if others don't we all hear differently...
  5. Triode User
    I have the Blu2 and MScaler basically so I can test on both but I probably do most of my casual listening using the Blu2 and CDs. I still find CDs a more pleasurable way to listen to music, not just because of the quality but also because given almost unlimited choice with streaming I sometimes just can’t decide what to listen to and end up listening instead to Radio 3. Having a few CDs out in the table in rotation gives me less choice but it is easier to decide which to pick to listen to.
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  6. HeeBroG
    Hi Nick,

    What are your thoughts about Blu2 vs HMS if additional steps are taken to filter RF from M-scaler?
    Is HMS still superior?
    Have you compared CD's ripped to Zenith SE vs the same CD played via Blu2?

  7. ZappaMan
    What do they play on radio 3?
  8. iDesign
  9. nomad777
  10. nomad777
  11. Triode User
    That is quite an old thread and RW's experience and knowledge of RF and ferrites has moved on since then.

    There is no doubt that split core ferrites are not as effective with the Blu2 or with the HMS compared to solid core ferrites. As Rob mentions in the link you quote, he thinks it might be due to increased parasitic capacitance in the split core ferrites or he has also mentioned that there might be a resonance issue. Another possible reason was explained to me by a radio frequency engineer who said that at some frequencies the slot between the two halves of a clip on ferrite can act as a focussing mechanism and fire the RF back into the cable.

    Solid core ferrites do not have either of these issues but even they have characteristics which can alter their efficacy on the dual BNC cables. One factor is of course the target frequency of the ferrite used and the band of affected frequencies either side of that peak frequency. Also simple things such as the spacing between the ferrites has an effect on both of those. Another thing is that the cables and the ferrites form a filtering system together and so using the same ferrites at the same spacing but with two different cables (even when they are the same diameter) will produce different amounts of RF attenuation. This phenomenon relating to the cables used can be very marked.

    So do not write ferrites off. When all these factors are carefully optimised it is possible to achieve the same results as optical isolation and sometimes better because with ferrites the cables are filtered right up to the point where they enter the DAC.

    I know there are people who say they find the HMS better even when the HMS and Blu2 have both been set up to eliminate RF but I have to say that I find them identical when both are properly sorted. Remember that I have both and can compare them over long periods of time where most people do not have that luxury and might have to refer to audio memory or short listening tests where expectation bias might creep in.

    I have compared CDs played on Blu2 to the same CD ripped onto the Zenith SE and I still find the CD played on the Blu2 to be very slightly better. Of course Innuos have the Statement which I have heard compared to the Zenith SE and it is better than the SE. However I have some cunning plans to get my SE sounding as good as a CD on Blu2 and maybe as good as the Statement!

    So the long and short of this is that I am keeping my Blu2 unless there is a Blu3!
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  12. nomad777

    I had the mk blu2 less than a week ago and use it extensively for 2 years so I know what I'm hearing and the concepts remain the same from that post. HMS has galvanic and other filters the blu2 does not. If your happy with the blu2 then by all means keep it... my experience and my setup shows the hms as being better sounding...
  13. iDesign
    It doesn’t help. Those posts are from 2017 and pre-date the more recent link in my previous post.
    Agreed, they sound identical. In fact, a CD played through a Blu Mk II yields better performance because it removes all of the variables/problems with USB sources and streaming audio— and that is the advantage of the Blu Mk II that makes it so much more desirable than the Hugo M Scaler. The Blu Mk II did not need galvanic isolation on the USB input because the BNC outputs already have effective galvanic isolation. Rob Watts only added it to the Hugo M Scaler’s USB input as a way to fix dropouts and problems he experienced with Chord’s early prototype Hugo M Scaler.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
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  14. nomad777

    nope it doesn't sound better it depends on the setup for cd's. No the Blu2 does not have any galvanic isolation on usb or BNC's. I got rid of the blu2 for the HMS as it does sound better.
  15. iDesign
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
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