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Chord Electronics - Blu Mk. 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. jacc
    DAVE is quite sensitive to pc but I don't think Nordost cable should distort the sound. Someone may find Nordost's signature a bit bright though. Give Shunyata or HFC a try if possible
  2. Jawed
    Pointless to use expensive power cables. I and others are using 10s of ferrites on the stock power cord for a worthwhile improvement at very low cost. See my signature.
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  3. musickid
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  4. Mikey99
    I have been using an M-Scaler with my DAVE for several weeks now, and I love it! This has been via USB from my iMac using ripped files from my CDs. I was chatting with my dealer and had an interesting suggestion when he saw my large CD collection. He said that he could exchange the M-Scaler for a Blu Mk2, and give me a break on the price as well. It would still be a lot more than the M-Scaler alone, but I have to admit I am tempted!

    Any thoughts on the relative merits? My thoughts:
    - price. Not great, but I guess in for a dime in for a dollar
    - convenience. Of course less convenient than steaming ...
    + but I like the feel of handling physical media. And I want to continue collecting it. And I could stream anyway via USB if I am feeling lazy
    ? Sound quality. Any differences? Takes USB and the computer out of the equation. What are people’s experiences?
    + better match with Dave
    + better look. Not crazy over the look of the M-scaler
    + I like the look of the stand, but could not justify for the DAVE alone. But if I had both I would have to do it. I would look for a further break on pricing
    - no optical input
    - RF noise better handled in the M-scaler according to Rob Watts

    Appreciate your thoughts!
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
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  5. Triode User
    Well, I am one of those people who happen to still like playing CDs. I have said before that I do not like the whole experience of selecting a track from ripped files on a server. I prefer to have a few CDs out and a time and spend time playing them. For that reason I have retained my Blu2.

    For times when I just want to play files off Qobuz I do that through my streamer which outputs USB and that is also where I store my ripped files so again the single USB input on the Blu2 is no disadvantage to me.

    I will PM you regarding the RF noise thing because it has become a sensitive subject.

    But for me, if the price is right and because you have a large CD collection then it might just be worth thinking about.
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  6. jlbrach
    i have the blu2 and dave....when i bought the blu2 i was using tons of CD's....now not so much but if you are using CD's it is a no brainer because soundwise they are pretty much the same and to be honest the dave and blu2 were made for each other looks wise and both fit into the overpriced but convenient and beautiful stands
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  7. AndrewOld
    Why not just use a modest cd transport - perhaps one you already have - into your M Scaler via optical? Rob says the jitter rejection in the M Scaler is superb, so what else is there to worry about? Unless you get a preposterous deal on a Blu2 the M Scaler is much better value for money, especially long term. And the interface to the DAVE is better wrt RF.
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  8. burbster

    First of all I am quite jealous! I am still awaiting delivery of my MScaler and you are already talking about selling yours!! :)

    I home demoed a BluMk2 for a over a week, I have posted this previously so apologies to others. I carried out quite a lot of testing comparing an actual CD played in the Blu Mk2, with the same CD ripped and played via USB from an Auralic Aries. (using DAVE as DAC) I could not tell them apart but I have put quite a bit of effort into my streaming setup. Dedicated Ethernet switch, dedicated SSD NAS, fibre isolation form main router, expensive ethernet cables, AQ Diamond USB etc. I think in terms of SQ, particularly with an MScaler in the circuit I am not sure there will be much difference. YMMV. Having said that, I have never heard the standard CD sound so good as it did with the Blu Mk2, plus there is something reassuringly simple about just popping in a cd and pressing play. And not having to worry if your server and NAS are still connected and your wireless tablet is charged!

    One other obvious thing I would add is you are in a very strong position. I suspect you could sell your Mscaler for more than what you paid for it and still get a very good deal on a new Blu Mk2.
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  9. tunes
    Compared to the DAVE alone does the HMS expand the acoustic space and air around vocalists and instruments to a noticeable degree?
  10. seaice
    Yes, this is one of the strong effects that the HMS has in my HMS>DAVE-based setup... The space is now improved, 3D and more real than with the Dave alone.
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  11. Mikey99
    Yes, it does. Dave already has that to a great extent, the M-scaler is “more DAVE”.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
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  12. simorag
    I concur to @seaice and @Mikey99. The depth is the dimension where I have found the most significant effect from the addition of the HMS. I already thought that depth (especially with crossfeed) was one of DAVE strengths, but the HMS raises the bar one or two notches further.

    Live recordings in large venues, choral compositions show this increased depth of field especially well.

    Nice thing is that this deeper soundstage does not come at a sacrifice of the presence of both close-field and far-field musicians, all the contrary it just helps me to better locate them in space (and to put them in to the context of a given type of space, being a studio, a jazz club, a church, a large theater, an arena, ...), thus making them even more "alive" and real.
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  13. Jiffi32
    @TheAttorney @yellowblue - Blaxius^2 digital has now been running in for 4 days, no issues at any file format (768k 100% stable) only 4 days in but its starting to sound pretty impressive :gs1000smile: Blaxius 1 now sounds flat and 2 dimensional in comparison. the proto-type blaxius^2 took a good 2-3weeks and then got even better.


    I'm fairly confident to say now that if your suffering drop outs from blu2 / HMS to Dave look to the cable first, its unlikely DAVE

    Many thanks to @PeterSt for making another great cable!! and now there's an ether^2, hopefully santa's listening!
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  14. yellowblue
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
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  15. seaice
    @yellowblue: Belden 1694A was my favourite coax in my non-Chord setups (bought from Blue Jeans Cable). I am going to try two short ones between my M Scaler and Dave soon. I had some dropouts with the stock M Scaler BNC cables but reconnecting solved it for the moment.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
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