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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. Malcyg
    Yes, I know, but I was just adding that I knew what you meant. If the upgrade info came only from Nick, then there may be a credibility issue with that! :smile:
  2. Crgreen
    Of course, your wife might have jumped out of her skin because your guitar playing just isn’t that good!

    When I hear that much conviction in someone’s voice, I know they’re about to falter :)
  3. ecwl
    I have to admit I found my system relatively sorted with my UltraRendu so I also haven’t tried ferrites. I do find my Sanders Magtech amplifier to the speakers to be slightly less transparent and minimally too bright compared to listening directly via Focal Utopia headphones. So I’m just patiently waiting for Rob Watts/Chord digital amp to come out and hoping it’ll have enough wattage to drive my speakers. I figured that’ll be the best bang for my buck (and time). The fact that some of that technology is incorporated into Hugo TT 2 and Rob Watts is mainly focused on DAVINA is giving me hope...
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  4. Malcyg

    Well, then it’s a good job that I have no spare shelves and it is not possible to obtain additional shelves for my rack anymore, so I am safe from any potential lapses. I did know about the statement before it came out in fact as I’d had exchanges with Nuno at Innuos but, interesting as it looks, I’m seriously not interested. I think they will do well with it though as they are on a roll at the moment, and deservedly so in my opinion.

    And you are right, my wife does hear my playing through the ears of one who loves! Mind you, I have been playing since I was 12, so you might be surprised.

    By the way Colin, did you sell your Blu II in the end?
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  5. Triode User
    The SE can be partially upgraded to Statement Spec but not fully.
  6. Crgreen
    No, I would practically have to have given it away to do so. I now use it as an outstanding CD Transport with the single BNC ouput converted to optical and no upsampling at the Blu II end to avoid injecting unwanted RFI into the Dave. It sounds much better without it. Hopefully (for others) the interface issues between the m-scaler and the Dave will be solved by Chord in the future. I’ve learnt a valuable lesson about the potential dangers of bleeding edge technology.
  7. Christer
    That sounds very promising and tempting.

    I have only auditioned DAVE/BLU2 via headphones so far and was at least with some original masters I have a direct reference to ,mightily impressed.
    But in my current home system the only thing that can occasonallly fool me into believing at least for a few moments, that I am hearing a real cello or violin or guitar is my vinyl system.
    Via my electrostatic speakers good and clearly better than Hugo1 and my Benchmark DAC as my new Chord Qutest undoubtedly sounds with really good recordings, it still retains a sense of listening to a digital recording with all of the digital recordings I have in my collection.
    But both an early 80s, late analogue DGG LP set of Beethoven's late string quartets and very surprisingly, a Telefunken LP from 1963 of Haydn's Emperor quartet,I picked up from a thrift shop for 1€ the other day have the power to fool me into "wow that sounds almost like the real thing" now and then.
    My only digital hi res recording of Beethoven's late quartets, does not sound as close to the real thing compared to the LPs in spite of occasional pops and clicks and surface noise and not quite the dynamic range of the digital .
    Would you have any suggestions of really realistic solo cello, guitar or other acoustic chamber music in digital form that you could recommend.
    No system I have heard irrespective of price or size I have auditioned so far,has been capable to fool me with large scale symphonic music though.
    But with solo instruments and quartets I am sometimes surprisingly close with an LP based system from the mid 70s.
    I have a very close friend who plays the acoustic quitar quite well and so far no speaker based digital system or digital recording I have heard so far has been able to reproduce even a good acoustic guitar in all its wonderous rich sonority absolutely convincingly.
    Even with guitar some LPs come closer to the real thing via my system at least.
    A bit softer and warmer than the real thing yes ,but absolutely without any hint of digital artefacts and digital hardening of tone and timbre.
    What speakers and amplification are you using with your DAVE/BLU2 combo?
    Cheers Christer
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  8. Malcyg
    Hi Christer,

    I was at Symphony Hall a while ago which is a world class acoustic venue purpose built for hosting concerts and they played Beethoven’s Leonore Overture - something I had never previously heard before and I was so blown away by the experience that I immediately sought it out and bought a couple of different copies on CD. I have to say playing it at home now is almost as impressive and matches the Symphony Hall experience except, of course, for the sheer scale which I agree you are never likely to be able to reproduce at home. It has most of everything else though and closing my eyes, I can recreate the experience of being there quite vividly in my mind. I do have a very vivid imagination though! :wink:

    For classical guitar, I’m a fan of Segovia, naturally,but in terms of solo recordings that really seem like the real thing in your home, then you may wish to try Ottmar Liebert - One Guitar. I have this recording in hi res and it can certainly fool people that I’ve played it for, though that wasn’t the piece that fooled my wife.

    For Cello, I really admire Rostropovich and almost anything from him is going to be good. In terms of in your room grunts and groans, creaking chairs and reproduction of the full physicality of the playing technique, then I love Bach Cello Suite No.1 by Alexander Kniazev.

    Having said that, you are more likely to find me playing Hendrix, Page or Gilmour than Segovia on my own guitars at home, so I’m no classical expert. I just like what I like.


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  9. Em2016
    A few pages ago I shared my dream/wish for an optically isolated output for the next M-Scaler.

    I just read that PS Audio's next flagship will be a 2-box solution, connected by optical link... No need for playing with ferrites. No leakage currents, no RF worries.

    As I mentioned before, Playback Designs have been doing this for years, so it's not a new idea.

    While it reads like Ted's wish list only, it's been confirmed that this 2-box DAC is coming later this year / early next year.
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  10. Rob Watts
    Funny that; I was doing exactly the same thing in 1991 with the PDM 2 (27 years ago - where does the time fly?)... But things have moved on for me dramatically since then. Curiously, that also was a DSD256 PDM DAC. Some things never change.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  11. Em2016
    Hehe cheers Rob. DSD aside, can you share how you plan to isolate the next M-Scalers output?

    Speaking of moving on, it's time to move on from the idea/need of ferrites helping :triportsad: and eliminate their need completely (please)
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  12. Birdboy01
    Receiving my Blu today! After a second on my house to get the blu/DAVE combo, Im strapped for $$ for some time. Sans the ferrites, Im going to have to
    tolerate the stock BnC's.

    Can you good people let me know what SQ I can expect (and lack) with these cables?
    Is it fatiguing? Are there RF issues with a $5 USB? How is the sound with cheap USB?
    With standard BluII cabling, what would you estimate SQ improvement over just the DAVE itself?

  13. yakaway
    How many weeks did it take from time of delivery to receive it
  14. Triode User
    For me when I received the Blu2, straight out of the box and with stock cables, I thought the sound was stunning. I rang my mate up to get him to come round and listen. He was also blown away. We switched back to Dave alone and it was poor in comparison. A DAVE POOR IN COMPARISON? Yes, that's the way the Blu2 made the Dave by itself sound.

    Leave all thoughts of ferrites or uprated cables until you have enjoyed the basic set for a while. Believe me, it is good just as it stands. The ferrite solution is just icing on the cake. I am going soon to demonstrate some of my BNC cables to a Blu2 non believer and so I tried the Dave just by itself today to get my eye in with the sound. Compared to with Blu2 the sound was muddled in the top end, harsh, the bass was ill defined etc etc blah blah. I had forgotten just how good the Blu2 is. You are in for a treat!!
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  15. Birdboy01
    HI --About 2.5 months.. Would have taken longer for black , so I changed to silver

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