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Mar 5, 2016
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New Mexico
Mar 5, 2016
New Mexico
Hello Head-Fi Community & Hello Spring Cleaning!

I am attempting to sell my Desktop Headphone Setup through  I think I am more obsessed with the idea of trying and testing high-end equipment than Keeping one piece and being set.  That being said up for sale I have the following items:

Chord Electronics 2Qute Desktop DAC:  This little thing is killer.  Silver Desktop DAC changes colors based on the quality of the audio file playing through it at the time.  It has Coax In,  Optical In, RCA In, and USB-B In.   (There is no pre-amp functionality.)
I purchased the 2Qute from Galen Carol Audio here in San Antonio, TX on Feb. 10th.   I have sent him an email asking to reprint and email me the copy of the receipt.   As for Warranty I have not yet registered it with Chord  because I'm not sure if I should do that or if you should do that after buying it from me.  

Additionally I have for sale the following items.  Ask me for a multi-purchase discount.

JPS Labs AB 1266 Abyss Headphones Deluxe Package:  The headphone is in great condition and it includes: The wooden box, the leather carry satchel, the metal headphone stand, the warranty card, the user manual, a very long Dual 3-pin XLR cable, the Dual 3-pin to Single 4-pin XLR Adapter, and the lambskin detachable ear cups.

Handmade Well's Audio Milo Headphone Desktop Amplifier with upgraded Parts:  Khozmo Attenuator $400.00  &  Vishay "Naked Z Foil" Series Resistors.   There has been no adjustment to the db settings - left alone per the advice of Jeff Wells himself because I was pairing it with the Abyss Headphones.

This is one of my favorite Headphone Amplifiers.. Small yet Mighty.   Powers the Abyss Headphones extremely well.   This was a custom order (as are all of Jeff Well's Masterpieces)  I have the original packaging it came in so it will be safe during shipping. 

Cardas Audio Clear Digital USB Serial Bus Cable (1M):  Recommended to me by Galen Carol (local SA Audio Dealer) as a best "bang-for-your-buck" USB Cable for my setup.  It's 1 meter long and the color blue.  It has a traditional USB Port on one end (connects to laptops, desktops) and then a male USB-B Connection for connecting to the Chord 2Qute (Think of a Printer Cable).   Its a very well manufactured cable.   Some people don't buy into Cable Hype.  But I can guarantee you its better than the Amazon Basic's Cable I bought for $5.99.

Look forward to sharing/passing my equipment along to other Head-Fi Members such as your self!   Please message me if you have any questions.

At this time I am not looking to haggle on any offers.  If you are the type that want's to talk me into lowering my listing price please wait until:

1)  This post has at least made it through 7 days of listing.
2)  You see that I have selected the "Or Best Offer" Check Box that is available for me as a Seller...  (go figure, lol)

Enjoy the rest of your browsing!


Stephen Odanovich
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