Chord Electronics 2Qute DAC announced

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ok-guy, Jan 6, 2015.
  1. ChasingDopamine
    And perhaps also the most difficult question of all... Black or Silver?
  2. Scutey
    I think it looks pretty cool in black, matches the amp I pair it with.
  3. ChasingDopamine
    So the manufacturer of my speaker amp responded saying that the amp "is designed to take a maximum input voltage of 2.5V RMS (+/-3.5V peak)."
    They didn't comment wether or not the 3v input would be appropriate or not.

    Would the 2qute constant 3v output be too much as it's 2.5v RMS maximum input voltage or would the (+/-3.5V peak) mean it's okay? Any help would be much appreciated
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  4. Rob Watts
    Don't post when having a few beers! I initially thought it was the qutest thread... You can of course set your media player to say 85% volume, then you would always be ok.
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  5. ChasingDopamine
    Thanks for your reply Rob,

    My amp manufacturer has advice me that a constant 3v would cause clipping, although I'm still going to arrange a demo to be sure.

    So as long as I am willing to sacrifice bitperfect data then lowering the volume on the playback device should avoid clipping? Would the 2qute output drop to below 3v in this case?

    Would an attenuator or something else in-between be advisable or would this degrade the sound quality moreso than digital volume control before the 2qute?
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  6. Rob Watts
    When I have used the volume control on my source, it does degrade SQ a bit - but my guess it would be smaller than using an in line attenuator.

    Set the volume to 83% or smaller and it will be below 2.5v in all cases.
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  7. ChasingDopamine
    Thanks alot Rob, I will give it a go.

    I may also try a -10db rothwell attenuator at some point. Some mixed reviews but I figure it's only around £40 so could be worth an A/B comparison.
  8. miketlse
    I think some owners discussed attenuators, possibly in terms of driving headphones from the 2Qute outputs. One thing ponted out is that adding an impedance into the signal path, can affect the damping factor, and consequently the sound signature.
  9. ChasingDopamine
    Yes from what I read it's not an ideal workaround. More just looking for a short term solution until i can upgrade my amp.
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  10. ChasingDopamine
    Just placed my order with nintronics, went for black in the end. Looking forward to the unboxing, will post listening impressions soon.
  11. raindogtrombone
    I picked up a 2Qute a few weeks ago in a trade, and have really really enjoyed it - it's a definite step up for me from the Gustard X20 Pro and Chord Mojo (my recent Mojo purchase was kind of why I thought that the move to 2Qute made sense). I store all of my music on an Onkyo DPX1A DAP, since I'm sometimes elsewhere from my main rig, or on the subway. It runs Android and I have an Amazon USB cable and OTG cable. When I first started to listen for a little while, I heard some crackling, which I figured was possibly interference from the Onkyo's wifi or bluetooth, so I turned them off. The crackling went way down, but was still intermittent. I picked up a Schiit Eitr (USB to Coax), and have had no crackles/issues using the Coax input. Perusing back in this thread though, based on the Chord rep mentioning that USB is the preferred input (someone linked it from early in the thread). Is it possible I was getting that crackling noise (not frequently, but still audible) because of a subpar USB cable? Is it a power issue? I don't have any issues now with the Eitr, but I wonder if it was a useless purchase if I should have spent that money on a good USB cable.
  12. betula
    Most likely a cable issue. I have just bought a cheap usb-c to A adapter to test if I can use my phone instead of laptop as a source, but it doesn't work. Most likely the cable's fault.
    I also used Mojo before the 2Qute. It is an immense improvement. Exceeds my expectations.
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  13. ChasingDopamine
    My 2qute arrived today. enjoyed the unboxing and looking forward to giving it a listen soon. one thing i did notice is that there is a rattle when its shaken or moved in a certain way. is this normal? it was delivered so im hoping it wasnt damaged in transit. does anyone else have this issue or it is just me?
  14. betula
    That's definitely not normal. My 2Qute is dead silent even if I shake it. :)
    Cable connection issue?
  15. ChasingDopamine
    i havn't even connected a cable yet. literally just took it out of the box. unfortunarley the rest of my gear is in another location so i wont be able to test it for a couple of days

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