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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. jarnopp
    I’m not denying what anyone hears. I’m only asking for plausible theories as to why different streamers, when streaming over WiFi to Poly, might make a difference if they are streaming bit perfect (no upsampling, eq, or other modifications).
  2. Yourmomm
    Do you think that the absence of a spinning disk makes that much difference? Or perhaps the differing power supply? I'm genuinely curious. Wondering what sonic differences such things could possibly make, in a networked system...
    Yeah I'm a bit dubious...but then I never thought that rubbing some weird liquid on my rca phono cables on my old stereo years ago would make a difference either....and it did. So I'll reserve judgment...but I was wondering this too...rationally, how could things like (eg) noisy power supplies and spinning disk drives (vs ssd's) make a difference over wifi bitperfect streaming? Then I remembered my sonore microrendu, (not quite the same, as it is connected by ethernet and usb, rather than wifi), whose sound IS improved by a battery power supply. I dont know. It's very confusing....
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  3. Frank N Furter
    **UPDATE** Solved - this was a Dapper playlist issue

    Quickplay and hi-res ALAC... I can't seem to get this to work. I've downloaded the ALAC from Qobuz... they play okay in mConnect... they play okay in Quickplayif I download them as FLAC but not ALAC. Lower resolution (red book) ALAC works fine. Seems odd.. am I missing something? cheers.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  4. mightyKyn
    like I said do the research... it all there in the forums.... I would not have believed it myself until I decided to build the diy ROCK nuc. The SQ lift was significant.. also think this is a pc with effectively a Roon optimized version of Linux.... dsp etc... it’s obviously significantly more efficient... I have an LPS on the way for this unit... and this weekend transferring into a fanless case.

    I’m a believer... 2 other tried the poly and were blown away. I did this for my mTT2 and susvara and lcd 4.... big lift. I just threw in the poly for the hell of it to see if there was a diff,,,, not believing I’d hear a diff over WiFi... WRONG. Huge.

    convinced the power and purpose built compute in the endpoints now make massive difference.

    least to say it’s 1 and 0... I was one of those guys as well.., believe me I don’t want to spend more... but I read some forums and watched some vids and could build a Roon nuc + which is 2500$ for 600$. So f it thought I’d do it... then the SQ improvement hit... massive I’d say 40% better. Not small
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  5. Progisus
    A NUC running Roon and then wifi to the endpoints is a sonic improvement over hard wired to the endpoints. My endpoints are all pi 3 +4 with either coax or optical boards, or usb (pi 4) to the dacs and of course the Poly,Mojo.
  6. huangwan
    I have been enjoying my poly for a while now. Good job Chord! I do have a question that I have not fully resolved as of yet, how do you play .aiff files? I am using Mconnect now.

    Glider was great when it was being maintained. @mattbarlett you mentioned somewhere in here you reached out to the developer of Glider, did anything come of that?
  7. Yourmomm
    Ok so it's not quite the same but, with this in mind, and just plain curious,
    I transferred my roon core from an ethernet terminated monster pc (with numerous spinning disks, horrible rgb lights, 8 fans, powerful gpu and, no doubt, filthy power supply, running at a full 850w) to my battery powered, ssd-only, fanless, samsung galaxy tabpro s (wifi only) last night. Both running windows 10. There was no appreciable difference in sound to my ears. Dont know if the linux roon rock software on the tabpro s would change anything, but I'm not going to try, as I need it for other things as well...

    Well, at least I can use roon whilst on the road, now, but, on the strength of this experiment at least, I'd have to pass on spending money on a NUC.

    Another positive is that, (to my surprise), ALL the frustrations i had been having using the poly (which were significant enough to make me decide to return the thing, last weekend), disappeared instantly, when using it as a roon end-point. No more frequent drop-outs, no more gofigure problems, no more messing about with numerous third party apps, which dont ever seem to quite properly work as they are meant to...so I changed my mind about returning the poly, again. All those frustrations remain unresolved for the "everything else" mode on gofigure, and I still have a love-hate relationship with the poly as a result, but, (as a roon end point only), it's ace!
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  8. CyHifiMan
    How I solved my 'Everything Else' pains and saved poly from extinction.

    To have a satisfying experience with poly I got a small portable 4G wireless router (huawei E5573 in this case) with a data subscription. Bonus feaature? the wifi extender which takes precedence over the 4G connection so when you have programmed a wifi connection that is the one shared with the devices rather than 4G. With this I avoid programming any new wifi connection both to poly and my phone.

    MoPoly goes into repurposed Vega Holster (vega used to make leather holsters for mobile phones think Nokia 2110 and the like). Hi-res files in the SD card on poly or SD card inside the phone, tidal configured on poly, use of bubble PNP (android) or 8player in ios and boy this is how it should have functioned from the beginning. The router goes inside a pocket of my backpack and the mopoly hangs from my belt. Tried it on a couple of flighs - data connection off/wifi on only - and the results were perfect. Bonus: the battery of the phone does not drain using mobile hotspot and neither does polys' because of hotspot mode.
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  9. DavidW
    Thanks for the reference. I've been using mconnect (a bit wonky every now and then) and 8Player. I settled on mconnect but dislike the UI, especially the wasted space to the right of the album artwork where it displays an image of a disc with "mconnect player" on top of the image. The periodic drops and the slow response in the display of the next track playing adds to the mild frustration. 8Player has promised gapless for a while but has not delivered. However, it is stable.

    My quick review of Rigelian is that it has an excellent UI, no wasted screen space, quick, responsive, and sounds good upon the first listen. I especially like that it shows the file type and and bit depth/sampling rate (although the Poly displays the sampling rate with the color balls). There maybe even more once I dig deeper (maybe even the display of additional metadata???)

    Great first impression. I signed up for the premium version @$3.49/year with two month trial.
  10. mightyKyn
    hmmm sounds like a nice mobile solution... core on a tablet running windows.

    i think there would be a market for a tiny LTE connected roon core.
  11. musickid
    roon core imac with optical out to mscaler.

    how could optical out from my imac possibly be bettered by an nuc when optical is galvanically isolated. my imac core also has 512gb ssd. the imac optical out sounds noticeably better than chromecast audio optical and identical to an ipad air 3 when connected to mscaler with usb. this is assuming that an nuc could be configured with optical out. if not the test would be nuc wifi vs imac optical to see if there really is a difference.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
  12. Yourmomm
    Ok sorry if this is an idiot question but is there any way to genuinely random play all tracks on the sdcard?

  13. jarnopp
    I couldn’t see how in mConnect or 8player, but Glider does this easily. There is a “shuffle” icon in the upper right in the Library view that will do this with one click. Subsequent taps will change the track.
  14. Yourmomm
    Thanks but glider is iOS only isnt it? Should have specified that I'm on android...
  15. PrittiPoly
    Not sure what you mean by genuinely random, but try this in BubbluUPnP. Select Poly Server. Select Music. Select All Music. Select Playlist. All your music should now be displayed in the current playlist. You can change the order by tapping the three vertical dots at top right and selecting shuffle play. Start playing from anywhere in the playlist. I know you have had trouble using Bubble but I have trouble with Hifi Cast. What app are you using?

    Correction: Don't Select Playlist.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
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