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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. GreenBow
    I have the Mojo/Poly case already. I don't like the idea of having the Mojo/Poly hanging on a belt though. .. I'd be worried about bending the connections if I put it in my jeans pockets too. … It's actually why in the end I ended up with a DAP. Plus DAP has excellent battery life and costs less if I lose it.

    Just would like to use Mojo sometimes. I had until now resigned myself to using Mojo fed by DAP on occasions like maybe a train. Then unplugging Mojo, and just using DAP when walking about. Mojo/Poly would be sonically much better if I thought I could always use it. ............… I wish Chord would make an SD card playing Mojo; one solid unit controlled by phone.
  2. joshnor713
    So I typically use Tidal via BubbleUPnP with the Poly when at home, but I'm now switching over to Amazon Music HD since it's now out and significantly lower in price. Question is, I don't see an Amazon Music option in the BubbleUPnP app. You guys know of any alternate apps on Android that have it?
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  3. AndrewOld
    Good question. How will Amazon Music HD play through the Poly? Will it finish off Tidal and/or Qobuz? And even Roon? When the biggest player on the planet gets into hires streaming there’s not a lot of space left. Would it have been/be better for Chord to sort out the issues involved in connecting a mobile phone to the Mojo rather than struggle heroically with Poly software that never quite hits the mark.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  4. sabloke
    Looks like Amazon's HD does cost as much as Tidal's equivalent, so why bother? At least that's the case here down under. I'm sure Tidal will adjust their monthly rate if need be. Let's test Amazon HD first before jumping to conclusions, shall we?

    edit: Bummer, Amazon HD not available in Australia yet.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  5. Gabriel Sontag
    First of all for anyone it is 15 vs 20, for prime members, it is 13 vs 20, ultra hd is compatible with poly mqa is not, amazon is unlikely to release a product as laggy as tidal is, amazon has good enough playlists that unlike tidal I may not import any premade playlist I use from Spotify, and finally staying power... Unfortunately I believe that tidal is set to become obsolete the second that spotify joins the hifi bandwagon, every other streaming service has it's own unique advantages, google has a massive reserve of highly talented developers, amazon is simply an unpredictable giant with money to burn and has the easiest time making money from attention, apple has an exclusive ecosystem that requires apps be written for it, furthermore they have the advantage of knowing what hardware will be available for the ecosystem they own, and Spotify has a headstart and is considered the best, and now that they are a publicly traded company the money should roll in somewhat based on the possibility of them winning the streaming wars, Deezer is an international service (they have customers who don't have access to the competition), and Pandora was the first radio service, still has a huge amount of clients (paying or otherwise) and is the considered the best for radio predictions, however they lag on audio quality, but that is obviously fixable (considering that hifi is slowly being adopted everywhere), finally you have quobuz and tidal, they are trying... But they basically lack an edge beyond not lacking hifi, they lag, they don't have the greatest playlists, they aren't the most comprehensive catalogs that exist, and generally speaking, are outmatched in funds, talent, features, and now cost...
  6. music4mhell
    I hope Amazon Music HD will be integrated in Gofigure app in next update as it offers FLAC files :)
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  7. vkvedam
    I second that! @Matt Bartlett
  8. vkvedam
    None at this moment of time, let us know if you happen to find any. Banking my hopes on GoFigure to come up with it similar to Tidal or Qobuz
  9. Matt Bartlett
    Well as I only found out about this new Amazon music service yesterday we will have to take a look and see what information we can get to see whether there is
    an option for third party apps. Unfortunately at the moment Amazon don't seem to have a developers program like Tidal and Qobuz have.
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  10. Ivan Reis
    Good morning friends,

    I received my Poly yesterday and I am impressed by the quality of the audio reproduced from its SD card.

    I am using Mconnect and it is working very well without any difficulty or problem.

    I wanted to use GoFigure Quickplay, but although I can create the .m3u playlists, I can't make it work.

    I looked here for tips on how to do but I did not find. If you can answer some questions, thank you very much:

    - The structure of my SD card is: / artist / album / songs

    - Should I put m3u files in the root of the SD card or inside the folders?

    - In the m3u file which path should I describe for each song?

    If anyone can post here an example of how it should be done thank you very much.
  11. melomania
    They should definitely be at the root.

    Do you have a Mac? If so Cantata does a lovely job of creating them.

    Do you have iOS? If so MPDPlayer also does the same.

    Both create them in the right place.
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  12. Ivan Reis
    Yes, I use Mac and iPhone

    Thank you very much for the return.

    I tested MPDplayer now and it worked perfectly !!!!
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
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  13. ZappaMan
    I note on amazon music app on iPhone 7, that airplay, pause and resume is reliable. I found qobuz would make you restart the song again under some conditions- perhaps length of pause.... maybe to do with the way they operate in the background.
    Amazon has a different catalog, seems to have more electronic music, and a lot more Neil young for example.
    I think amazon music is good service for poly/air play.
    I’m thinking today the drivers in my aeon flow closed are really firing, can’t say why, but maybe airplay implementation on amazon app is a lot better then qobuz. I’m really iMpressed.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
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  14. joshnor713
    So I tried giving Hi-Fi Cast a run and couldn't figure out a way to get Tidal playback like I can with BubbleUPnP. Can you please explain?
  15. sabloke
    Screenshot_20190923-183547_Hi-Fi Cast.jpg

    You have to configure Tidal in GoFigure and then in Hi-Fi Cast select Poly as a Renderer-mediaserver. Selecting Poly as a Justin Maggard Media Connect allows you to play off the micro SD.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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