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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Matt Bartlett
    Yes it is a great show for us with loads of interest and some great coverage by the press. It’s still on until Sunday if anyone wants to come and see us.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
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  2. jarnopp
    Regardless of how you get the Bluetooth to your car audio system (via Poly if it works or straight from your phone) the quality would be the same. The car audio system itself would be receiving the digital signal via BT and would do the D/A conversion, so without an audio input you cannot use Mojo/Poly to improve the sound.
  3. flyingrhinorec
    i understand.

    you think i should upgrade my audio system in car and add to it aux input then i could connect the mojo?
  4. miketlse
    That would be my suggestion.
    I think there were several mojo owners who posted about very good results using the analogue out from their mojo, to feed the aux in for their car stereo.
    Of course you are then limited by the quality of the car stereo amp, and speakers etc, but I think there must be many gigabytes of info about how to mod car av systems on the web.
  5. jarnopp
    You could do that. It dep nds how much time you spend in the car. I find that there are too many distractions and too much road noise to worry about Mojo vs base car system. But if I were a long haul trucker I’d probably feel differently. Maybe upgrade your car so it’s faster and you can get to listening in a quiet place more quickly! :k701smile:
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  6. miketlse
    I used to own a MX5 with its cassette based av system. I know that it suffered from high road noise, but I do wish that I still had the car, and could try using a mojo to feed the aux input, and enjoy the music even more.
  7. sergeywin1
    Yes. I have had a great deal of success running Mojo-Poly hooked to my car aux input. Sound quality is unmatched vs stock. I did replace my stock speakers to premium aftermarket ones.
    My old Lexus GX did not even have aux in. So I ended up modding it and tap into cd changer wiring to enable aux. Mojo-Poly provides such an amazing sound signature I did not want it to be limited just to headphones.
    No in-car audio system can even come close. Poly in its Hotspot mode is an ultimate streaming platform for road trips ( me and most of my friends have iphones)
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  8. Pimsilveira
    Hi, I own a chord mojo (that I love) and am thinking of buying the poly.
    I will be mainly using the combo at work where the wifi signal is not very reliable and many times is turned off entirely. I will be using mainly the sd card slot as I have a lot of music in flac files.
    Will I be able to control the sd card slot via an app on my iphone (for example 8 player) even with poor or no wifi signal?
    How will I be able to do that?
    Thanks Pedro
  9. mashuto
    A few ways. If you create MPD playlists, you can do quickplay via the gofigure app, and you shouldnt need to be connected to wifi at all for that since I think gofigure uses bluetooth low energy for that. You can also have the poly create a hotspot, then connect to that with your iphone. That means your iphone will not be able to connect to other wifi networks, but you should still be able to use your data connection for interent. Or, you can use your iphone as a hotspot and have the poly connect to that.
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  10. jarnopp
    Still have my original A package1990 max-5. To say “high road noise” is an understatement. Since the jerks of the world decided I was not allowed to have a radio, having broken windows and slashed tops on several occasions, I put in an amp wired to the ignition and ran an aux plug to a metal blank. Still wouldn’t bother connecting Mojo to it, even though I take Mojo/Poly everywhere and definitely appreciate the upgrade SQ whenever possible.

    Good thing about the Miata is that it runs like the day I bought it. The bad thing is it still runs like the day I bought it.
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  11. smaragd
    I’ve experimented a bit with the latest version of Glider 2.1.2
    Having Glider to play from my NAS and choosing mpdplayer@ ipaddress of my Poly as output device I was able to get around the glitch issue between all songs.

    So if someone is looking for a workaround: Glider as MPD player and using the Poly as above (mpdplayer@local IP address of Poly) will prevent the glitches from happening.

    Edit: I spoke too soon... anything with DSD and switching in between DSD albums the glitches still appear... sigh.... but the sound is sooooo much better than all my other DACs I’ve tried.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
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  12. huangwan
    @Matt Bartlett I was wondering if there was any progress with some Polys not playing using Roon. I have tried all the suggestions put forth but still I have not been able to use Roon with my Poly. I have quite a few flacs and DSDs on my system and it always seems the music I want to hear at the moment is either not on the SD card or on Tidal. This is frustrating when I'm in the garage, back yard, or going to bed (primary use case for Poly at home).
  13. vkvedam
    @Matt Bartlett
    My observations with Mojo-Poly in terms of erratic RFI and other noises:

    For instance if I disconnect Poly from a WiFi network there's a hick-up, when it's being connected to one you can hear the chirping and taking the mobile phone close to the Mojo/Poly and you pick up all sorts of obvious RFI noises with the latter had always been there ever since I acquired Mojo.

    I don't have any of these issues with my other HiFi gear. I shall re-run some tests and report back if my other gear has similar issues.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  14. Matt Bartlett
    We are still working on this with Roon. I would encourage anyone with an issue to go to the Roon support page:- https://community.roonlabs.com/t/chord-poly-support/68008/23
    The more people who can provide us and Roon information the better.
    It would be interesting if anyone can try using Poly in hotspot mode and then connect their Roon core to Poly's own WiFi hotspot. If this works then it might tell us something.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
  15. mashuto
    I don't remember if I was having this discussion with you or others, but I had constant rfi/wifi interference issues with the mojo and poly. The mojo very specifically would pick up interference from my phone's mobile radio when plugged in via USB and the poly seemed to have interference specifically from whenever wifi was active and sending/receiving data. For instance changing tracks would have noise since I assume data is being transmitted then. Also when scrolling through the dlna library on my phone.

    I should also note that the interference was only noticeable on my more sensitive iems. My campfire iems definitely picked it up. But my final e5000 which is less sensitive was much better and my something like the senn hd6xx I couldn't hear any interference at all. The campfires also exhibit some hissing (specifically the atlas). The interference was bad enough that it really disrupted the listening experience for me.

    Must just be the way these work with more sensitive headphones. I too didn't hear interference on other source gear even when streaming. Most recently on the fiio m9.

    I picked up an iematch recently to see if it would help, and it's made a world of difference. No more hiss and no more interference at all as far as I can tell with my atlas. I know they change output impedence which can affect the frequency response on some iems, but for me since my primary is a dynamic driver I don't think it has much if any effect there. Either way, that's my recommendation here since it seems the interference is just something that comes along with the mojo/poly with certain sensitive headphones.
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