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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. 61Burst
    Well, I’m glad I waited to get the poly a couple years back. Seems the bugs are still being worked out.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
  2. mashuto
    Honestly... update can't come soon enough. I am really glad itll be arriving next week. I dusted off and charged my poly in anticipation. I also wanted to try a new cable I got to test with my CA atlas to see if maybe the old cable was part of my issue with hearing wifi interference. Answer... maybe. In my limited test with the new cable, I can definitely still hear some of the wifi interference, but it does seem to be much less noticeable than I remember.

    However, the poly is basically unusable for me at this point. The dlna renderer still craps out after a few minutes of listening. Audio gets a little choppy, then just dies, and I am unable to cast to the poly anymore. Still able to see and browse the library via the dlna server, but the dlna renderer just seems to up and decide to stop working. I dont know if the poly has issues with my network (definitely not the fault of the network though, which is otherwise stable). I know the whole networking is supposed to be getting rewritten for the upcoming firmware, so I am hoping this does it. Otherwise, I have a very expensive paperweight. This happened to me too last time I dusted the poly off and gave it another go. Really still just want to be able to use this without issue.
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  3. audionewbi
    I find Hi Fi cast app on android the most stable, it appears app make a difference.
  4. EarDrumExplode
    I haven’t really been keeping up with this thread or using my poly that much anymore but I’m looking forward to the update. This is my second poly and worked a lot of overtime for this little black box and want to start using it again. I’m just looking for stability
  5. Deolum
    is Poly/Mojo worth it at the moment? I would use it with Android and Spotify Connect or maybe Tidal. No Roon, No Air Play, No dlna or other fancy apps. Is it worth for this usecase? Is it ok to buy it used?
    I don't have any other dac or streamer at the moment because i wasn't satisfied with everything i tried and want to get an all in one solution.
  6. paul.tonnenberg
    I can be wrong, but the instructions ( about How do I update Poly to Firmware version 2.0.0?) actually reads as if you can only upgrade to firmware version 2.0 with the aid of the go figure app.

    And what does the rest, who has no opportunity to use the Go figure App? For example, because of incompatibility with some Android smartphones?

    However, I find it very commendable that you can only start the update by explicitly giving the command in the Go Figure app. That may prevent firmware-bricks. That just can be a good thing.

    Fortunately, I put another smartphone around which the Go Figure app works. However, I can well imagine that some users just do not have this opportunity. And not so much looking forward to either having to buy / borrow a new smartphone on which the Go Figure App works. Especially if you are completely satisfied with your current smartphone.
  7. Deolum
    Can anyone of the Chord Team or an owner of the Poly tell me if the Spotify Connect Support ist already there? Because at all tests i only see "spotify connect feature ist planned with the next updates". But those posts are over 1 year old.
  8. mashuto
    Truthfully, my answer would be no. As an android user I sort of feel like we are kind of second class users here, kind of. In part because apple has airplay support, while there is no equivalent for android because google cast is not supported. Yet. Maybe. There has been talk that it would be included since before launch, but no solid answer if its possible or ever actually coming. And to answer your question, even though they specifically mention spotify in the user manual, there is no spotify connect, and I dont think I have heard anything as to whether its actually coming. I have a feeling spotify was mentioned because you can likely use spotify connect via any airplay device, which the poly is... however, that doesnt work on android, and again, no google cast support, yet if ever. There is however an app called hify that you can run (without root I think) that allows spotify to see your poly. But its yet another app you would have to buy. And in my experience, the connection has been not great... though it could also be that my poly is having other issues anyways.

    Also, if you are just planning to use it as a streamer for spotify and not even playback your own music files, there are likely better and cheaper options than a poly. The mojo is still solid, and you could get that and another dap/device (or even just your phone) and hook it up the mojo and play spotify that way. Its not an all in one solution and requires a cable and can be a bit awkward, but the poly is definitely overkill for what it seems you want, especially because it doesnt even natively do what you want.

    Edit: the post by @miketlse right below this one does point to an upcoming changelog where chord does say streaming service support via dlna, but no mention if thats spotify or whether that will do what you want. I also still think a poly is overkill if you are just planning to use it for spotify, but maybe we will find out more this coming week when the next firmware is supposed to drop.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
  9. miketlse
    This is recent, but does not mention spotify https://www.head-fi.org/threads/cho...on-1st-page-◄★☆.831347/page-812#post-14830104
    There is an update planned next week, so wait a few days and your question should be answered more definitively https://www.head-fi.org/threads/cho...on-1st-page-◄★☆.831347/page-828#post-14879389
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  10. Deolum
    I want to use poly instead of phone + cable + mojo because the latter seems to sound much worse than computer + cable + mojo. Hoped poly would fix that and sound better. Another option would be an auralic altair. But i like the portability of mojo + poly :/
  11. Deolum
    Thank you both. I'll wait then for next week
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  12. mashuto
    I wonder if that has something to do with how android samples audio out to usb. Since I think if you do it that way you are locked into however android decides to up or downsample things. Then again personally, I havent been able to detect much of a difference when using my phone directly vs using the poly. But that also might just be that I am not super sensitive to it. I mean the mojo should be doing all the decoding anyways, the rest is just transport.

    Again though, for android right now, there are two ways to use spotify with the poly. The first is bluetooth. But if you are sensitive already to sound differences, the poly is limited to sbc I believe with no support for better bluetooth codecs like apt-x or ldac. So chances are its going to sound even worse. Then the other option is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.hify.pro which essentially finds any airplay/dlna receivers, and makes them available to spotify connect on your phone. It works. But I do not know if there is any resampling or other things going on with the music or if it just transmits a straight stream like you would hope. And as I said, I personally have had a number of issues with it as my poly seems to crap out and lose connection very often lately. Dont know if thats a network issue on my end, or if the something else is going on. But thats why I said best to wait until this coming week as there is a very large firmware update coming that supposedly rewrites how the poly handles bluetooth and wifi, which we are all hoping will make the experience much more consistent.
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  13. Matt Bartlett
    If you can't use the Gofigure app then you can still use the config switch and listen to the different options. One of these will be a firmware update option. So although ideally you would want to use the app there is an option for customers who don't have access for any reason.
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  14. vkvedam
    @Matt Bartlett Looks like the firmware has been released, YouTube video appeared :)
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  15. paul.tonnenberg
    That's more like a fact then a feel...
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