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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. JeremyLaurenson
    I think @Mojo ideas is taking a once-in-a-year, well deserved opportunity to try April Fool us, and I commend him for it!
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  2. innocentblood
    would you share the instructions on how I can edit the artwork on the SDcard please? I guess I have to download the artwork to the SDcard first right? what do I have to do next then? by the way I am not on the beta but if that feature is currently in the works, then i can wait patiently ☺️
  3. DavidW
    I looked back at your earlier post (very helpful). I see ChordPlayer with an iPhone icon as checked. I also see ChordPlayer with a Poly icon (and sometimes it says "Poly" with a Poly icon). In either case, when I select the Poly icon, Glider doesn't play and it rolls back to the select device screen.

    I was working directly with @joe28 last night and will continue to do so in the next day or so to hopefully resolve this issue. I'm in an Airplay holding pattern for now, but will hopefully get to a DLNA, stutter-free mode soon.
  4. ZappaMan
    Playlists are a feature in 1.9 which is beta


    But ask @joe28 to join the beta.

    I’m sorry I don’t know about modifying the art work.
  5. jarnopp
    Does it say “Poly”or what you have named it as? If you haven’t renamed it, doing so may help.
  6. DavidW
    Once I select the Poly icon, the result on the play screen is this with no name underneath it:
  7. Mojo ideas
    Bluff or not now that is a question Isn’t it. Was a statement asking Chord to replace a Mojo and Poly Free of charge for one dropped in a mystical lake a bluff or was it an attempted scam, interesting, you can never be sure can you. No the Android version is not a bluff.
  8. NaiveSound
    I guess you can't, because something like that just can't with Chord products right.?
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2018
  9. jarnopp
    I would try deleting and reinstalling Glider. But first, delete all your network settings from Poly and renter them. Be sure to give “Poly” a personalized name.
  10. joe28
    Thanks! If you want to update your album art, you'll need to edit the original file metadata using iTunes, Audirvana, etc. You may also need to delete the album art cache the Poly has built on the SD card before Glider will see the changes.

    Glider 1.9 was actually released to the App Store last week, so a beta invite is no longer required to create playlists.
  11. McCol
    My ‘trash’ case has kept my unit nice and secure, it’s been knocked off the arm of a couch by my over excited jack russells and various other little mishaps with no damage to case or unit.
  12. miketlse
    This doesn't sound good.
    Contact info@chordelectronics.co.uk and ask their advice. Bear in mind that it is the Easter holiday weekend in the UK, so you may not get a reply until Tuesday.
  13. KESM
    8A20AAA2-02EA-42DD-9188-4BF4D8EF3E12.jpeg I thought I’d post my experience with the POLY replacement (received yesterday). I have it up & running...albeit...set up still slightly baffles me. I tend to fumble my way through the config instructions until I get the desired result. I’m currently running it in the ROON config mode...& I use MPDLUXE for HI-RES playback on my SD card. All else...I use bluetooth (ease of use).

    So far so good...I’m guessing on-the-go use by me will likely be marginal until the Gofigure app makes its way to the APP store. If it proves user friendly...I may gain the confidence to make the device a daily carry to work or take it on road trips (at a minimum). Who knows?

    Album note: deadmau5 released where’s the drop? on the 30th (TIDAL exclusive). It’s a phenomenal recording (if you dig ambient-orchestral works).
  14. ZappaMan
    thanks i'll take a listen
  15. LegioSeptimo
    Hi mates, my first post here. And...., english is not my first language (may be neither the second :confused:),so, please, be indulgents.

    I have a small problem with the power on / off of the Poly module just after charging it.

    I simultaneously charge Mojo and Poly using a 5V 2 A charger as recommended in the manual. Both switch off. When the load starts, the MStatus and PStatus indicators remain lit in solid white. So far, everything in order.

    However, when the load ends, the Mojo indicator goes off as indicated in the manual (as with the Hugo2) but the Poly indicator stays on in blue flashing looking for a Wi-Fi network and then in fixed blue once the Wifi is found and connected. Meanwhile the USB cable is plugged in, the Mojo shuts down when it finishes charging (that’s OK), but the Poly is still on, even though it has finished charging and connects to the Wi-Fi. To turn off the Poly, you need to disconnect the USB cable and switch on / off on the Mojo.

    I understand that this is an abnormal behavior in the Poly and that the Poly module should turn off, just like the Mojo module, when the charge is finished and the Mojo is also turned off. Is it possible that there is a configuration or other error in my Poly unit?

    Thanks for your advice
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