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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. rq1111
    Thanks so much for the reply! I will try it. Thanks!
  2. Gr8h8m
    Please please @Matt Bartlett @Mojo ideas as the Android version of GoFigure is only being fully developed now, on this version can you please give the list of playlists it's own separate page to the Music Player - it's going to get so unnecessarily fiddly scrolling through hundreds of playlists in the small space currently given - plus danger of inadvertently hitting a playback control.
    It'd be a pretty simple change and will make usage so much better. Thanks.
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  3. olsenn
    If you have a micro-SD card in the Poly containing music, can you control it's playing via Bluetooth? That is, without connected to a wifi network (including hotspots), can I use M.A.L.P in Android to browse for and play bit-perfect songs?

    I'm not interested in streaming via Bluetooth as it degrades quality. However, using BT as a mere controller would be fantastic.
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  4. Gr8h8m
    Bluetooth control without WiFi - that is the promise of the forthcoming GoFigure app - caveat, it will be playback control of MPD playlists as opposed to accessing the MPD library directly. MPD playlists can (thankfully, easily) be made and saved directly to the SD card from within MALP.
  5. fordski
    My replacement Poly is to be delivered today, hopefully it resolves the turn on issue and does not introduce new ones. Other than the delayed turn on (1 to 10 minutes depending on temperature) my poly has been working flawlessly including a change to a new iPhone from Android. Perhaps the GoFigure app will come out before it's delivered....:beyersmile:
  6. AudioBear
    Roon worked fine on my old Poly but I have yet to get it to work on my new one. I can see Poly in Roon as an enabled and configured endpoint and I have selected Roon in the pinned Ply configuration. Roon on the iPhone immediately stops play and reports too many network errors have forced shut down of play. I haven't taken the time to sort this out because seeing the manual for GoFigure made me decide to put away the pin and wait for the app before I dive into the Roon issue. Don't expect everything with your new poly to be fun and skittles. Glider on WI-Fi and hotspot works fine so that's all I need.
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  7. ZappaMan
    Just on the off chance - try changing your WiFi channel - here’s how you would do it on my particular router.

  8. AudioBear
    Thanks for that. I'll give it a try but I think I have some sort of configuration error which I need to check out. I doubt that it's my wi-fi for several reasons. Roon worked fine on Poly before it was replaced. Secondly, I am fortunate in having very little interference. I live in a rural area and can only see a faint signal from my closest neighbor on some days. There is always the possibility, however, that I have internal interference from some other device on the 2GHz channel. For example I have just replaced my TV with one that had wireless. No harm in changing channels. Will report back on success, although not for a while, I am going to wait for GoFigure. The manual for it looks good. Nice job Chord! Now for the actual app.
  9. Peter Hyatt
    My wife’s replacement poly arrived and all is well.
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  10. Mr X
    I had severe power on issues with my original Poly. This was all instantly cured about a month ago when I got my replacement Poly. BUT for the last 2 days it has now also had power up issues. Charged with my approve charger over night just in case, got in the train to work this morning and nothing. Hoping that’s is a one off and will try again tonight/tomorrow.
  11. Chip B
    I think all of us are on an emotional roller coaster with this little device, please keep us up to date on your experience.
  12. drubrew Contributor
    Please check that both the P status and M Status lights come on white when the charger is connected. If not unplug and replug the charger. My guess is that the charging didn't start, so even though it has been on all night nothing actually happened.
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  13. huangwan
    I have to admit, after the long wait, seeing the GoFigure manual posted has got me quite anxious again. JUST RELEASE IT!
  14. Acusticus
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  15. Gr8h8m
    +1 AND IM NOT EVEN AN IOS USER!! I just want confirmation that it will work as we've been led to believe and I'll be able to breathe easy. This whole wait is agonising!
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