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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. KESM
    6BCB66D2-06AE-427A-84A3-EF373681D75C.jpeg I updated the Poly to 1.0.17. I’m able to playback/listen via Roon to the Poly (zone output) after config set up playback mode on Poly page. I now think I understand...you cannot toggle between output modes (Roon or Other output). It appears that you have to choose one (Roon) or the other (Airplay et al.). If you want to ‘toggle’ between Roon playback & Airplay (for example)...you have to use the config tool & manually reselect either config playback (no option for both). If this is true...wow! I thought playback mode from any output would be seamless. Not a problem if you’re ok with just streaming from the Roon library (Tidal). Clunky if you want to hop from Roon to Spotify or 8 player and so on.
  2. fordski
    That's exactly what I need to do to switch between Roon (at home) and the SD card or Tidal offline (when I'm out). We are all waiting anxiously for the release of the GoFigure app to simplify this process. If you're on iOS it shouldn't be long, Android will be about 5 or 6 weeks longer.
  3. huangwan
    Chord should buy your company
  4. AudioBear
    You've all seen Terminator. You've all heard of the IOT. That's how it will start although for now Poly is clearly not self-aware. IMHO, every device should have an on-off button or switch which when double-clicked or held down for a longer time will initiate a total thermonuclear reset option. That's how we will stop the machines when they rise up against us. We will simply turn them off. Poly shows all the signs of being one of the first to join the revolt. The designers at Chord obviously disagree with me and chose another path, a switchless path. All I can say is that over the last few months with Poly I have needed that switch hundreds of times. It would have made life with Poly much easier.
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  5. paulgc
    Just heard from my dealer the North American distributor Bluebird is not going to be bringing in the Premium Van Nuys case for Mojo/Poly. @Mojo ideas @Matt Bartlett @MoonAudio (not who I heard this) can you confirm if true. If so @ChordElectronics which UK dealer will ship to USA Canada.
  6. paulgc
    @BluebirdCRM just remembered you were on the forum. Is this info accurate?
  7. jarnopp
    John Franks wanted to include an off/off switch, but once his robot overlords hit 1 million taps, thanks to Rob Watts, they became self aware and forbade it. They are running Chord now and we are on their timeline for world domination. Matt is a robot....
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  8. ubs28
    John Connor .... I mean John Franks will be able beat the machines luckly.
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  9. Amberlamps
    Their has ? I thought someone said earlier in the thread that the got told the only change was support for gofigure?

    Ahwell, their goes my theory. Chord seem to be on the right track now then because my poly is working pretty good in hotspot mode and playing from the sd card.
  10. jarnopp
    I said it an it was reported to me by Matt from Chord (but now we know he’s a robot). However, that may be true for 1.0.17, technically. But we have seen an example of units shipping with the never released (as on over the air update) version 1.0.15), so there may be things fixed in unreleased updates. In any case, they haven’t added 1.0.17 to this page yet, but here are the update release notes:
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  11. paulgc
  12. maxh22
  13. AudioBear
    I would be hard-pressed to claim a difference between Roon and SD card sound quality. Both are superb. I would concede the reviewer should be much more experienced than I am at making these judgments. I thought it was a very well-written review and quite positive for Poly.
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  14. NaiveSound
    On private wifi, using akconnect eveey 30 mins or so, iIhave to reconnect poly to akconnect (just touch it to become render) in ak connect.

    I guess a drop in connection of poly/ak connect

    Anyone else experiencing this? If so, know of a solution?
  15. Malcyg
    I actually slightly prefer Roon to SD, but I use crossfeed and EQ in Roon which is not possible with SD, so it’s not comparing like with like.

    I note that he made a point about his devices pairing very nicely and lay perfectly flat on his desktop - not at all bent and uneven. He also mentionend about not getting it wet, so I’m guessing that he must have visited this thread! :wink:
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