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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. headmanPL
    My company decided to buy iPhone X for a few of us.
    I sent mine back due to the documented issue of the letter "i" not existing.
    So please don't hype Apple as being problem free. There have been a long list of issues with their products.
    Keep this thread on track with Poly please
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  2. AudioTransit9213
    My point was that the offer isn't still running regardless of if you go to a retailer or not. I'm pretty sure John had mentioned trying to extend the offer to people as much as 2 weeks after the initial release in the UK which was I believe about a month ago now. I could be wrong, but that's the info I seem to remember.
  3. NYanakiev
    I am on my second iPhone X, third exchange being delivered tomorrow. First one had GPS issues, while the second's proximity sensor was not working properly.
  4. ubs28

    You know the answer yourself as you quoted my post about the Poly not working on my home wifi network?
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2017
  5. beemarman
    My light is blue, but still no luck from the poly, unless I detach it and charge it for about 2 mins. After re-attaching it back it then works until the next day.
  6. Andreeas1978
    Strange indeed. Isnt't it already On if you have bluelight? Mine charges Mojo and itself (white light both) then Mojo's light turns off but Poly's turns blue and powered on, present in my network. Wish it turned itself off as well, but any power input keeps it up..
  7. NYanakiev
    My Poly used to go blue when fully charged. Now it simply turns off with Mojo. I did have to charge Poly on its own today for it to come back to life (hopefully first and last time this happens).
  8. AudioBear
    After reading this experience (@beemarman) and tracking the discussion of power adaptors I think I am going to charge Poly and Mojo separately. Using two independent chargers could be faster and it will eliminate misunderstandings between Poly and Mojo. When convenient I connect to a power source while playing so charging is less of an issue. Most of the airlines I fly have AC adaptors at every seat these days -- ok, I don't fly them, I sit in them and hope somebody else can fly them.

    A note in closing. There is a lot of understandable frustration here. It's not out of the realm of possibility that someone who doesn't own a MojoPoly could come up with a useful answer to a problem. I've done it on other threads and been thanked for it. Let's keep this an open and welcoming thread. Sometimes a cure for a lot of angst is a good laugh, we need to lighten up a bit. I guess I am old enough that I haven't let it bother me. I know Chord will fix it. No point looking back on what could have or should have been done. Either it works out, or it doesn't...only time will tell. I'm going to try to enjoy the experience and learn whatever I can from it.

    I follow the thread by Jason Stoddard of Schiit audio in which he is writing a book by posting a chapter every month or so. It's a hybrid of product development, electronics, and business topics. One of the things Jason says is going to be true for Schiit as a small company is they will not make a product that has user operable software. His reasoning is that they are not a software company and it takes a lot of different skill sets than they have to develop software, and that supporting users can eat you alive (best to read what Jason actually says). I find it instructive that some of what we are seeing with Poly sort of bears out Stoddard's desire to stay out of software. It's obvious that Chord isn't Schiit but we are seeing how tough software can be to get right once it leaves the company and faces the real world.
  9. jarnopp
    Could the charging behavior be affected by the order of plugging/unplugging things? I have not had any issues, but I unplug MojoPoly from charger and wait for all lights to turn off before turning Mojo on. Then I listen, and when done, turn off Mojo and wait for a Poly light to turn off before plugging in to charge. If Poly is in a different state when charging happens, etc, perhaps this causes different behavior?

    Maybe Matt can provide some definitive statements on this. Also, maybe a future firmware/app release can show and set the charging and on/off behavior explicitly.
  10. miketlse
    Your last paragraph contains many points that are well appreciated by software developers. Coding away at their desks, they inevitably make some assumptions about the way (think especially of order or sequence) that users will navigate the UI (User Interface), and input parameters/data (in particular which sequence the parameters are entered and saved). It is easy to assume that the user will enter parameters in say the sequence, IP address, network name, password, and then save after the password is typed in. If the user instead enters the parameters in the sequence IP address, password, network name, then only the first two parameters will be saved - and the user will be unaware that they have done anything wrong. I was reminded of this type of error when some users were having difficulty connecting their Poly to an iPhone, and Chord explained that if a particular screen is not left open on the iPhone, whilst the Poly attempts to connect, then the iPhone will not try and connect. Having to leave the screen open must presumably not be intuitive for the iPhone user, so they make many frustrating unsuccessful attempts to connect, and then post on Head-Fi that Poly is crap because it will not connect.
    The 'moral' is that once you start developing a UI, you have to both code it for the user entering the parameters correctly, plus also try and imagine all the many ways that a owner could accidently 'misuse' the UI, and incorrectly enters parameters, and fail to get the equipment to work. Making the UI userproof, can take a lot of effort/cost, and does require a different skillset, to designing a dac or an amp.
  11. styks
    I missed your point sorry, i suppose because Chord did not say that when i called them, im sure that would've been the first thing said.
    Also there are several shops I've spotted since still offering the deal. One dealer actually taking reserve payments for the Poly with promo case offer.
    Also I've just found one shop selling through Amazon offering the free case deal, ill not say now if that is 100% but if I find out that I could've got the Poly/case from them going through Amazon, I'll be well vexed!
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2017
  12. styks
    For me on Android I'm finding Hi Fi Cast more stable than Bubble upnp. Not much time with either so I'm still learning.
    Any others for Android worth checking out, both UPNP and MPD progs?

    Not looked much at Roon, does that have to use your home network? ..... Or can it take advantage of Poly's server when away, standalone?
  13. AudioBear
    Roon will not play on Androids or iOS or Poly for that matter. Roonlabs says they are working on an app for portables. I like Roon and use it with Tidal on my home network (also use Audirvanna Plus which is excellent On Mac). Roon needs a core app to run—it’s kind of an octopus or wheel and spoke configuration with core at the center. One thing you can do if you have a laptop with you is set it up as core and set it up to be the wi-fi hotspot to which portable devices connect. I haven’t tried this with Poly but it wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t work right now. After the updates, maybe.
  14. Andreeas1978
    Same here, I always let them do all operations start to finish.
  15. AudioTransit9213
    Ahh, I see. I was unaware of that. I'm in the US so I didn't know. Also, high end audio shops are very rare in my area. There are a few in Chicago, but even those either carry very few brands or carry very little in store and are more or less advisors/installers for home systems.
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