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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Staxton
    Posted in Chord Hugo 2 thread:
    How much space do we think Chord should have "to sort things out" given this post from John Franks on APRIL 24, 2017:

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  2. miketlse
    Until Christmas if needed!
  3. EndGameSearch
    I've searched this thread but it has gotten so long and there are so many responses related to Tidal I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

    For mobile use, I have a DAP that supports Tidal offline. I also have a Mojo collecting dust in a drawer. Before buying my DAP I was using my iphone SE that supports Tidal offline connected directly to Mojo.

    From a sound quality standpoint, is there any benefit to Poly vs physically connecting my iphone to Mojo for Tidal offline? I get the logic on files that are stores on Poly, but I don't see the benefit if they are stored on my phone. I want an excuse to buy Poly, but I have other chord products for other listening scenarios so really only need a truly mobile solution that supports Tidal off line. Even if Poly is just AS good via bluetooth as the direct connection I currently have with a custom made lightning adapter I would go for it, but in my mind I always feel bluetooth is a sacrifice over a direct connection.
  4. corius

    I particularly worry about...

    "It's the sort of tech that might only be used in the most critical avionics applications."

    I really hope not, I'm flying next week!
  5. JeremyLaurenson
    Thanks, much needed laugh! :)
  6. JeremyLaurenson
    There was a post too where he said because of the delays in components they had more time to work on software to deliver even better :wink:
  7. jarnopp
    Yes, but I can give Chord a break. Has the timeframe and communication been less than stellar? No question. But,it has improved tremendously. Also, the use cases are not as simple as a dac or amp where pretty much all the variables are known. Poly has to stream to and from all kinds of devices with networks configured in a multitude of ways, and responding to all kinds of apps. When a major company, like Apple, creates a software release, they have the resources to beta test several versions before they relesase. But they have an installed user base. Chord could not really ask people to buy a Poly that had beta software, test it for them, and wait. Of course, that is in essence what has happened, but many of us felt that was where this was heading, with talk of updates and reworking the app. All for the better, too, of course, except for the communication. I feel we will all end up with the product that was promised; maybe even better.
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  8. jarnopp
    Probably not if you use Bluetooth. Maybe if you use Wi-Fi in hotspot mode on the go. Better experience and less risk of intereference from the phone.
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  9. EarDrumExplode
    I’m having trouble using DLNA on my ipad any suggestions
  10. EarDrumExplode
    I don’t have hotspot and am trying to listen to Netflix and Hulu
  11. styks
    I have a feeling I should've popped on here before I made my Poly purchase.
    I'm enjoying the unit, it's great I have to say. Unfortunately I will have to return it and buy from a high street shop/dealer.
    I purchased mine from Amazon, I would normally support high street shops, I do honestly believe in doing just that, but on this occasion I decided late in the day and I needed it quickly for a trip tomorrow. Amazon Prime next day has never let me down, so that's the route i took, and they didn't let me down.

    I'd heard about the case promo before buying, I googled it, followed the resulting link to a Chord web page and saw it was true, great that sealed the deal. So I purchased, that'll do me!
    On arrival today I find no promo code! After calls to Amazon and then to Chord I find to my dismay that if bought from Amazon it's no deal, NO free case! :frowning2:

    Pity, it never mentioned NO case if bought from Amazon on that promo page. So my only recourse now is to return it to Amazon on my return, then purchase again after the refund. From a high street dealer this time!

    At least I'll have a week to get familiar! :) ....... Call me tight but there's no way I'm forking out 79 quid on top of £499 if I don't have to.
    Don't get me wrong, i'm loving it, my Elear are sounding superb, but on principle alone it's going back.

    So, just in case no one knows, which I doubt, ( i have a feeling ive been a bit, well, over enthusiastic ) if you buy from Amazon you will NOT qualify for the free case promo. ..... Don't get caught like me.

    AVOID Amazon. Unless you really want to throw 80 quid away!
  12. jarnopp
    What kind of trouble? You’ll need to provide a bit more detail.
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  13. mashuto
    I just thought I would chime in here too. I got my poly the day after they were available in the US, which was a little over a week ago, so I have a bit of experience with it. Unlike some others, mine worked right away, I was able to connect to wifi, to my hotspot and to use the hotspot of the poly as well. Relatively smooth sailing.

    But I cant help agree with some of the others here that it does feel like maybe the poly was not quite ready for primetime. Advertised features are not present (not ready yet) and there are even some things the manual says it can do that it cannot do (talking about spotify integration and google cast). And for a product like this with no interface of its own to speak of, the absense of the app is definitely a sore spot. I know its coming, but again, it just feels like a feature that should probably have been prioritized as it feels necessary. I would hope it would allow mpd control over bluetooth, or at least give an easy interface to find the ip address or switch modes without having to carry around a pin. Streaming via bluetooth works effortlessly, but its a2dp only, and chord has said that its supposed to be the fallback for the other more superior wifi modes... its just a shame that the wifi modes are not feature complete and streaming in two directions via dlna seems ripe for issues (have had occasional dropouts in audio).

    I get those that say to give chord a break, but even though it was delayed, it just doesnt feel ready. I also know this is a complex product and its trying to cover a lot of use cases, but again there are things that just feel necessary that arent there yet. So, I am happy to have it in hand, and I personally dont mind waiting for firmware updates and the rest of the features that were promised (assuming they are actually coming). But I do see why some people are frustrated and it seems like the attitudes they have been given are not always great from chord and from others.
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  14. joe28
    I've considered adding MPD support to Glider in the past. If there's interest in this idea, feel free to contact me and / or start a new discussion thread so I can learn more about what the community is looking for.
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  15. styks
    I'm in some agreement, my Amazon No case issue aside, I think they should've held back until " go figure" was up and running.
    I'm very fresh to the Poly so please excuse me if I repeat whats already been written. I'm set up on DLNA playing any thing from my Windows PC, Android, my iPhone and the Poly as the server/renderer and it's working well.
    But unless you have some experience I can see many really struggling. I'm far from being a whiz but my limited experience has helped.
    I'm astounded that Chord have let it out without the backing of what I hope will be a damn good app. One that allows the play back of ALL formats, including DSD.
    It really is bad form to expect folks to configure an MPD on top of everything else! .... I've not done that yet, I only have a few DSD music files. In their video they say just open up your MPD and bam! there you go DSD. Yeah sure! .... Poor show chaps!

    If "go figure" supports DSD superb, come on Chord chaps, tally ho', get the little blighter sorted, what!

    Oh and don't punish folks who used Amazon uk, thay'll only return them and go to a dealer for the case promo once they learn the catch! And then you'll end up with loads of returns, be fair to us in old blighty, a sales a sale, no/yes?
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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