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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. JeremyLaurenson
    I plug in the MojoPoly at night. In the morning mojo is charged and poly is not.
    Poly must be remaining on somehow discharging
  2. headmanPL
    I get it. An auto power off would help. I don't know if Poly can do that. I don't have Poly with me so can't test.
    Does anyone else know if this is configurable?
  3. Andreeas1978
    My Poly is ALWAYS on while charging. No matter if it`s connected to Mojo or not, I can see it connected to my router. I suppose if the charger stops or the external batt drains out, Poly keeps discharging. Never charged it with my Samsung fast chargers because of the noises that scare me :))) even though they should be fine. I keep charging MojoPoly out of my Zenpower and find them all off when ready (batt totally drained out) I`m sure Mojo charges, after or while Poly also charges, Poly stays on until it totally kills Zenpower, after which it turns itself off. Samsung chargers put out 2A+noise. Asus Zenp puts out 2.4A silence. I think that 2A Samsung is not enough or not exactly 2A ... I also think when we have all the correct setup, requirements etc, there is a silent smooth charge.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017
  4. AudioTransit9213
    I apologize this is off topic, but I just downloaded roon to start the free trial included with poly. I made the mistake of allowing it to add albums to my library. I absolutely hate it. How do I remove this option without manually removing literally hundreds of albums that aren't my own?
  5. Paulo83
    So. Picture this, a long day at the office in central London looking forward to breaking away from corporate life and enjoying the bliss of mojo/poly (moly if you will) on the commute home. Nice bit of Mogwai in 24/96 to calm the soul.

    Instead I press the big promising mojo ON button to find a deafening silence from Poly. NO, I hear you cry, this must be some user error! It can't be that Poly refuses to turn on! It's a perfectly designed, engineered and delivered audio solution, how dare you have an issue?!?!

    Well, welcome to my commute, always the same, never changes. I warm Mojo up for a good 5-10 minutes while I endure the inane chatter of the London commuter while I roll the dice and see if today will be the day that Poly actually boots within the Chord stated time figures.

    It hasn't happens once since launch and to be honest I'm loosing faith.

    For the love of god will someone confirm if this will be remedied in the coming firmware or not?! At he minute I'm sat with £900 worth of 'mobile' audio equipment that will only work when plugged into the mains on my AV rack at home.

    Before you ask, this is my 3rd production unit following having to return 1 due to a loose battery/circuit board and 1 due to believe it or not never turning on when I switch on my fully charged Mojo.
  6. Mightygrey
    Great - does this mean post firmware update BubbleUPnP will play gapless as well?
  7. JeremyLaurenson
    Sounds like Mojo may be the issue. Does your dealer have a few to Test?
  8. Paulo83
    The mojo was only purchased in July and appears to function well on it's own. I have been speaking to Mitch from Chord as described previously and this seems to be a recognised issue with several people seeing the same symptoms.

    That being said, I'll gladly return my Mojo for testing should Chord deem it necessary. I was told by Mitch that Chord were looking to remedy this issue in a firmware update, I'm looking to confirm if this is true or not.

    Unfortunately I purchased Mojo on discovering the planned Poly release. I'm now well out of my Mojo return period and getting close to the poly return window. To be frank if I wanted a rack based roon node or network steamer I would have purchased one (and a good one for circa £900), currently i have a 'portable solution that simply isn't portable.
    JeremyLaurenson likes this.
  9. Priaptor
    Many of us feel your pain!!!! I am amazed at how complacent just about everyone on this thread is. I have waited over 7 months for this only to be placated with "firmware upgrades are coming" and rolling the dice as to whether Poly connects or not, nothing but a pin to press to reset, growing tired of the effort to try to get this thing to work and too am at my wits end. You are not alone. I am a few days from asking for my money back. And it's not like this was released in a hasty fashion. I left mine on all day, hoping for that firmware upgrade, nothing happened and "God's knows", it must be that I left the thing on a charger that "wasn't meant for charging both" so therefore of course it must be my fault.

    Yes it is a HUGE disappointment. The good news is that the few seconds it works with Roon it sounds great. Problem of course is that it takes me close to an hour to get a few seconds of worthwhile music.
  10. JeremyLaurenson
    I entirely sympathize with your feelings. John was pitching this thing as space-aged super tech, done by the most brilliant people to walk the earth despite some of us asking the hard questions that it turns out were spot on.

    My return window is up next Wednesday and I have similar experiences with Poly.

    All that said, I am working with Chord and helping with network sniffer captures and direct help to fix the issues I can directly help with. I have found some real, solvable issues and so this is 90% of the battle as I see it. I will keep at it, and I think the result will be an improved Poly.

    That’s 30% of the issues.... the next 30% are the apps.. I am working with @joe28 on the Glider app and also providing as much detail as I can and am also getting great results with his betas which I think will hit the App Store pretty soon.

    I think the one thing we’re going to have to wrestle with is DLNA mobile to a phone, hotspot requirements, and the fact that there absolutely will be network dropouts as we are moving around. They seem to kill Poly/mojo in its tracks and this may need to be solved with a little more work in the underlying os which would be more tricky.

    I think using Poly in MPD mode will get us much better stability since it should be able to be coerced to just keep on playing regardless of the network dropping and reconnecting..... and hopefully they can redo the stack for DLNA on the device not to barf when networks go down and up.

    My hope is this is the case and/or we coerce @joe28 to implement MPD control too and get a less networks-gotta-be-here experience.

    So, let’s see how we are doing by Monday/Tuesday :wink:

    I have run a few betas and they are making me cautiously optimistic.
  11. dw13
    I had the same problem. I think the easiest thing to do is delete Roon, then install Roon again and do not allow the option of adding albums to your library.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
  12. Malcyg
    I wonder whether those having battery problems may be down to the Poly not switching itself off correctly. As mentioned by Andreeas1978, the Poly definitely seems to switch itself on when you plug it in to charge it because it suddenly shows up on the network, even though all is switched off prior to charging. I just plugged my Mojopoly in to charge and it showed up on the network. I then unplugged it and it disappeared from the network. Then the Poly battery status light came on and it reappeared on the network. After about 15- 20 seconds, the status light went off and it disappeared from the network again. I did the same thing again twice more with exactly the same results. This is unexpected behaviour and I don’t see why Poly should come on at all when charging, it is not desirable behaviour if only because it will lengthen the necessary charge time.

    I have noticed that, when switching the MojoPoly off, my Poly takes a long while to turn itself off - around 1.5 minutes - so maybe, some units are switching on whilst charging but then don’t turn themselves off at all, hence the flat battery issue that some seem to be experiencing, even though they haven’t used the unit.
  13. Malcyg
    Yes, I made the same mistake when I first started with Roon and I too was horrified by the results! I’m not sure that you can reverse that selection so you probably do need to delete them all, but there is an easy way - go into albums and sort by ‘date added’ which will show all those that have just been added first. Then select all the ones you don’t want, then edit, then delete. This will get rid of them all from your library.

    This in response to @AudioTransit9213 query above. For some reason, the quote isn’t showing.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
  14. Matt Bartlett
    We're investigating this issue. Can you email info@ or PM me so we can grab some more details that will help us isolate the problem.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
  15. beemarman
    OK, this is the issue I'm having with my Poly.

    Charged while attached to the Mojo all night using the correct charger.
    The next day turn on the Mojo, and nothing from the poly. The M-status light is on Blue, but no response from the poly. Turn it off and On, and still nothing.

    Detach the poly, then plug it in to the charger for about 5 minutes. Then attach it to the Mojo, then power the mojo on, 2 minutes later, all working fine until the next day.

    I have to carry a Powerback with me if I want to use my poly mobile.

    Is this going to fixed in the firmware that's coming out?
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