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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. NYanakiev
    I fully agree with the above.
  2. jirams
    With respect to the 70% failure rate of my Poly starting up when Mojo is powered up I have the following observations:

    1. The failure of Poly to boot seems to be loosely related to the unit being cold - not totally able to reproduce a lower failure rate by heating unit.
    2. The exact same failure rate occurs when I try a second Poly.
    3. There have been some comments that early Mojos are susceptible to higher Poly boot failures. My Mojo is from January 2016 (M025877).

    I suspect that the Poly is looking for an EM transient from the Mojo power-up. This then triggers the boot up of Poly.

    Since our 'in-the-field' Mojos are set in stone with respect to hardware then I reckon we are 'stuffed' when poor Poly boot up is experienced. The variability of Mojos in the field perhaps would account for this poor performance in some.

    I cannot imagine Chord would get involved in retro fitting offending Mojos (comment Chord?)

    Perhaps, if my mad theory is correct, Chord could turn up the wick of sensitivity on the detection circuit in the Poly via firmware??

    I use a pocket sized Battery pack with mini USB to kick start the poly - hardly a convenient system and a bizarre routine with such advanced technology.

    Once it is firing on all cylinders the sublime performance for me via Airplay and streaming or 8Player makes it almost worth while.

    I greatly admire the attendance on this Forum from Chord folks - they are brave people and their commitment is never in question and I know they will sort things out with this great product.
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  3. Malcyg
    Is there a consensus yet on what is the best iPhone app for SD card playback with Poly, or is that a stupid question? I’ve tried 8Player lite which works very well, but the interface takes a bit of adjusting to and, before paying for the full version, I wanted to see if there were better alternatives available. The video stuff on 8Player is superfluous to me and I’m looking for a music controller only.
  4. jirams
    Have a look at VLC.
    I ended up buying 8Player despite its horrible interface.
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  5. joe28
    I'm happy to hear Glider is working well for you. The current version from the App Store will not see your Poly when connected to the local hotspot network, but we've fixed that internally and are currently beta testing for a release soon. If anyone would like to test this out, please send me a direct message and I'll get you set up.
  6. paulgc
    Few days into the Poly. At this point just going to run in BT on my iPad and MacBook. Going to wait for the Firmware and App before trying to use the full features. On the positive side:

    1. Actually got it after the extended wait in North America
    2. The case was available art the same time (But no freebie)
    3. The BT connection is effortless
  7. JeremyLaurenson
    @Mojo ideas and @Matt Bartlett
    For users of iTunes who use Dapper for OSX, I have added an option in a new build that converts to FLAC on the fly as it copies. This should solve this particular issue. DM me if interested.
  8. TokenGesture
    Glider seems to crash on iPhone / iPad when the devices auto-lock
  9. supervisor
    just another counter to the negative user experiences--I'm having hardly any issues using Poly with iPhone X personal hotspot (w/ Tidal downloaded files) on my daily commute on the NYC subways...

    a couple of drop outs here and there--but nothing worse than what I experience with wireless Bluetooth headphones from time to time.

    got my CA Vegas hooked up to MojoPoly and loving every second! no case yet but it's on the way...
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  10. Peter Hyatt
    Any recommendation for the SD Card reader for MacBook Pro with the new USB c?

    The card is 200 gb, so it will be moving lots of FLAC files.
  11. Matt Bartlett
    Ok so a quick update for everyone.
    The first of three firmware updates will happen next week.
    I will post again when I know the exact day and also give instructions on how the update process works.
    The first update will be as follows:

    1. Communication Update

    1. Update to Manage Networks in Access Point Page
    2. MAC address, Bluetooth MAC Address and firmware version visible on Access point page
    3. Airplay improvements
    4. DLNA Operation on Certain routers resolved
    5. DLNA SD Card Database management and speedup of indexing
    6. MPD Update to support m4a and ALAC

    We will then roll out the next update shortly afterwards:-

    2. Audio Update to fix file playback issues and update Roon


    3. Update to provide integration to GoFigure App, ( soon to be released )

    Please bare with us whilst we continue to work and test these updates. We are working as quickly as we can and also taking onboard
    your feedback to fix additional issues along the way.

    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
  12. NYanakiev
    Thanks for the update. Will make sure to have Poly at the ready!
  13. paulgc
    Just curious... is the firmware update done through the BT connection or something a bit more complicated. If more complicated will you post another video on your YouTube channel. I am reading the above and inferring that the firmware will precede the GoFigure and consequently not done through the APP.
  14. Matt Bartlett
    It updates over the internet. The process is pretty easy. Leave Poly on ( or off but on charge ) and it will download the new firmware in the background. You don't need to do anything.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
  15. AudioBear
    How do we know when an update has been installed? Installing in the background is pretty neat and very easy for the user but Poly seems to have no way to tell us it’s been updated. Will the configuration page show the firmware version number?
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