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Chord Announces Poly, Hugo 2 and Blu MkII @ CES 2017

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  1. pytter
    Wow! It is as if everyone has forgotten how expensive Chord products are. Before Mojo there was pretty much nothing for less than a few thousand dollars/pounds/euros and the average price point was much high than this. It is a small miracle (no pun intended) that they even made the Mojo and catered for a very different audience than their usual very deep pocketed audiophile customers (who's hobby are in a different league of expensive than ours)!

    That said, yes the Poly is expensive in relation to the Mojo. But the economics of these add ons is not going to give us any bargains. Chord know how many Mojos they have sold and how many owners have bought other accessories and add ons (which I guess is not many). They can make an educated guess as to how many Poly's they are likely to sell. They have the spread the R&D and marketing costs over the projected numbers as well as the individual production costs. Now Chord may not think they will sell many, in which case that would explain why it is relatively expensive in comparison to the Mojo. On the other hand the development costs could have been very high and they may think that they are going to sell a lot of these to cover these costs so they may end up losing money on the Poly. But to think they are "gauging" you or trying to rip you off is highly likely to be off the mark. They are just not set up to make cheaper, mass market goods.

    Don't forget that Chord is not Sony, they have limited experience of selling to a wide customer base and are likely to get it wrong from time to time. In the U.K. The Mojo case is free with the purchase of a Mojo at the moment so this may indicate the case is not selling all that well. No doubt they will learn valuable lessons from their Mojo product line and your feedback and as a result we can all look forward to seeing more products from them around this price point. Just don't expect any bargains.
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  2. jupiterianvibe
    Pricing a wireless dongle with a card reader more expensive than the item it is designed for is a fail.
  3. fuhransahis
    This is the main point I've been repeating over and over. It's just not justifiable. You can convince yourself that it makes sense with the arguments related to R&D and production costs and the fact that Chord isn't Sony (though they've been around for decades), but the Poly should never cost more or as much as the Mojo. I'm not trying to paint Chord as an evil company looking to empty our pockets, but for what it is and in relation to the product it works for, it is overpriced, and they will lose many potential buyers, myself included, because of it.
  4. jupiterianvibe
    With the current pricing, I would suggest Chord to market Poly as a high end micro sd card reader with wireless connection possibilities and sell Mojo as an accessory that brings dac/amp feature to Poly.
  5. Kamil21
    Welcome to the high-end!

    It would seem to me that Chord, like many small, premium engineering company has strived for perfection with Poly and suffered from 'feature creep' .. And ended up with an accessory for Mojo that costs more than the Mojo market would expect, with more features than some might need.

    As a Dave owner, I for one am thankful that this attitude has resulted in the Blu Mk2... Costs more than a CD drive should, but infinitely better.

    If Poly were sold as an accessory to Dave and sold for double its (Poly)price, few would complain.

    The Poly might be a gamble for Chord, and in order to succeed with that pricing, it better well perform in the field.

    If it does, Chord will have created a new category of product. If not, it could end up being an expensive lesson.
  6. Satir
  7. fuhransahis
    Right, except camera lenses directly contribute, in a significant way, to the photo quality, some may say your money is better spent on a quality lens depending than a quality camera. But there are exceptions to that as well as in audio... but I find most may contribute to the device's performance. Poly doesn't add to sound quality, but rather adds convenience.
  8. Naugrim
    Oh snap!
  9. Happytalk
    Being the bottom feeder that I am, I don't think the price will stay that high, however this leaves an opening for someone to make a small sized dual (reg) sd card transport for home and portable that doesn't exist yet.
  10. Currawong Contributor
    I think when we complain about prices these days, we tend to forget how good we really have it. You couldn't get this kind of tech for any price a few years ago. 
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  11. fuhransahis
    Very true, but I think that can apply to nearly everything in technology these days - Laptops, video game consoles, 2TB USB Flash drives, VR, etc. And again I'm sure Chord has made another fantastic product and that it will preform great, but I can't wrap my head about it being priced higher than the Mojo, to just (for the most part) make the Mojo wireless.
  12. reihead
    I have never seen any product like this in terms of functionality and portability.

    I have never seen any product in which one accessory would cost more than the main product.

    Maybe we should take this as a module instead of an accessory? The way a computer graphic card is to a PC? A camera lens to the camera itself as it was previously mentioned?

    Very interesting product!

    Mojo or Poly, which device has more chips? More processing power? More features?
  13. onecolorist
  14. qafro
    Brexit is the blame for the drop in £ pound and R&B cost hence the price
  15. GreenBow

    Yeah but British export is up.
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