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Chord Announces Poly, Hugo 2 and Blu MkII @ CES 2017

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  1. gikigill
    Any how many Mojos would be sold at $1200?

    How many other portable DAC/AMP combos sell for that much?
  2. Mython Contributor
    I think you underestimate how well Hugo has sold, to those who grasp it's performance (although, of course, it doesn't appeal to everyone).
    Mojo is very nearly Hugo in a smaller box.
  3. swannie007

    As I have stated previously, I am afraid our hobby is going down the same financial road that two channel music went down a few years ago towards ridiculous prices and diminishing returns for our dollar. The greed of some companies is quite apparent to me, and with this I am not accusing Chord of being one of those companies but this Poly product seems to run very closely toward this mindset and I will not reward this sort of profit thinking with my dollars. The troubling thing here, as far as I am concerned, is the hype surrounding this particular product, one would think it was the second coming of that besandled chap from Bethlehem! Just my 2c worth and I wish to remind those of you who disagree with me that you are, as I am, entitled to your opinion, however, I do not wish to debate with you on this forum, or any other, with regard to justifying my opinion so please don't expect any further response from me in this regard, thank you. Cheers.
  4. gikigill

    So Chord launched the Mojo for ****s and giggles or to cannibalise the Hugo?

    Or maybe they wanted to go for a more mass market friendly price.
  5. fuhransahis
    You are correct. In that case Chord has been mistaken in all scenarios. The Mojo should have at least been priced at $1,200 because they can, but then since it's about half the size of the Hugo, the Hugo should priced at $4000, then and only then could they not only A. Not let any other greedy competitor launch products more expensive than theirs, should they release a product such as the Hugo and B. Make the Mojo seem like even more of a bargain, because I mean us suckers will purchase it anyways because they can and should price it as high as they want to.
    Then the Poly should sell for $1,200 as well because yes and Brexit.
    However let us rejoice that Chord decided to throw us a bone and price the Mojo at a measly $599 USD.
    No one is jumping to conclusions. A product that makes my Mojo wireless should not cost as much as my Mojo.
    And if I sound frustrated it's because I am, but not directly at you [​IMG] 

    Just because Chord has pricing power doesn't mean they should abuse it.
    Currawong likes this.
  6. Dithyrambes
    Lol...who would buy a mojo at 1.2k? I think you'll lose the majority of buyers as you are targeting the wrong demographic. How much did the hugo sell compared to the mojo? I'm sure mojo was a far bigger commercial success than the hugo. The hugo even at 2k is such a ripoff really. The fact they can sell a mojo at the price they have and still make a lot of money with near performance to hugo (not my opinion) shows how overpriced all chord products are. Mojo at 1.2k? With that terrible cramped soundstage, treble problems, terrible usb implementation, recessed treble and mid bass focused sound? For 1.2k and you get a sony wm1a or schiit gungnir which can easily outperform the mojo. Don't get cocky saying it would have been just as successful. I don't know why chord fan boys respond to everyone's comment like it's gonna change minds. Just let it be and stop covering for chord....saying stuff like chord blessed us with a cheap price so its ok if rhey overcharge again....what flawed logic. the market will decide. I don't ever want to hear someone say don't buy it if you can't afford it. Just cause you can afford it you are gonna buy the new 6k headphone from hifiman that has a build quality that looks like sheet metal and cheap veneer wood? Lol...people have gone insane in this hobby. 4k cable at ces loll.
  7. willowbrook
    Mojo at 1200? Please haha
  8. DaveLT
    Going down?
    Audio has always been bad!
    Are you just plain salty?
    And for the record did you actually A/B both?
  9. qafro
    Poly is expensive but if you think about R&D and manufacturing cost than it adds up.
    Good item though I want one because this can be my main audio source in any audio stack.
    Don't forget it's a flexible dap compare to likes of ak120 ak380....
  10. analogmusic
    well this is capitalism and a free market. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. Why the tough love for Chord?
    I'll have to wait and see what Poly offers, and in the meantime my iPhone 6 does a great job feeding mojo.
    A good Vertere DFI USB cable costs 70 GBP. Lot of choices in the free market.
  11. Atjt
    Great to see Hugo v2 but why no USB c the micro USB is a pain
  12. McClelland
    I don't get the hard edge reactions either.  This isn't some off-the-map shire we're living in with its own cottage industry economy and I doubt Chord would stack up at all as a predatory marketer in the business world they are succeeding in.  I'm not all over the forums and certainly not up on the latest-latest, but is there anyone else who has come out with a product remotely like the Mojo?  I'm presently using it to feed a two channel system and HD800 phones and continue to be amazed.  To whatever degree the Poly pricing allows Chord to continue to sell the Mojo as it does, then I'm quite glad it's out there for whoever choses it.  The Hugo 2 would have to take something to a whole other level for me and I hope it shows up at the NYC CanJam.
  13. emptymt
    does the filter option in hugo 2 work together with amp?
  14. SearchOfSub

    Mojo is nowhere close to Hugo is terms of tone and overall presentation. Mojo is good product for $600.00. Mojo is not worth near $1,200.
  15. eugenius
    So Mojo-Poly is 1000 euro.
    Name a portable thing preferable to the Mojo-Poly for 1000 euro.
    Name a home streamer/dac with a good headphone out preferable to the Mojo-Poly for 1000 euro.
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