Choosing your DAP for the day ahead
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Headphoneus Supremus
Aug 1, 2006
I am sure I am not the only one who has more than one choice of DAP , ( btw I prefer PAP , personal audio player)
And as I grabbed my DX90+Lehmann Traveller this morning, I left my 901, and Studio V at home and now I wondered why I made this choice.
There must be a multitude of different reasons why we choose a certain player for that day, and I thought my
own choice would always be down to sound quality, but if it were then I would surely take my 901 every time.
I must admit most of the times I choose the 901 it's for the SD card as well as the sound quality, I hate hate HATE
micro SD, esp 64gig, at the moment I have a 50% failure rate even when buying top quality from known dealers.
If the DX90 used proper SD cards it would see a lot more action, mine is over 6 months old and not even "run in"
If it's raining I won't carry a bag, that hand is needed for an umbrella so on those days I take my Studio-V 3rd, simply
because I need something I can easily put in an inside jacket pocket.
I think sometimes I leave my 901 because I am worried about it getting damaged, wet, dropped etc. The DX90
I am less precious about.
Early last year I used the wonderful sounding, but pathetically powered Nova N3 alot just because it was so slim and small.
I thought this thread could provoke some interesting posts about how we live, how music fits into our lives, and ultimately
why we choose a certain DAP in the first place.
I think I chose the DX90 this morning because of all the DX90 threads here I read yesterday. My early morning, tired brain
wanting to reconcile what I hear with what I read.

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