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Choosing CIEM help: Alclair Reference vs ClearTune CT200

  1. ostewart
    I've got about $400 to get a CIEM, wanting a neutral sound sig with great clarity and good highs.

    Trying to decide between these 2, opinions?

    Thanks guys
  2. ostewart
    Pretty sure I'm going to go with the Alclair, great review from joker and average_joe.
  3. Swimsonny
    I know CIEMs seem the way to go but i really think you should keep saving up until you can get a real top tier one. I will say that the cheaper ones and even my ACS T2 (they are real good but id take 4.Ai over them) are no huge jump over universals, in fact many are better. I know it just seems like you can get a CIEM and it will beat out any universal but that is not the case, i am just saying you sold a very nice pair of universals, the 535 to fund these so i think you should wait until you can blow your mind. Just my 2 cents!
  4. ostewart
    Thanks sonny, but actually I've got a great price for the reference monitor, also getting it shipped to a friend in the states then shipped to me so I don't pay import.

    I've thought quite a bit about this, and it's the way to go for now, maybe save up in the future, but as of now I'm not getting more funds for a while and these will do until I need to upgrade again.

    Your lucky getting yours from cosmic ears for review, I don't have that luxury atm..

    Thanks though
  5. ostewart
    Alclair ordered, $330 in total with pelican case and custom artwork, ear impressions getting taken tomorrow by local pharmacy (no cost) I'm happy :)
  6. lwells
    How do you like the Alclairs?

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