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choosing an open can

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by autumnholy, Oct 4, 2012.
  1. autumnholy
    hi, im currently using Beyerdynamic T70. Source is Sony entry level sacd player into Govibe peak hp amp.
    I'm considering an open can. I love Bon Jovi's song. I love drums. i listden to some vocals and acoustics. But my main objective is comfort as I want to listen to hours using the hp.
    I am considering the following cans: not following order
    Grado Ps500
    Hifiman He-5 Le
    Alessandro MsPro
    Shure 1840
    Audeze LCD 2
    Sennheiser Hd600/650
    or any other that i didn't think of.
  2. Coll5nEpps
    he500, rs1,  hd700
  3. Chawanwit
    Lcd2 or he-500. Number 1 options
    He-400 sounds amazing with drums.
    Hd650 are great as well.
  4. autumnholy
    Thanks. But my primary concern would be QC. I've heard from a senior that Hifiman's Headphones have durability issue. I'm afraid of that because I certainly don't want to buy something which can perform within a year or so.
    I love soundstage, and so as much as I would like to try PS500, or Rs1i for that matter, I am afraid I cannot get used to the tiny soundstage.
    HD700 didn't impress me last time. Maybe it wasn't meant to impress or that I am at the wrong environment.

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