Choice for an amp / Dac quality 80 to 400€,why not?
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Feb 4, 2013
having read all the posts related to the nomadic amplifiers from 80 to 400 € .... there was something ... read the reviews, the brand sites, research prices and especially the understanding of it all
Well, after thinking, I'm in favor of almost any one as are in the process of becoming our smartphones.
So not buying players, I think I'll keep my Motorola Razr as HD player.

From the many choices available to me, buy a dac + amp or Dac / amp (combo) or the last to take a Dac / amp Audio recorder pro, but I have in my head this solution eliminated because ARP is too simplistic and I want to get my foot in the ease with material that I want it to be as mobile as possible: headphone ... with a reasonable budget.
Otherwise the easy way to be sure of the result is to close the debate and buy ibasso DX100 ... 

but if I'm here on this post is that I did not choose this solution :)
And I think for practical reasons to have a Dac / amp is better, but it does not have the best for the price.
But I want to still be able to put everything in my pocket if I move ... I want to do a little compromise, but as little as possible.
In the choice I still Dac / amp, compatibility issues could arise as is the case for which the fiio E17 from the start I had a bias that want to buy, it is beautiful, it has musical qualities.
If I want, I fall into my category 3, I also use ARP with, I am not opposed to this software because it provides a more than able to read encrypted 24bits/192 plops, but for now its usefulness may be questioned.
Everyone does not listen yet this format and this is my case, I have, but not much, probably with time we will come with the same time but I think ARP will also increase.
Yet this is what Dac / amp that I liked the most, Fiio E17, maybe my choice will be him ... we'll see ...

My other choices are Ibasso D-Zero Fiio competitor for a little cheaper, it has the advantage of operating in standard usb, no need ARP, a good place for me.
It is also Hifimediy Sabre and Stoner acoustics UD100 almost the same price, and if I understand do not need to go through an amp, they both use the sound player that we have on our mobile.
I was ready to buy a new drive as CK4 (150 €) or Nova 3 (190 €) is the budget that I can put my purchase Dac / amp.

If I summarize either stay on my Fiio E17, also outside that I can use with my Razr, what will be the autonomy of all?
the concession but I no longer use Jet Audio more (android app) that I love and turn to the ARP.
Final solution simple enough, but is it the best in terms of quality for the price (120 €) plus € 5 OTG cable on amazon.
Or should I go on Ibasso with its standard USB port and in this case, I always use my AP Jet € 95 in the end all ...
Or just purchase a good quality dac as Sabre or Hifimediy Stoner UD100 acoustics, which have good news, I can not choose between the two ....
I fart or my budget and I bought the Apex Glacier as to exceed all do well for those who are not so cheap any more of that lot or Ibasso Fiio, I was thinking:
HRT Music Streamer II
Pico HeadAmp
NuForce Icon HDP
or GB-Dap Venturecraft X
which ultimately cost me € 400 plus customs, that is to say € 500, it is still less than the ibasso DX100 and much more convenient because I keep my mobile and this amp is very nice, small, and very musical .
But it is a solution that I avoid, I think .... : P
and as a player in our smartphone, that is as applicable Neutron will not be better than ARP?

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