Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

  1. DBaldock9
    The DF-10 actually seems to have more low Bass than the X5 (always dependent on using the right tip, and getting a good seal).
    I'm using after-market silicone tips on both of them - either JVC Spiral Dot (L), or some Large tips I ordered from Penon Audio.
  2. Slater
    Well, let's talk about the MEMT X5, since that's what you are coming from as a reference.

    Did you love everything about the X5, or were there things you didn't like about it?

    Do you like the "down" wearing style of IEMs like the X5, or would you consider a behind the ear style too?

    I only used my X5 for sleeping due to it's small size. But there are better sounding IEMs available.

    Also, I'm not sure if you're aware or not, but there's 2 different versions of the X5 now (the original one which you have based on the age of your X5), and an updated version with different tuning. So keep in mind that if you DO get another X5, it will sound different than the one you have now.
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  3. Ducsidu
    I have a few extra KZ tips, which were also recommended like half a year ago. They didn't fit the X5 well, but they improved the bass on my old (backup) Xiaomi Piston 3, so I guess they would be good for the DF-10 as well.
    Thanks, I'll do some reading and consider these.

    I got mine in May 2017, so it's probably the older version. I actually got a friend who I recommended it to, and he got it a month or so ago, so I can try the new one out. Would you consider it worse or better?
    I would be okay with behind the ear style as well.
    I am not a big audiophile, and I don't have a lot of other references in sound, but one thing I noticed the X5 was lacking is soundstage. Not sure if a better soundstage is available in this category, but that would be nice.
    The TD08 does look promising, but it's a bit over my budget.
  4. TheEndGame
    Got the Bosshifi B8 and I love it so far. Got a problem with Left/Right channel balance though. Everything seems louder on the left. Is there any way to fix this? Also does the HM5 pads fit on this?
  5. paulindss
    Stumbled upun these in Aliexpress. Unfortunaly i can't ordem them and i got no information on the web. But one thing i know, these looks gorgeous and Very well constructed. It goes for 15$. A bealtiful design. 32ohm dynamic driver with 3 holes in the back that they call "triple balanced" maybe something to create airyness.

    -21364447641972507190.jpg 16669230181791652303.jpg IMG_20180103_012955.png

    POYATU HiFi Stereo Earphone Hi-Res Audio Earbuds Triple Balanced ie80 Tune DJ Metal Headset for Xiaomi/iPhone/Samsung Phones para a área de transferência
    (from AliExpress Android)

    They can be decent, or garbage, or amazing.

    Edit: are they a knock off of something ?
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  6. Slater
    The only thing to keep in mind with soundstage is that generally speaking, the IEMs with wide soundstage are also usually open or semi-open (which means they have poor isolation). That generally means others around you can hear your music and you can hear external sounds leaking in as well. Whether this is an issue for you only you will know.

    With that said, a few great choices IMO would be (in no particular order):
    1. EMI CI-880 Hybrid - Also known as the 'water drop' on some sites, it runs anywhere from $9.99 on sale to about $18 regular price. Excellent sound, decent soundstage, excellent build. They are light on the bass with the included stock tips, but using KZ Starline tips totally solves that issue.
    2. Einsear T2 - $10 and has a nice wide soundstage, easy to drive, and great sound for the price. Well worth $10.
    3. KZ ZS5 - great soundstage, great bass, and it is within your price range. Some find the treble too sharp/bright however, but you can do a few easy things to address if it is a problem for you. It sounds fine to me though. Note some people hate/bash the ZS5, but the majority of people love it (myself included). It has a removable cable, so you can swap out the stock cable for an upgraded silver plated cable, or even a Bluetooth cable option. The price of the ZS5 ranges from $12ish on sale to $20ish regular price.
    4. Xiaomi Piston "Fresh Version". I recently picked this up for $3.99 with a coupon code at Gearbest, and lemme tell you I was quite impressed for the measly $4 cost. However, for the best sound you'll need to lift up the mesh screens on the nozzle (using a sewing needle or thumb tack) and remove the foam plug they stuff down inside of the nozzle (then stick the mesh screens back onto the nozzle). It takes 30 seconds to modify, and can be done with literally zero skill level. Once modified, it sounds great with the genres you listed, and it's easy to drive with a cell phone as a music source. Soundstage is average, but certainly not bad. It's well constructed and comfortable to wear.
    I think you'd be more than pleased with any of the ones in the above list, given your comments on sound signature, genres, budget, your overall goals, and your level of expertise.

    I'm sure others will have some good suggestions as well - there's just tons and tons of great choices in ChiFi right now. Keep in mind that when it boils down to it, a lot of it is really splitting hairs between things 95% of non-audiophiles wouldn't even hear. In other words, if you walked up to 95% of the generic Joes on the street, and let them listen to any of the IEMs in the above list (as well as the dozen other IEM recommendations you're likely to get), their jaws would drop and all would say "wow that sounds really good". But ask the "enthusiastic" Head-Fiers/audiophiles and you'll get answers like "well this has more a bit more warmth in the vocals", "but that one has better instrument layering", "and this other one has slightly better extension". The choices are desire to "make the right choice" can get mind boggling, so don't get too caught up in the minuscule differences.

    Another helpful, trustworthy, and honest resource is @Vidal's site:

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
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  7. Slater
    FYI, that "triple balanced" is just Chinglish marketing gibberish (like "fever sound", etc).

    I've also seen it referred to as "triple frequency division" and similar nonsense/unreliable terms. In my experience, it basically means it has all 3 frequency ranges represented - bass, midrange, and treble. It almost always never means "neutral" or "balanced" in the sense that we use it around here.


    Earphone/Headphone listings on Aliexpress are full of hilarious gibberish like that (which unfortunately isn't helpful).

    Bottom line is that someone has to be a guinea pig, try it out, and report to the rest of us if it's a gem or a turd sandwich.

    With that said, I do like the looks of that IEM - specifically the numerous vent holes are always promising, because it usually signals at least some tuning went into the design.

    Also, they must be made by someone else and private labeled out to Poyatu (and others), because here's the identical IEM only with Faaeal branding:
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  8. RvTrav has the Auglamour F100 Preorder sale price $12.99. Zinc Alloy body with biological composite diaphragm. Body appear to be similar shape to the RT1. Shipping estimated after 10 Jan.
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  9. HiFiChris Contributor
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  10. chi-fi mel
    I'd be careful about doing a general recommendation of the EMI CI-880 Hybrid because if someone values bass they are going to want no part of it.
  11. superuser1
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  12. SilverLodestar
    Funny, I literally just got my Fidue A65 (of the same color) in the mail today. I actually don’t own a single DAC/AMP since my Topping NX2s stopped working with my iPhone 6s... Would you recommend this for mobile use for someone who has little knowledge of DACs?
  13. HiFiChris Contributor
    Your iPhone is already a good source and the Fidue isn't a critical load (quite linear impedance response, no very low impedance, good sensitivity), so using an external amp or DAC with your iPhone doesn't make much sense from an objective point of view.
  14. Dobrescu George
    Please do it for me, take some free time and spend it to rest and relax :darthsmile:

    It should still be holidays in there, you should really relax more XD

    Also, awesome review :darthsmile:

    Probably you did nothing wrong, but you compare / compared it to something like iDSD BL, it is normal to feel that iDSD BL is more detailed :smile_phones:
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  15. superuser1
    You may be right :)
    and dont forget the zx300 :wink:
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