Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

  1. Wiljen
    Have you looked at the website? I am not seeing anything other than this:

    I've tried 2 different browsers and if this is supposed to give options it isn't working. I've tried clicking on next and every other goodie on the page with no luck. Even buy now tells me I haven't picked anything.
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  2. Holypal
    Click next. And select the options one by one. Here is an example of balanced cable for HD650 i just chose:
  3. Wiljen
    Tried clicking next and I get nothing. I am thinking maybe the office firewall is blocking something. I'll try it when I get home tonight.
  4. maxxevv
    I used Chrome browser, it works up until the cart part where it prompts me to log in.

    So you may need to look into that part. Key thing seems to be that the script is buggy, I had to reload the page to get it to function smoothly.
  5. crabdog
    Ad blockers might break it too.
  6. Skullophile
    Hey @Slater can you post a pic of the insides of the shell of the Ask? I might have a mod idea for you.
  7. Skullophile
    Oh and the Iem for me that has a secret sauce with it's presentation is the EarSonics Sm3.
    I used to own them but sold them, have recently ordered another pair to try them again.
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  8. Slater
  9. Skullophile
    If there's any air leaking in around the driver that could really affect the bass. You could try putting some blu-tack or some gunk around the driver to ensure no air is leaking. Or glue that driver in all the way around. Just an idea.
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  10. Slater
    Good call sir. Been there, done that.

    "Something was rattling around on the inside of 1 of the IEMs. Upon opening it up, I found that the 8mm DD was just floating around in the shell - in other words, it had no glue holding it in. The 8mm DD in the other IEM had a tiny bit of glue holding the DD in, but certainly not enough to SEAL the DD driver. I reglued both drivers, totally sealing them around the edges like they should be."
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  11. Skullophile
    Im gonna have to order a pair, it's not often you hear about secret special sauce!
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  12. Slater
    Well, like I said they are definitely worth the price, but they aren't giant killers or "OMG these are the best thing since sliced bread". I like them quite a bit, but I don't make any guarantees about anyone else since there seems to be some QC differences pair to pair and flaky little QC issues to address. YMMV.

    When yours arrive, I would pop them open and check the drivers for glue. Even if they are't rattling around inside like my 1 was, I highly doubt they will be sealed with any adhesive. So at a minimum I would check that.

    I also recommend trying KZ Starline tips if you have any. They fit better than the stock tips, and sound better to boot.

    FYI, my left plug was still cutting in and out even after I bent the pins slightly. Tonight I decided to smoosh the male plug with pliers just a little bit, kinda deforming it slightly (it's really soft plastic). It fits into the female socket much tighter now (that's what she said), no more play, and no more cutting in and out. Pretty shady repair, but hey at least it worked and I don't have to deal with an Aliexpress return headache like @Vidal had.
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  13. CoiL
    The link You posted is NOT KZ ATE driver. ATE has different solder plate (black) with A and L letters on sides plus driver vent fabric is different.
    If ASK version is with green solder plate, then it is not ATE driver (only shell is same) and probably has different tuning also.
  14. Slater
    OK, I will remove the ASK case today and look for the A and L letters.
  15. loomisjohnson
    I have to return my defective Svara Reds to HCK--what's the cheapest way to ship them back from the US to China?

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