Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

  1. Sound Eq
    well how come only the cheap stuff get mentioned here, while mid priced iems barley get mentioned in this thread
  2. Sound Eq
    thanks the main reason is to try those insane 18 BA iems, as that is out of norm in drivers count or the 10BA + DD, but no info what so ever. For me to try those chinese iems is to get things that are not found in other companies. But its a big gamble due to lack of any feedback
  3. duo8
    Because no one is willing to buy them, or they have their own thread already.
  4. zedbg
    I still cannot decide which one to buy Toneking Ninetail or Macaw GT600S any advice ?
  5. Sound Eq
    so which ones are a safe buy for great sound quality, as to be honest paying over 300 usd for something with no feedback what so ever is non sense
  6. Metalboyy
    They are UIEM
  7. Selenium
    Lol same conundrum here...only I'm leaning towards the 9T because I'd rather have the 600 Pro. It's in my cart right now. MUST. RESIST.
  8. peter123
    The Brainwavz B400 is getting a lot of great reviews. Haven't got my pair yet but at least there's plenty of information about them and most of them are very positive.
  9. crabdog
    Some news for fans of the MEMT X5: new model MEMT R7 hybrid coming soon. I'll be able to give early impressions within a week or two, along with the X5s (upgraded X5).

  10. vegetaleb
    Should I get a KQZ W1 Pro with 11.11 or you have another pair of iem with memory wires under 13$ with the 11.11?
    already have KZ ATES and ZS3
  11. HiFiChris Contributor
    I have no idea about most of those inexpensive bazillion-driver AlieExpress IEMs - some could be really good, some could be quite good, and some could suck quite a bit, and as the ancient saying goes, "more drivers don't automatically mean better sound".
  12. BramblexD
    Any suggestions for nice mmcx (optionally balanced) wires?
  13. snip3r77
    I read h3 is epic treble hot. I’m looking st TFZ king
  14. s4tch

    this is said to be a good one. i haven't checked ali lately, so it might not be featured in the current 11.11 sale.
  15. snip3r77
    Because ppl are cheap lol. I’m planning to get to TFZ king due to favourable review

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