Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

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  1. Sound Eq
    i am so surprised by aliexpress line of iems like the knock off for shure 846, anf then there iems with 10BA+ Dynamic

    did anyone try those iems , there are even iems with 18 BA

    i really want to buy something from Aliexpress, and my budget is up to 600 usd, now I want something that is really a great iem, did anyone buy those on alliexpress that are above 300 usd

    also what is the concesus here for which is the most liked chinese brand iem
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  2. Metalboyy
    I have a 18ba from nicehck. Its actually the best iem I have ever heard. Better than Perfect Seal Lab Deca, NT6 Pro. Planning on getting the 10ba+1dd.
  3. Sound Eq
    so how come no info on these what so ever
  4. Metalboyy
    They are not very popular here.
  5. Sound Eq
    i do not see them being mentioned anywhere on english sites
  6. Metalboyy
    They seem to be rather popular in china atleast.
  7. Sound Eq
    still this is headfi and many Chinese companies made it over here on headfi, so if they were so great I am sure someone would just mentioned a word or two about them
  8. Slater
    Linky link?

    Are they UIEM or CIEM?
  9. duo8
    There's a review of a 846 clone here:
    I've seen DIY models copying the LPF design of the 846 even
  10. tayo15
    If I get the TFZ exclusive king, is getting the tin audio t2 redundant?
  11. Sound Eq
    do those 18 ba really sound good, or are they just throwing in ba's without any knowledge

    i am very suspicious if they have the experience in tuning those iems

    i once was recommended to buy chinese brand iems, like sendiy and it was awful
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  12. Wil
    I have the niceHCK Dz7 hybrid. It’s - to my ears - an abject failure. The bass is non existent with a thin and reedy sounding midrange ( sucked out ). The only redeeming factor that I can think of is that it has a nice enough treble with enough extensive and it’s pretty damn comfortable
    To wear.
  13. Sound Eq
    thanks and that is what i expected, as its not just throwing in drivers, its all about tuning which makes an iem great sounding

    when i see 18 BA on aliexpress, yes at first it can be tempting, but man those if tuned bad it will be a huge waste of money
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  14. duo8
    They can tune and they do have the tool to (couplers, dummy head, ...). It's just they sometimes decide to make some bat**** insane thing for no reason.
  15. Selenium
    I'm tempted by a few things, such as the Toneking Ninetail, and the Macaw GT600s Pro... But. Also, the Kinera H3 is only $70!

    But I might be getting the Sony EX1000 here in a few days and I'm very intrigued by the Magoasi K5 so I should probably hold off and just pick up a cable or something. :thinking:
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