Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

  1. Ahmad313
    Have you receive your K5 ,??
  2. Skullophile
    TK11 is a less refined sounding TK12 which isn't very refined sounding in the first place. Really coloured sound which is good or bad, depending on how you hear at it.
  3. Selenium
    By "refined" do you mean balanced/neutral/uncolored?
  4. Skullophile
    Refined is like a high end prossie, unrefined is akin to an old haggard transvestite street walker with cheap drugs squeezing through the veins flicking bottle caps at you telling you that that's the colour you are after.

    Or unrefined is like slapping drivers in a shell and calling it a day.
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  5. snip3r77
    Ex 5 more lows than king ?
  6. B9Scrambler
    Similarly great extension with more mid-bass umph, and in general just more low end emphasis.
  7. snip3r77
    And smaller foot print
  8. Slater
    The Syllable D9x looks interesting:

    And it's promising that you like it's little brother (Syllable D9).
  9. Slater
    haha, priceless comparison
  10. Wiljen
    nope, still no sign of a couple good ones I am waiting on. Story of life all the bills arrive on-time but all the good stuff takes 3 extra weeks to show up.
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  11. Holypal
    The SD6 6BA iem is sales at $115, very tempting. Is it good?

    I also looked at Magaosi K5, but it doesn't have discount for 11.11
  12. scottanz
    Anyone knows whats close to the sound of Ostry Kc06A?
    After owning so many pairs of Chinese IEM's I still can't find a better version of it XD

    To owners of the Kc06A, how would you describe the sound signature of it?
    Would you consider them warm?

    I find them balanced with the right bump in bass and huge headspace, just makes any music I listen to sound so good
    Even though they are just a single dynamic driver I have yet to find any budget hybrids that win it.
    Unfortunately the cable on mine is cracking away, If yours are not cracked yet I'd suggest wiping the oils away from them after use to extend its service life as the material for the cables are bad
  13. peter123
    I'm considering the SD7 myself, 4BA+1DD. Will be less then $130 before coupons....
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  14. Sound Eq
    i am so surprised by aliexpress line of iems like the knock off for shure 846, anf then there iems with 10BA+ Dynamic

    did anyone try those iems , there are even iems with 18 BA

    i really want to buy something from Aliexpress, and my budget is up to 600 usd, now I want something that is really a great iem, did anyone buy those on alliexpress that are above 300 usd

    also what is the concesus here for which is the most liked chinese brand iem
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  15. Metalboyy
    I have a 18ba from nicehck. Its actually the best iem I have ever heard. Better than Perfect Seal Lab Deca, NT6 Pro. Planning on getting the 10ba+1dd.

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