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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Portable Headphones and IEMs)

  1. IryxBRO
    I've got plenty of those as well (not all are here, check my signature)


    Anyway, DarkSide and Oxygen are hard to compare. Totally different price tags and totally different quality of sound as the result. Oxygen are better in any aspect (resolution, extension, clarity, accuracy, stage, etc) although both are warm and share the same size|shape.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  2. 1clearhead
    Did you know fire ants can be deadly? ...Don't want to do that! :ksc75smile:
  3. Podster
    Well with as many iem's as I have and could be 4 times what I posted hear I'm willing to bet that warm signature is closer than price would suggest but without actually A/B'ing them side by side I cannot commit that to fact:rolling_eyes:

    Sorry @1clearhead just pulling on one of your legs with the shoe on it:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  4. IryxBRO
    I did A/B tests and can commit that they belong to different price leagues. Maybe you are right that not that much but you can identify more expensive one during A/B tests
  5. Zerohour88
    hey now, you know what they say, size isn't everything:muscle:
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  6. Podster
    Oh this is sliding away fast, guessing Sybi and some of the other ladies don't hang here:rolling_eyes:

    THX @IryxBRO , appreciate the input:beerchug:
  7. 1clearhead
    That's okay, just don't take my shoe off!

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  8. Nimweth
    That is very encouraging! I have the DC1 already and the DT6 on order from Ali Express. I'm currently extremely enthusiastic about the CCA C10 so am anticipating great things from the DT6. I also enjoy neutral IEMs and rate the banned V2 very highly in this regard. It will be interesting to compare the DT6 and V2 though it might be difficult discussing them here!
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  9. Podster
    Seems the onslaught is not slowing down either! Every time turn around I get a "You Got Mail" email!! Jury is still out on the OM1 but I can say the Elise is a refined Zircon, great bass still but the mids and highs are more forward and have a presence the Zircon lack but at twice the price I was hoping it would be but I just love ceramic:wink:

    Ali Mass.JPG
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  10. Podster
    Noticed you have the Dawnwood's, what do you think of them for $70? Just asking as I have a friend that prefers his Seed's to those. THX
  11. DynamicEars
    Thanks for this. waiting for my Kanas pro as well.
    From your description, im little worried about the fit. It looked a bit tricky, very long neck, with big nozzle on the tip end. I assume that longer than EX1000. Hoepfully can fit me better since I dont like put in iem too deep, it feels weird to me for long time session. I like short and big nozzle.

    note : your GF hints "give me your Kanas Pro, and you just stick with C10 dear, dont you get it?"
  12. HiFlight
    Me too!
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  13. drey101
    Goodluck with yours! As others have mentioned here, the shape might fit your ear really comfortably, and the only reason I keep bringing up the fit is because it's such a perfect little gem in most other respects that I have to find something to complain about.

    Haha, actually I've been telling her to just keep it because she really likes how it sounds and fits, and her enjoyment of it makes me happy as well. If it will get her into the hobby as well, then that's a win in my books. I have other iems to play around with. :)
  14. 1clearhead
    "Double post"
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  15. 1clearhead
    Lol! ...Comfort is the key for longer sessions of listening enjoyment. You keep those, and I'll keep these! That's what she said...:shrug:

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