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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Slater
    Yeah, that’s the video I remember. Thanks for finding it. I assumed it was the same headphone, but as you pointed out, it’s different.
  2. SomeEntityThing
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  3. robar
    Hi there!
    I'm new in this topic and didn't have time to catch up with everything. I have a Oneodio Studio Pro which I don't really like, the mids are too thin and recessed and overall I find the sound unnatural and forced. But my brother bought a Oneodio wireless, which looks the same as the studio with thin pads, and it has a much more pleasant sound in my opinion (not perfect of course but quite OK for price), I've seen that you had quite a bit of discussion about it.

    So my question is, is it possible to mod the wired Studio Pro to sound like the wireless? Change the pads to thin maybe? I just try to save them because in this state the studio pro is unusable for me.
    (I also dont like the headband, very unfomfortable for me - presses hard on my curly hair, so I thought about buying an Elysium for under 20usd. But I'm bit hesitant about the on-ear fit and the supposedly dark/bassy sound signature)

    I also have a couple of older headphones which I used for years and now they aren't in a good shape anymore plus I don't like the stock sound either: Takstar Pro 80 which I find thin and metallic/bright, a Takstar HD2000 which has weak frame and seal issues (need to push into my ears to get any bass) and a Soundmagic P21S which totally broke and I only have the drivers from it. Are there any good mods for these kinds of cans, like retuning or buying an empty wooden DIY case and putting the drivers into it?
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  4. BenF
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  5. FYLegend
    Any recommendations for a budget wireless headphone that charges via USB-C? For most of the year it seemed Bluedio was the only one (which I was reluctant given some poor reviews around) but recently Meizu released the HD60, and there's also the EKSA E5.
  6. Roderick
    Looks like another bosshifi B6/msur n550 rebrand but with open cup. If there were a picture of the driver those could be interesting.

    It's a funniest headphone ad I've seen in a while.

    "In the ear cup,ANANDA uses dual 3.5mm headphone cable" Ananda huh? Supposedly it is 50mm "beryllium" dynamic headphone like bosshifi but specs say it is orthodynamic. And they went through the trouble of photoshopping focal elegia driver and damping material in their headphones. :D

    Screenshot_20191113-175133.jpg g091ELEGIA-o_other3.jpg
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  7. nraymond
    Wow, I thought that exploded parts picture looked familiar... crazy that they just did a copy-paste like that! Yesterday I ended up ordering the headphones since the price was good during the 11.11 sale and I was curious. Looking around AliExpress, I found that you can buy the same DIY shell/housing from a few different vendors:



    There are also different 50mm beryllium drivers available too, such as:



    I'll find out what Urbanfun has put together.
  8. Roderick
    @nraymond would be awesome If you could pictures of the driver when you receive the headphones. I have wondered what open msur n550 would sound like. Maybe this is close as IT gets.

    I have a rebrand (MTV evos) of that previous urbanfun beryllium driver headphone and those drivers are definately related to the ones msur/bosshifi has. Urbanfun drivers are smaller though..40mm vs 50mm.
  9. trellus
    Lol, that's ballsy -- they stole the name of one hi-end, open-back orthodynamic and the cutaway view of a hi-end CLOSED BACK (with dampening materials appropriate for that) for their open-back wood headphones? :smirk:

    All the same, I do think they look kind of nice for $89, though.... :)
  10. miki_w1
    Anyone with some Bosshifi b7/Sivga 005/007 etc. willing to help? I need to know the diameter of earpads. They're available separately for about 15$. I need the outer diameter the most.
    Earpada are the same for all models like 002/004/005/007. 006 have different shape as they're similar to Bosshifi b7.
  11. HungryPanda
    Sivga 007

  12. HungryPanda
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  13. jasswolf
    With the regular comparison between the OKCSC line-up of on-ears and Grado, I'm really interested to hear from people who have used something like the M2 or the ZX1, and how that compares to the mid-range and high-end Grado offerings.

    People were really hyped about the ZX1 early on, so is it safe to say it's beating out entry-level Grados, or higher still? I recognise the design is reminiscent of the RS, GS and PS housings, but keen to know how close the driver gets to that level of overall tuning.

    Just from reading here recently, interested in your thoughts @mbwilson111, given you list the SR325e in your collection.
  14. Roderick
    People often presume okcsc headphones have similarities to Grado but it is always overlooked that grados are basically just tubes in which the driver is fitted. That wood/metal part is just the exterior. Okcsc's have a more common driverbaffle + cup design. In that sense okscs is closer to anything by sennheiser or akg for example. Foam pad design is of course very gradoish.

    So anyone looking for a true grado inspired design will just have to wait until someone starts fitting the drivers directly into tubes. That of course does not mean zx1 can't sound like Grado. Maybe it does.
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