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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. trellus
    Thanks for reporting back! I’ve had those on my list for about a week, they were about $45 or so then when @Humblepie cautioned me that they might come with those pads with the oval openings and now you’ve confirmed this.
  2. Cruelhand Luke
    No problem. I think for $40 they are worth it though. They did come with a hard case and the Freeboss pads are still less than $10...that's a pretty good set up for less than $50.
  3. peter123
    If I understand correctly the Hifiman Edition S is $89 at B&H now, pretty good value for money......
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  4. Saoshyant
    Hmm, almost tempted to replace mine at that price.
  5. ostewart
  6. Humblepie
    Considering how bad the T2 and T3 stock sounds... I'm skeptical of the T4's with their increased price to try them out personally. RTing didn't give them a glowing review either.


    Then again, maybe the next time I see them on sale for $25 or less I may give them a try for giggles.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
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  7. youngarthur
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  8. ostewart
    They're by no means stellar, but they are solid for the price. I was surprised how much better they sound when you have the noise cancelling on.
  9. Lurk650
    Not headphones but it is Asian, figured I'd put it out there that I'm selling my Pioneer 300R. Link in my signature or just PM me.
  10. Markolav
    To me all Bluedios have been average sounding at the best. Even Victory didnt really sound that much different than their cheaper models, Ufo Plus is probably one of the worst things ive put on my head.
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  11. Slater
    Supposedly the vinyl plus is the best sounding of them all (stock).

    I like the T3(+), T4(S), and the Vinyl (non-plus) for the all-metal construction. They make inexpensive/good donor shells. All of the Bluetooth guff, as well as the stock drivers are easy to remove. Also with a 53mm size, it’s easy to swap most any driver in (you just have to fabricate an adapter ring).

    The stock 80mm pads are just a bit too small for my liking, but I found an easy way to swap larger aftermarket pads on (93mm, the same size they upgraded to on the T5).
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
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  12. Cruelhand Luke
    listening station.jpg

    I've been listening to these generic Kindens (I'll have to come up with my own name since I'll be doing enough mods to make them my own) ..aka Sivga SV005...I burned them in with pink noise for about 14 hrs , tried a bunch of different pads...I keep coming back to the Senitek cloth pads. (unavailable currently, I'm in contact with a rep from the company about making them available , I contacted them on Facebook and whoever is in charge of their social media is super responsive, It's kinda cool.)
    I have found the sound of these headphones confusing, I couldn't figure out what their strengths were.....I think I finally figured it out...
    does anyone find these headphones to be mid forward? I don't have any other headphones that sound like this so Iwas on the fence, do I like them or are they just 'off'.... It's not bad...it's like a weird new food I didn't know I liked....
    I think "mids" is the hardest thing to describe or get your head around. Bass and treble are easy concepts to grasp...what the heck is in the middle?
    These Kindens bring the mids forward, I started listening to a "Rock Anthem" playlist I liked...and it was like everything came into focus....
    I think i might really have a use for these headphones...I was concerned they would sound just enough like my other headphones that they would feel redundant.
    I am unique in the Chifi Gang, I cannot tolerate redundant headphones, I find my favorite headphone in a category and I don't buy any more headphones that do the same thing.
    but, I don't think I have ANY other headphones that do what these no name headphones do...for $40...and I had to wait TWO days to get them.
    (I seriously, just listened to "Born to Run" almost to the end...and I hate that song...they just make 'rock' sound good.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
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  13. youngarthur
    I would agree with average sounding, but for me, they have their uses.
  14. Humblepie


    I switch to them often as well.

    Here is my review from my profile of them.

    Bosshifi B7:
    Original stock pads are more like On Ear pads and were a no go for me. They are comfortable for on ears, but I don't like anything on my ears. Sound wise they are okay with stock pads. Difference is less treble, fuller mids, and more bloomy bass than the B8 to compare with. While I don't mind that sound, many on head-fi won't like it as it isn't exactly a relaxing U shaped. That being said, I was accidentally sent a second updated pair of these. They have a new earpad and different foam inside. HUGE improvement in comfort and sound. Bass have zero bloom while the mids AND treble are full, detailed, and airy. Soundstage is improved. Any bad review you read before on the B7 was more than like on the older version with the crap stock earpads.
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  15. slapo
    The OKCSC M2 open back (OB) have arrived.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    First impressions

    They are eally light and quite comfy. The hinges could use a bit of WD40.
    I can feel them clamp a bit, but it seems to be the good sort of clamp that for the most part helps them stay on my noggin.
    The isn't much padding on the headband, but given how light they are, it would probably be OK had ther been none.
    The foam pads are glued to the back of the lip of the cup (not an issue, helps them stay in place). They also stink like dead ****.
    Cable looks rather pretty and seems to be of decent quality. Connectors are labelled with letters L and R accordingly. They pop in with a nice click.
    The Y

    There seems to be a slight imbalance where the right side appears to be louder than the left side, but just a bit. When I have swapped the cables and sides, this seems to have gone away as far as I can tell.
    I won't be a good judge of soundstage, as even on the AKG K702, I can barely tell something is coming in from close of afar and the AKGs just sound kind of... weak to me instead, like when speakers are pointed speakers away from me.
    Then again, with the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio, I almost flatlined when there had been some unexpected sounds when I was either watching something or playing a game, so I'd say I'm not a completely lost cause.

    I would say the M2 OB sounds pretty natural for the most part and clarity is very good.
    While I can't judge soundstage well, they sound quite open. I haven't listened to anything where I could test imaging out reasonably well, but initial impressions there are good.

    The bass is interesting, because when the song calls for it, it can deliver quite a lot of punch and even some rumble.
    At the same time, vocals sound very present and clear, while chimes, guitars, violins sound great when hitting the top notes. Initially, they seemed a brittle at the top end and a bit right overall, but after about 10 minutes, either my brain got used to it or they settled down.
    Now they sound a bit U shaped, but mildly so, as all voices can be heard quite clearly and not recessed even when the bass guitar is vying for attention.

    The tracks I used to test these with so far:
    "Leaving Earth" (Clint Mansell) - There's rumble here and the headphones deliver. Maybe not the best one for testing overall, because I think there's some intentional distortion in the track, but where I could be sure there wasn't supposed to be any, the M2 OB sounded clean. Piano and strings are lovely even when the ominous bass is doing its thing.
    "I'm proud of you" (Sam Hulick) - pretty much the same story as before. Where the composition should be gentle, the headphones do a great job there, too.
    "Lemon Tree" and "Don't think twice, it's alright" (Peter, Paul and Mary) - Their voices come across splendidly and the guitar accompaniment sound like I think - an accompaniment that's noticeably present, but apparently an accompaniment nonetheless. I'd say that here I can tell there's some distance between the microphone and the guitar, whereas the vocals seem to be almost in my ears. That's as I'd expect it, too.
    "Burning love" (Wynonna) - the headphones just rock along.
    "Morley: Will you buy a fine dog" (Paul McMahon & Tommie Anderson) - vocal and the lute sound both right
    "Fosse vero" (Mina) - There's rumble again and the headphones deliver it even while Mina is singing and both remain clear (well, I'd say her voice is velvety, but clear at the same time).

    Everything else I listened to sounded good and I can't really find anything to complain about.

    I played a bit of Batman Arkham Asylum, but not any part where imaging and stage could be shown off.

    In comparison, the Shure SRH-1840 give a better sense of space, and instrument separation. The M2 OB aren't bad at it at all, though. The sound a bit more lively where the Shure sounds more detaile and perhaps has a better balance. It's kind of like of like the Shure go: "Here's what they wanted you to hear" whereas the M2 OB are more like "Hey there (eyebrow wiggle)". :-D

    As you can probably tell if you've read the above, I like these. :)
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2018
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