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Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (On or Over Ear Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by slowpickr, Oct 5, 2016.
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  1. Roderick
    Those are indeed very comfortable on-ears. Only thing better I've had is porta-pro's with grado foams.

    To me comfort is not even the best part of m500. I'm a picky customer and of all the headphones I've had I would rate 5-10% headphones being 5/5 quality products. Kef is one of the few :)
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  2. Roderick
    And not that anyone asked but 5/5 headphones in my books are:

    - kef m500

    - Maxell retro DJ. Those cost about 10€. Less than $15. Quite comfortable on/over ears. Great sound for money. Durable. Aka fa-004, brainwavz hm3 and many others. Most expensive rebranded was by pro-ject sold for about $100. Manufactured by yoga (Taiwan).

    - Digitech Pro monitor headphones. Discontinued so kind of irrelevant. I got these for less than 40€ shipped. Aka hm5, fa-003, nvx etc. Also manufactured by yoga. Value for money was out of the roof because 2 sets of hm5 pads cost more than this set. Like any rebrands these had extra set of earpads included. Also these were from the early production run that supposedly sounds better. Bought three for myself and one for my brother.

    -hifiman he400. Nothing to complain about. Absolute bargain at $199.

    -Sennheiser hd6xxx. I have not heard these but IF these sound like original hd600 at $199 these are definately a 5/5 headphones.

    - beevo bv-hm700. Very cheap build quality. Bassy with wide soundstage, especially for on ear headphones. With driver transplant capable of some insane bass. Cost about $7 shipped from aliexpress. Sounds like s good $30 on ear.

    VERY close to 5/5 rating
    -stax sr404
    -msur n550
    -renkforce cd340
    -akg k340
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  3. larry piencenaves
  4. Humblepie
    HD6XX is the HD650 not the HD600 fyi
  5. Roderick
    ok, thanks. Still 5/5. Would buy one for myself it wasn't for shipping+customs+taxes. :frowning2:
  6. groucho69
    Certainly has a siren quality to it
  7. Roderick
    Those Look like takstar pro82 with weird colors.
  8. Humblepie
    Yep and if the price had the 1 dropped off the front I would be willing to try them.
  9. larry piencenaves

    agree, but the drivers inside them is what im looking at
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  10. larry piencenaves

    that headphones looks good, but i just want to know if these retro 2 are better

  11. Slater
    I haven't heard that name (or used any of their products since my cassette Walkman days. I wasn't even aware they made headphones (who knows how good they are)...

  12. Roderick
    Could be. Looks like yoga cd67. Original retro DJ is cd68. Retro 2 has always been quite a bit pricier so I've newer tried those. Original retro is good low budget headphone you can toss around without fear of breaking it but I would not pay much more than $20 for it.
  13. peter123
    Fwiw I had the chance to compare the HM3 and the Pro-Ject look a like and they don't sound the same. Interestingly enough the HM3 was the better performer between the two to my ears. The Pro-Ject was more muddy and congested
  14. Roderick
    maybe it is because different pads? Pro-ject has a oval earpad opening according to the pictures I saw online.

    There was one rebrand that had really nice pads. It was expensive too. I thought it was pro-ject but I was wrong. There's like ten different rebrands :D
  15. Markolav
    Im planning to buy cheap chi-fi-headphones for gym usage, ive been using IEMs to this day but they are annoying and break too easily. It would be nice to receive some recommendations.

    -No bluetooths
    -Price have to be under 50€
    -Compact size and light weight
    -Relatively tight fit (they have to stay on my head during sets)
    -Good isolation
    -On-ear or over-ear, doesnt really matter
    -Easy to drive
    -Decent sound

    Takstar HD6000 looks what im looking for atm.
    Last edited: May 7, 2018
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